Made For Each Other Friday Update 7 February 2020


Made For Each Other Friday Update 7 February 2020

Mohini asking Veena what’s her plan now. She scolds Veena. Veena cries and goes with Shivani. The man calls out to return 10rs. Mr. Bajaj eats food. Prerna sits sad and recalls Anurag.

Made For Each Other Thursday Update 6 February 2020

Mr. Bajaj gets a call and says yes, I m leaving in 5 mins. Kasauti….plays… He says I will meet you in the evening. She thinks of Anurag. She asks can I come with you. He says its a business meeting. She says I will be bored in the room, I thought to see Zurich, I m ready. She thinks Nivedita, Anupam and Anurag may come and question me if I stay here. Mr. Bajaj shows the Rhine falls and says its 1700 years old. He tells the details.

She thinks Anurag wanted to bring me here, its one of his fav. places. Kabhi yuhin….plays…. She thinks do I have a right to love again. She thinks of Anurag. Mr. Bajaj says come, the boat is here. They go and sit inside a boat. Anurag comes and sits in front of them.

Mr. Bajaj stares at him. Anurag thinks of Prerna. He thinks I will keep following you until you come back in my life. She thinks don’t punish me. He thinks I won’t stop until I make you realize, you are mine, you are my obsession and peace, I don’t want to understand now, you have to understand where you belong, you have to come back to me. Jeevan ki laher mein….plays…. She loses balance. They get up to hold her. She gets away. She thinks these memories will keep breaking me.

Nivedita asks Anupam to come and take his towel himself. She looks for a folder and talks on phone. She goes out. The room door tag falls down. The lady sees clean my room tag and gets in. Anupam comes and holds her. He says I love you baby. Nivedita comes back and says you will never change, you are impossible. Anupam says I thought it was you. She says you don’t find difference between me and others. Anupam says sorry, I thought you are my wife and hugged you. The lady hugs him. Nivedita scolds him. He asks her to listen. She refuses. She goes to get another room for her. He says I seriously thought that it was you so I hugged her, sorry. She says keep your apology, you are a cheater. The lady says men will be men. Anupam says I didn’t cheat her. Nivedita slaps him and says get lost.

Anurag says Mr. Bajaj just told that he is the perfect candidate, but I don’t think he is the right man, he just breaks things, he has never fixed things, he is a break up specialist, business houses, partners, I mean business partners, he can’t run a business, there is me, who has the passion to fix broken things, you should give the contract to the person who proved himself, I guess that’s me.

Prerna thinks I would have not come here if Mr. Bajaj said Anurag is here. Mr. Bajaj smiles. Anurag thinks you are smiling when his proposal fell weak. Mr. Bajaj says impressive, I appreciate, Anurag said right for me, I have a special person to run this special venture, my wife Prerna, who else can run a homemaking publication better than a homemaker, so this is my proposition. Anurag thinks you can try your best to bring Prerna between you and me, she is still a part of me.

Mr. Bajaj thinks will you lose by giving the deal to Prerna or lose to get Prerna back, victory or defeat? Anurag thinks I will save her and have her on my side, i will beat you in your own game, this time, there will be no cheating or backstabbing, fair game, fair war. Mr. Bajaj thinks I wish you didn’t come here, your bad times got you here, you have to see Prerna with me and suffer. Anurag says I will be just around. He goes.

Anupam says I can’t take help from Anurag, I don’t have friends to take guidance, what shall I do now. He recalls his friend’s words. He says the jealousy formula. Anurag thinks Rhine falls, Prerna and I were going to come here together. Anupam says Nivedita has to see me and get jealous. He sees some girls and says they are dancing nicely, will you dance along.

Nivedita asks him to go and dance with them. He asks won’t you come with me, cool, fine. He dances with the girls. He says you all are so beautiful, I m enjoying a lot. Nivedita looks on. Prerna comes to Anurag. Prerna comes to Anurag. He says Mr. Bajaj is the rock, he thinks our love will end when we clash with him, these waves are like our love, they remind me of you and me, it will come to live again and defeat Mr. Bajaj.

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