Made For Each Other Friday Update 6 March 2020


Made For Each Other Friday Update 6 March 2020

Prerna saying Kuki worries for you a lot. She fixes the pillow. She thinks this should have not happened, Kuki was so happy. Maasi and Nivedita argue. Nivedita says Mr. Bajaj has half right on my house, who are you. Maasi says I m like Rishabh’s mum. Nivedita says you better don’t talk to me.

Made For Each Other Thursday Update 5 March 2020

Maasi says you are crossing your limits, don’t take my warning light, be prepared for the bad consequences if you hurt me. Nurse asks Prerna to put phone on silence. Prerna answers Shivani’s call. Shivani asks how is your husband. Prerna says he is out of danger, how is mum. Shivani says police arrested her, stay away from us, don’t talk to us. She ends call. Prerna asks nurse to take care of Mr. Bajaj. She leaves.

Maasi says I want you to marry Rishabh, you will become super rich, I took risk and did police complaint against Veena, once this marriage happens, we will get Rishabh’s power and money. Tanvi nods. Maasi says we have to separate Prerna and Rishabh, we have to show we are in sorrow. Servant comes and says Mohini said she wants to meet you in her room.

She says tell her to come in my room if she wants, I m not interested in meeting her. He goes. She says Prerna will be shocked knowing the complaint against her mum. Tanvi asks what’s the complaint. Shekhar says once the inspector comes, we can know what to do. Shivani goes to meet Veena. Suman asks why is mum so silent. He says when she becomes silent, she is much hurt. Prerna comes and asks for inspector.

Constable says she is coming. Prerna asks can I meet my mum, why is my mum arrested. He says the police team has gone on patrolling, you will know it when they come, you can go. Shekhar says I don’t think you should meet mum. Suman says she is in lockup because of you, Shekhar don’t forget Prerna is responsible. Shekhar says Veena will be more upset when Prerna meets her.

Prerna asks why does Suman think so. Suman asks why are you acting innocent, mum worked at your house, decoration piece fell down and Veena got blamed, how can you call her home and make her work, you lodged a police complaint. Prerna says no, this can’t happen, let the inspector come, I promise that I will get mum out of the jail. Shekhar says we will get her out.

Nivedita sees Mohini smiling. She asks why are you smiling hearing Maasi’s egoistic message. Mohini says I know, when she comes to know this, her attitude and ego will go, it will be interesting to see someone’s arrogance melting, I love my children a lot, I will never let anyone harm my children, she insulted you, wait and watch how I take revenge for that, Bajaj’s Maasi will talk to us with respect, she has committed a crime, I m aware of it, its time to let Sharda know her limits. Prerna asks what happened, everything was fine until I was there, did you have any quarrel with anyone. Veena says I should be here, you mean so.

Prerna says no, I m asking you what happened, Mr. Bajaj is in ICU, he is unconscious, Maasi is with Kuki, Maasi and you had a fight, right. Veena says Bajaj and his family are your dear ones, right, you should not waste your precious time on me, my dear ones are loyal to me, I might get punished, its okay, I will bear it. Prerna asks are you all not my family, I married Mr. Bajaj, his family is my family, it doesn’t mean I leave my old relations, I m your worst daughter, but I m your daughter, I will get you out of here.

She goes. Veena says Shivani stop her, I don’t want her favor. Maasi says we have to trick the person to show the favor, I want Rishabh to ask for your hand for marriage, when I agree to the alliance, he will be indebted to my favor. Tanvi says wow, you play amazing mind games. Maasi says we have to make Kuki hate Prerna, make her believe that her father is not with her because of Prerna’s mum. Tanvi wakes up Kuki.

Kuki asks for her dad. Tanvi says he is in much pain, he is in the hospital, this happened because of Prerna’s mum, she doesn’t like your dad. Maasi says don’t say this to kid. She asks Kuki to sleep. Kuki hugs Prerna’s pic. Maasi takes it and says we will keep pic here, Tanvi will make you sleep. Mohini comes and asks what’s your name. Maasi says Sharda. Mohini taunts her. She says you will regret if you don’t come with me.

Shivani says we tried to tolerate when people insulted us so much because of you. Prerna says I will sort this out. Shivani says I told you that mum is working for Vyas, you would have shared this with your husband, he called mum home for work to insult her, he did this purposely knowing we don’t like him or we will accept him, you had a very bad choice, stay away from our family, you got mum in jail. Prerna says I will talk to inspector. She goes. Maasi and Mohini argue. Mohini threatens her.