Made For Each Other Friday update 6 December 2019


Made For Each Other Friday update 6 December 2019

Komolika takes a doctor’s disguise. Mohini asks who, why didn’t Anurag tell me. They say we don’t know. Mohini calls Anurag. She says why did anyone try to kill my Moloy, Anurag isn’t answering my call, if anyone tried this, the culprit will try this again. Komolika comes. Mohini says Prerna, I will never like you, don’t have hopes, please go from here, so that I can focus on other things. Prerna says lets not fight today. Nivedita scolds her. Prerna goes and collides with Komolika. She says so sorry doctor.

Komolika going towards the ward. Mohini shouts stop, you can’t go in. Komolika thinks my plan can fail. Mohini asks how is Moloy, I m his wife, I haven’t met him yet. Tapur asks can we take him home. Nurse asks can you check patient once. Komolika gets in. She goes to Moloy. He sees her. She wears gloves and thinks my fingerprints shouldn’t be found. Anurag and Anupam come. Mohini and everyone ask him about the attack on Moloy. Anurag says I didn’t want you all to worry, police is investigating, truth will come out soon. Tapur says you should have told me. Anurag says I couldn’t risk dad’s life, I will meet doctor. Mohini says doctor went in. He says the female doctor isn’t the main doctor. He sees Prerna there. He goes. She asks why did you hide this from

me. He says I will talk to doctor and come. She says this wasn’t an accident, but a conspiracy. She takes him to storeroom and asks her to first answer him. He says I will answer you, not now. She asks what do you think of me, do I mean anything to you.

She cries and says when I don’t need your support, you show concern and help me, you have hidden a big truth from me, why, when Mohini said she has a right to know, you answered him as she is Moloy’s wife, what about me, you don’t understand anything, shut up and answer me, why did you hide that accident was a murder, why. Anurag says calm down. She says my dad was in that car, I lost him.

He says sorry. She says he was my dad, what have you given me except pain, are you punishing me that I fell in love with you. He says no, I love you. She says you are lying again. He says fine, I m lying, think what you want. She says fine, you love me, why aren’t you with me. He says it was imp to marry Komolika. She says she has money. He says its not about money, did you ever try to find out how much hurt I m, did I ever complain. She says you loved me and married Komolika’s money. He says enough. He goes and finds door locked. Komolika removes mask and smiles. Prerna gets hurt. Anurag cares for her. He says after Rajesh’s death, you were shattered, I just couldn’t put you in more trouble, you will get the answers from the police, they are investigating this case, I m sorry. He goes. Moloy worries.

Komolika says I will keep some conditions, if you make a noise, you will die. She asks are you ready to forget everything, you won’t tell anything to anyone, do you agree. Anurag comes to meet doctor. He says I got a call from you, I heard you informed police too, none should find out, I don’t want him to be stressed. Police comes. Anurag says I know your purpose, I don’t want my dad to feel any pressure, its not imp to question him now. Inspector says its imp to question him, if the police takes his statement, we can know what happened that day, we don’t know who made this attack, maybe he knows, before someone meets him and manipulates his statement, we should meet him. Doctor says I think we should listen to inspector, he is right. Anurag says okay. Komolika says I knew it, you won’t agree, I gave you a good offer, you see you didn’t just lose your life but a lot of things, I have made Prerna’s life miserable. She jokes on his tears and says just listen to me, when you came to my house and told about Anurag and Prerna, you irritated me, I had to plot that accident. He looks at her. Mohini says Moloy is in coma because of you. They get arguing.

Mohini asks Anupam to say, what’s the biggest mishap that happened to us. He says fire incident in pandal. Mohini says Prerna came that day and all these incidents happened. Komolika says stupid Anurag thinks I saved you by calling a specialist for you, I pretended to be sad and depressed, I said Anurag, your dad wanted us to get married, fulfill the promise, and I promise your dad will not die, my dad gave a big govt project to Anurag when it was getting ruined, Anurag said no for marriage, but there is a twist in the story, Anurag said no to marry Prerna, and I have become Komolika Anurag Basu..

Mohini scolding Prerna. She says you are responsible for everything, Moloy is fighting for his life. Nivedita says you carry your bad luck with you, if you think about it, you will realize, since you came in my life, you brought bad luck for us, we got ruined, just because of you.

Prerna says no one has ever said such bitter things to me, I won’t feel bad. Mohini and Prerna argue. Prerna says I can fight with the world, when you say anything, it hurts me, I regard you my family like Moloy regards my family close. Mohini says you have to take my permission to meet Moloy. Komolika says I have become your bahu, bless me, you would be thinking how I m here, I m disguised as a doctor. Mohini says you want to meet Moloy, fine, I will give you the permission, but on one condition,

remove this mangalsutra and sindoor. Prerna gets shocked. Mohini says remove this and go inside. Prerna cries.
Komolika says I m so delighted, I told you everything I did, I m angry that you are staring me, let me think, you want to kill me, you challenged me that no matter what I do, I can’t get Anurag, you did a big mistake, you will regret it. Mohini says take off this mangalsutra and sindoor. Prerna stops her and says this marriage matters to me, I won’t let anyone remove this. Mohini says doctor, I want to meet Moloy once. Doctor says its a miracle that he got fine, inspector wants to talk to you.

Inspector says it was a planned accident, just recall the things and tell me. Komolika says I want you to die, bye Sasur ji. Prerna sees everyone and rushes inside. Komolika gets away from Moloy and hides. Prerna cries. Komolika thinks I can’t go out, I will hide in this cupboard.

Prerna asks why did you slip into coma, everyone is happy that you are out of coma now, you wanted Anurag and Komolika to marry, I always thought you wanted me to marry Anurag, I married Anurag but no one is going to understand. Komolika thinks Moloy’s body can’t react now, he didn’t respond to me. Prerna says bless me that everything will be fine. She sees his hand falling. She asks him to say something. Komolika thinks did he get a heart attack and die. Prerna shouts doctor and asks him to check Moloy. Everyone comes in. Prerna opens the cupboard and gets the gloves. Mohini shouts on Prerna. Komolika gets hurt. Prerna locks the cupboard. Komolika smiles hearing about Moloy. Prerna says Moloy is like my dad, no daughter can be unlucky for a father. Anurag asks Mohini to calm down, this is not the time to say all this. He says doctor, I want to take dad home. Anurag says its safe to keep him here. Anurag says his life is at stake, let me take him home, I will seek your help. Doctor agrees.

Anurag says make sure, everything is ready for Moloy’s treatment. Komolika thinks why does this happen with me always, I will kill Moloy. Everyone leaves. Prerna gets a message. She hears a sound and goes in. Anurag comes and asks her to come. They leave. Moloy thinks I would have revealed Komolika’s truth to everyone. Prerna thanks the nurse and takes the medicines instructions. Doctor says I have discharged your dad on your saying, Prerna knows everything, you both understand each other well, I think you both complete each other, you took Moloy’s responsibility, you are lucky that you have Prerna. Moloy thinks you got away today Komolika, I will tell everyone your truth. Komolika feels suffocated. Prerna moves aside and gets close to Anurag. Pehle ke jaisa….plays…. They have a moment. She says I will look after Moloy. They smile.

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