Made For Each Other Friday Update 3 July 2020


Made For Each Other Friday Update 3 July 2020

Anurag saying I will get what I wish, when you have blessed me. Veena smiles. Mr. Bajaj touches her feet to take blessings. Veena blesses him. He says I wanted to tell you that Durga puja is special this time, Anurag and I will perform Dhunuchi dance.

Made For Each Other Thursday Update 2 July 2020

Veena meets Moloy. Mr. Bajaj goes to attend a call. Anurag says relatives are meeting. Prerna smiles. Mr. Bajaj sees them and finishes the call. He says Anurag and I will dance together. Anurag asks are you sure, are you comfortable in these clothes, you may get burnt. Mr. Bajaj asks why do you think so. Anurag says you aren’t familiar with this dance form or culture. Mr. Bajaj says its your misunderstanding, I m familiar. He takes Veena and all for darshan. Anupam asks why didn’t the dancers come. Anurag says mum

would be knowing it. Veena says we will take care of ourselves. Mr. Bajaj says I m happy to spend time with my family, come, we shall go and sit. Prerna cries and thinks should I think of this, no, why am I wishing to get Anurag.
Pandit does tilak to Moloy. He says Mata will be pleased and make Moloy fine soon. Mr. Bajaj says you called the dancers right. Mohini says yes, they are sitting there, waiting for dhol artists. Tapur asks what’s his problem. Mohini says I don’t want any drama, its a big day for us. Mr. Bajaj sees his goon in the dancers troupe. Anurag looks for Prerna. She thinks why don’t I have courage to face him, is this my guilt, I know how much he loves me, help me, show me some way. He says don’t stop yourself, let this happen, Maa will show us right and wrong. She asks what if she doesn’t show. Anurag says then you don’t need to say anything, I can understand you without your speaking. They have an eyelock. Jai Jai Maa….plays….

Maa chunri flies in wind and falls over them. They get emotional. She cries. He says even Maa wants us to unite. He wipes her tears and says I want you to smile, I don’t want these tears, if you stay happy, then I will be happy, none can separate us, even if death comes to us. Dil ka dariya….plays…. They think of each other. She recalls Mr. Bajaj’s words. She removes the chunri. He says you are running again, how long will you avoid me, will I follow you all life. She sees Mr. Bajaj and goes. Anurag asks her to stop. Mr. Bajaj says you need to stop, I know you won’t listen, but its my responsibility to correct the wrong, its a warning, don’t push me. Anurag says let your anger come out, I want to see what you can do. He goes.

Tanvi says Rishabh wants you to patch up with Veena. Maasi says fine, where is Veena, Rishabh is in love with Prerna, Anurag and Prerna can make a love sacrifice, but Rishabh isn’t such, he married Prerna for Kuki, now he wants his wife, we will support him so that he supports us. She goes to meet Veena. Tanvi looks on. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to fix the kurta button. She stumbles because of the carpet. Anurag and Mr. Bajja try to hold her. Prerna looks at Anurag. Mr. Bajaj asks her to come. Tanvi looks on. Mohini says our Dhunuchi dancers and dhol artists have come, give them a big round of applause. Everyone claps.

Dhunuchi dance begins. Everyone smiles. The family members join one by one. Moloy signs Mohini to go and dance. Mohini dances with Prerna. Shivani asks Anurag what is he waiting for. Anurag records the video. Mr. Bajaj thinks Shivani is also with Anurag, I will give them an answer together.

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