Made For Each Other Friday Update 27 March 2020


Made For Each Other Friday Update 27 March 2020

Prerna recalling Mr. Bajaj’s words and leaving Anurag’s hand. She asks doctor to make him fine. Anurag is taken inside OT. She sees Shivani and asks how did you know Anurag is here. Shivani says I got him here. Prerna hugs her. Shivani asks what are you doing here, will you do this until he dies. Prerna slaps her. Anupam says Anurag isn’t answering my calls.

Nivedita says Prerna changed him, he used to inform me all the time before, when we want to know about him, he didn’t tell us, he used to value time, he forgot time, I don’t know if old Anurag comes back. He says no, old Anurag won’t come back, he has moved on, he is following his heart. She says don’t talk like Prerna. He asks you think Prerna is responsible for this.

Prerna asks Shivani

to think and speak, don’t say anything about Anurag. She cries and says you just tell me, people also taunt me, you also taunt me, I will tolerate it, I m also a human, I also feel pain. Shivani says you married Mr. Bajaj and have no concern for Anurag. Prerna says I care for him. Shivani asks will you make love promises and break it, you got finished in the mandap where you left him, did you come to see him dying. Prerna says don’t say anything. Shivani says you loved Anurag and married Mr. Bajaj, they are fighting for you. Prerna says Anurag has to understand, I m not the girl whom he loved, Mr. Bajaj accepted me completely, my past, he doesn’t care that Anurag and I stay under the same roof. Shivani asks then why did he hit Anurag by his car. Prerna gets shocked.

Mr. Bajaj thinks I left Anurag on the road, what did I do, I should go back and see him. Prerna asks are you mad, Mr. Bajaj can never do this, I agree that he doesn’t like Anurag, he can’t kill anyone, the world thinks he is a ruthless businessman, he isn’t like that, he can’t do this. Shivani says I would have understood that you fell in love with him and married him. Prerna says you are my younger sister, behave well. Shivani says you trust Mr. Bajaj right. Prerna says I trust Anurag, sometimes people just accuse, you don’t like Mr. Bajaj, you are accusing him, he saved Veena. Shivani says Maasi sent Veena to jail. Prerna says Maasi apologized. Shivani says she wanted to act great.

Prerna says I have nothing to talk, I m fed up proving myself. Shivani says I have seen Mr. Bajaj doing this accident, if you don’t trust me, its fine, he did this accident. Mr. Bajaj thinks Anurag isn’t here. He asks the man about the accident. The man says yes, it was a bad accident, the man who did it had run away, he had no pity. Mr. Bajaj asks what happened with that guy. The man asks him to wait. Mr. Bajaj pays him money and says tell me what happened with that guy. The man says a girl knew him and took him to the hospital, she seemed like his sister, she might be 20-25 years old. Shivani tells everything. She says I reached Mr. Bajaj to take his help, I didn’t know he heard me or not, he raced the car, I have seen him in the car. Prerna says it can’t be him. Shivani says he ran like a coward, so I was blaming you, if he didn’t intend this, why didn’t he help Anurag, you think he didn’t see Anurag, he did this intentionally, you have to choose your husband or your love. Prerna cries. Shivani says stay with one of them, I will ask you to support the right, get the culprit punished, if anything happens to Anurag, you will be responsible, Mr. Bajaj couldn’t bear Anurag’s love, so he did this in jealousy and madness.

Prerna sees Anurag and cries. She leaves. Ayushman Khurana and Nushrat Bharucha come to Basu house. They pray and introduce themselves as Karan and Mahi to Maasi. Tanvi says my friend is upset, he loves someone who doesn’t love her. Ayushman says Pooja can help him, she has solution for everything. Tanvi asks who is Pooja. Nushrat says I also want to know. Mr. Bajaj comes home and thinks Nivedita would have taken Anurag to hospital, I wish I took him to hospital. He sees Nivedita and says you here… She goes. He thinks she is here, it means Anurag isn’t much hurt, I have to tell everything to Prerna. Tanvi asks Maasi to come. He asks Maasi where is Prerna. Maasi asks are you fine. He says I m fine, where is Prerna. She says she went out, you are here, I don’t know, she was running out madly, she didn’t notice that her saree pallu caught fire, I was worried that something happened to you. Tanvi says if you are here, after whom was she running. He asks what happened.

She says Mrs. Mandal said Prerna was taking Anurag’s name, I scolded her, so sorry, forget it, you know Prerna and Anurag have friendship between them, don’t misunderstand her. He thinks Prerna knows about Anurag’s accident. He goes to talk to her. Maasi and Tanvi smile. Prerna comes home. The ladies smile seeing her and say, what happened, she looks disturbed. Prerna sees Mr. Bajaj and goes to him. He looks for her in the room. She comes and says I need to ask something, did you do Anurag’s accident. He says before you decide anything… She asks did you do his accident or not. He says yes. She gets shocked.

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