Made For Each Other Friday Update 26 June 2020


Made For Each Other Friday Update 26 June 2020

Mr. Bajaj saying you told many times that I did the accident intentionally, many people have seen it, inspector took me to police station when I told him, you made a big mistake, you should have called the commissioner that day, you didn’t do this, you are lazy, you are very bad Basu, you had a girl like Prerna, you were busy somewhere else, I came luck by chance, now I m in her life and will be there.

Made For Each Other Thursday Update 25 June 2020

Anurag looks on shocked. He says you confessed a lot, you gave me much info, very good, just few days left now. Mr. Bajaj asks are you going to tell this to Prerna, go and tell her, I will tell her that you are plotting again. Prerna goes out to get water. Mr. Bajaj says I had proof and didn’t get you arrested, it proves I don’t hate you, its a lie, I hate you alot, you wanted a clue, I gave you complete confession, now prove it that you are right and I m wrong. Anurag says I knew your truth, just some days and I will expose you.

Mr. Bajaj says I let people do what I let them do, people know me as much I let them, my dad thought Rishabh did it again was just his fav game, it was my fav game also, I used to do mistakes intentionally, its not good for mental health to keep secrets, thanks, I m feeling so light. Prerna comes and asks what secret.
Anurag thinks not now, once I get proof, I will expose Mr. Bajaj. He says accident videos, he was telling me about it. Mr. Bajaj says we shall go now, its late, we have to go to your mom’s house also, I can’t wait to get a good welcome there. He goes.

Anurag comes to wake up Anupam. He says get up. Anupam wakes up and says what happened. Anurag says Bajaj tried to kill me. Anupam says enough, I will not leave him. Anurag says not now, that accident, I told you I will get little injured, he just confessed that he did this to kill me, he asked me to prove it, he became a hero in Prerna’s sight, he didn’t get me arrested, he wants to be a good husband, I have to prove this. Anupam asks what will be the use, Prerna is of him.

Anurag says no, Prerna will leave him, when she learns he tried to kill me, she will leave him surely, my life matters a lot to her, its time to bring a storm in his life. Anupam asks what will you do now. Anurag says I have to meet someone special tomorrow. Prerna shows Durga Maa to Kuki. Maasi smiles. Prerna says we will get Maa home and then do her vidaai after 9 days. Mr. Bajaj comes and hugs Kuki. He says Maasi, we are going to meet Prerna’s family, its imp.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna come to meet Veena. Mr. Bajaj touches Veena’s feet. Prerna hugs Veena. Veena welcomes them. Shekhar asks how are you, are you happy. Prerna says yes. Mahesh says Shivani doesn’t work and mum scolds me. Mr. Bajaj sees the family talks. He says I wanted to talk to you all, you deserve to know that I m not a criminal, I was waiting for the right time, the way we got married, it should not have happened that day, I must have met you and asked for Prerna’s hand, sorry. Anurag comes. Veena and everyone smile seeing him. They all leave Mr. Bajaj and go to welcome Anurag. Anurag touches feet and hugs Veena. Anurag asks Prerna to make a cup of tea. He smiles.

Mr. Bajaj says you always welcome guests, right, Anurag is your guest, make tea for him and one cup for me too. Prerna goes. Mr. Bajaj says our marriage should have not happened that way. Anurag says as if you care, you just had to do the marriage and you did it without informing anyone. Prerna hears them and calls Anurag. Anurag says excuse me, Prerna is calling me. Mr. Bajaj says I heard it.

Prerna says I don’t want a drama in front of mum. Anurag says as you wish. He passes the tray. He gets hurt. Prerna asks what are you doing. Everyone runs to see Anurag. They all care for him. Mr. Bajaj sits alone. He gets angry seeing Prerna caring for Anurag. She asks is it fine. Anurag says yes. Mr. Bajaj says excuse me, washroom? Anurag says right side, Mahesh go with him, he is a guest, I m a family man and can adjust.

Mr. Bajaj thinks I know why Anurag came here and I don’t like it. Mohini talks to pandit. Maasi comes and asks about party. She asks is it Tapur’s marriage, tell us. Mohini says we celebrate Durga puja festive, you call it Navratri. Maasi says let me know if you need help. Mohini says I need your help. Maasi says I m unwell, I can’t do any heavy work. Mohini says just don’t come out of your room, that’s biggest help. Maasi says sure and goes. Mohini says I wish Anurag didn’t meet Bajaj ever. Prerna asks Anurag what is he doing, Mr. Bajaj came here to apologize and mix up.

Anurag says I won’t let him mix up, why shall I give him a chance to become son-in-law of this house. She says I m married to him, whatever he does, I know who is in your heart, you will know the meaning soon, last year Maa Durga brought us together, Durga Maa is coming to prove who loves you truly, you are made for me, all our troubles will end. Prerna says don’t talk to me like this. She goes. He thinks I know your and Bajaj’s relation, I noticed this always, even last night, you both don’t fight, you have nothing like husband and wife. Mr. Bajaj sees Prerna going.

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