Made For Each Other Friday Update 24 July 2020


Made For Each Other Friday Update 24 July 2020

Komolika watching Mohini from far. She pities Mohini. Nivedita sees her at the door and calls her in. Komolika wipes Mohini’s tears and asks her not to cry. Mohini cries and hugs her. She thinks I will always make you cry and wipe your tears with my soft hands, I like doing this, fun is back in my life, I wish I could say that I m Komolika, never mind, that day will also come. She says Anurag isn’t in his room, right, I have seen Tapur’s pic there, if you don’t mind, actually you are new to me, I feel awkward, I will be more comfortable if I stay in Anurag’s room, after all he is my husband. Mohini says you are right, sorry, you can go to your room. Komolika thinks Nivedita I didn’t forget anything, this time you won’t be able to forget anything.

Prerna sees Anurag and cries recalling their moments. Naina….plays…
She holds his hand and says you told me, that we will take all decisions together, but Anurag… maybe this is wrong for you, but its right for me, I can’t remind you anything, if that happens, your life will be in risk, I m going to break the promise I made to you, if any harm happens to you, I won’t be able to live, I m so sorry for breaking the promise. She cries. She says I wanted you to hug me once, and take my name with love, but nothing is possible, I m sorry. Her saree gets held my his hand. She cries and frees it. She hugs him. She says don’t weaken me please. She leaves.

She comes to Moloy and Mohini. They see her. She says I didn’t wish to leave Anurag and go, I know he will remember everything, I know I don’t want to cause any harm to him, if he sees me, his mind and heart will start thinking, I don’t want him to face any risk, that’s why I m ready to leave this house. Anupam comes. Prerna cries a lot. She asks him to take care of her Anurag. He nods. She goes. Komolika comes to her room and thinks, wow, I m back in my old room. Nivedita asks her to come in. Komolika says thanks for making me reach this room. Nivedita says Sonalika…. Komolika doesn’t listen. Nivedita calls her again. Komolika says sorry, I m tensed about Anurag’s health. Nivedita says I m thankful to you for bringing Anurag back. She hugs Komolika. Komolika recalls her words

 She gets angry and thinks you chose Prerna, you will get punished. She says no need to thank me. Nivedita goes. Komolika sees Anurag and Prerna’s pic. She says Mr. Bajaj can conquer anything, even he lost in front of your love, please you guys are too boring, I m back to make this story spicy and interesting.

She recalls Prerna and says I got whatever I wanted, its my fate, so I have come back in this room, I shouldn’t laugh for long, Anurag I m coming to you. She goes downstairs and collides with Prerna. She says we didn’t introduce ourselves well, I m Sonalika, do you work here. Prerna says my dad used to work for Basus. Komolika says so he was a servant. Prerna says he is no more. Komolika says sorry. Prerna goes upstairs. Komolika thinks this game is fun. Prerna gets her bags and leaves. Komolika thinks Prerna is out of this house, just I will rule here. Prerna walks on the road. She thinks of Anurag and cries. Mohini smiles and says I can see everything getting fine now, ask all the servants to throw everything touched by Prerna. Nivedita says you don’t worry, I will take care of it. She goes. Mohini says Lord always does the right thing, Sonalika has come in Anurag’s life, I like that girl. Komolika sees Prerna and says its easy if I speed my car and knock down Prerna, why shall I think of it again. She drives the car and speeds up.

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