Made For Each Other Friday update 24 January 2020


Made For Each Other Friday update 24 January 2020

Anurag saying I know you love me, my happiness lies in you. He asks her to come to the window. She asks what. Chaand……plays….. He asks her to look at the moon.

He says its looks beautiful as I see you in it, I m here and you there, we can see the same thing at the same time, that’s this moon, it will be our mediator, when we are away, we will tell the moon and talk to it, we will be together tomorrow, I will never let you go away from me, until then, its the moon.

Mr. Bajaj looks at the moon and smokes. He sees Anurag weds Prerna on the card. He throws it out of the window. Its morning, Prerna recalls Mr. Bajaj and Anurag’s words. She says I lost Anurag. Hamari adhuri kahani…plays… She says Anurag is free now, but he has been snatched from me, our relation has ended. She cries.

She gets Mr. Bajaj and answers. He says I called to confirm when should I send the driver to pick you up. She says no need, I will come there. He says Anurag had come here to invite me in the wedding, you think shall I attend or avoid the thought, we both should go, we would be married by then, I hope you remember my condition, we are getting married today, congrats. Veena comes and asks whom are you talking. Prerna ends call and says it was a call from parlor, I have to get ready, hair, makeup… Veena says you don’t need all this, I will ask Shivani to take you. Prerna cries and hugs her.

Veena says you think we won’t be able to meet, you aren’t going so far, get ready well. She goes. Prerna cries and recalls her family moments. She takes the family pic and hugs. Anurag sees his clothes. Anupam says its very confusing, look at these pictures and tell me which one is better, these are mares, I want the mare to be stylish, do you prefer white or black. Anurag says I will go in my car, simple, I don’t want this. Anupam says Prerna should also have a choice, lets ask her. Anurag says I m sure she knows me, I also want to know. Prerna gets Anurag’s call. She is on the way. Anurag says tell me something, you love me right. She asks don’t you know that. He says I know, I would be glad if you say, what would you wish for me. She says your happiness at all costs. He asks are you okay. She says yes. He says you sound upset.

Anupam says ask her. Anurag says I wanted to know, what would be my mode of transport today, when I get baraat, a mare or a car? She says you should come in a car, you look good that day. Anupam says that’s amazing, Anurag just mentioned the same, you said the same, you two are so alike. Anurag says enough now, we aren’t married yet, we will be married in the evening, I will do anything for you, you can ask me for anything, I m ready to become a henpecked husband. Anupam says have some shame, you are talking like this when I m here. Anurag says then go, I m talking to my wife, marriage is just a formality, Prerna is my wife, right Prerna? Prerna cries and says I have to go, I m busy. He says sorry, you get ready, I will see you in the evening. Naina….plays…. She thinks of Anurag.

Shivani looks for Anurag. She says Prerna left me and went to parlor. Veena says she was in her room, don’t tell anything about her. Shivani says yes, its my fault, she will never be at any fault. Veena says yes, you got late.

Shivani asks which parlor did she go. Prerna comes inside Mr. Bajaj’s house. He says welcome to your new home, your decision was right. She says your decision was wrong. He says I never do anything wrong. She says you have made the biggest mistake of your life by deciding to marry me, I just love Anurag, I will never have feelings for you. He says this is my victory. She says your angle is bad and different, you just judge people. He says we have different perceptive, you just love Anurag, I separated you two, we are marrying today, its my victory, you came here willingly. She says I haven’t come here willingly, its a deal. He says its in my favor, I got you. She says this maybe your nature to make someone helpless and attain, you have no heart. He says you can call me heartless or evil, its better to live well, Anurag has a heart and he will be pain now, people who have unconditional love are rare, I have a bad habit to keep rare things in my collection, go and start the preparations.

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