Made For Each Other Friday Update 21 February 2020


Made For Each Other Friday Update 21 February 2020

Anupam asking Anurag to answer Prerna’s call. Anurag says no, I want her to come here and talk to me face to face. Prerna says answer the call Anurag, how to explain him. She calls again. She says you are going wrong.

Anurag says no worry, she will come, there is good news, I got something to make her restless, she has to come, its Mr. Bajaj’s first defeat and our first win. Prerna calls Nivedita. Nivedita asks why did you call me, stop making relations. Prerna says just you can explain Anurag that he is doing wrong. Nivedita says businessmen cross professional and personal boundary, Mr. Bajaj did this first and now Anurag is doing it. Mohini comes and looks on. Nivedita says you married Bajaj for money, you will know Anurag is doing this and I will stop him, in

your dreams Prerna, don’t call back. Mohini goes.
Kuki gets a carom and sits to play with Prerna. Prerna thinks this is Kuki’s house, its her house, dreams and world, if Basu industry take over this house, then what will happen. Mohini comes to meet Veena. She says you are preparing for dinner, I have come on right time. Veena asks how did you come. Mohini says I got sweets, its a good news, have the sweets, I m very happy today, my son made Prerna and Mr. Bajaj homeless, he has bought their house, now they have to live on the roads, your daughter left my son in mandap and ran to Mr. Bajaj, I always said your daughter is unlucky, see she went to Mr. Bajaj’s house and he got ruined.

Veena asks her to leave if she is done. Mohini says you want to cry now, don’t you dare, I know your truth, Prerna trapped Anurag and then left him, Anurag ruined Mr. Bajaj, what is your back up plan, Shivani? Shivani asks her to stop it. Mohini says not yet. Shekhar says your anger, hatred and curses were justified before, spare my mum now. Mohini says Shekhar tell me one thing, who finds the alliances from rich families, you or your mum. She says we did charity by giving a job to Rajesh. Veena says enough, if you insult my daughters, then I will tell your daughter’s past, I know my daughters well, Prerna married Mr. Bajaj, we don’t know why she was helpless.

Mohini says wow, you have prepared this story now, your daughter fell in love with Anurag, no, she pretended to be in love, she then left him, even then my son loves her and wants her back. Veena says Prerna also loves Anurag, its not like it appears, we don’t know what’s happening. Mohini says you got greedy, that’s it. Veena throws the sweets out. Mohini gets angry and leaves.

Mohini says Veena will never talk to Prerna, she will get hurt seeing Prerna hurt, I liked it, I m happy, its their turn to bear the pain, Prerna gave much pain to my son, now she will get this pain, Veena thought Bajaj will settle her sons now, she was thinking of her happiness, my son is taking revenge, because he is my son, so I m very happy today. Nivedita says even I m happy but Anurag is changing, I m worried seeing his frustration and anger. Mohini says I m happy, this attitude is better than ruining own life, I like this Anurag more than that emotional Anurag.

Anurag comes home. Mohini hugs him and says I just got to know that you bought Mr. Bajaj’s house, I m very happy, you did right, they have hurt us, they have to pay for it, you got justice for us. He says sorry, this time I didn’t do this for you and dad, I did this keeping Prerna in mind. She says its okay, you go and take rest.

Anurag sits drunk on the stairs. Anupam asks him to come. Anurag says I m very happy, I will take all the properties from Bajaj and his wife too. Anupam says enough, come with me. Anurag takes another bottle. He says Prerna has to come to me. Prerna thinks what will Mr. Bajaj do, why is Anurag doing this, he doesn’t know what can Mr. Bajaj do. She sleeps with Kuki. Mr. Bajaj comes there and sees them.

Maasi and Tanvi come. Maasi says come and have food. Tanvi says you didn’t had anything since morning. He says I m not hungry. Maasi cries. Prerna is awake. She thinks Mr. Bajaj did wrong, but today Anurag is doing wrong. Its morning, Rahil comes to Mr. Bajaj. He asks inspector to come in. Mr. Bajaj says you are Anurag’s manager, right. Rahil says yes, check this court notice. Mr. Bajaj says I knew Anurag will do this, its eviction notice, we have to vacate the house. Inspector says I have come to vacate this house, I have a right and can arrest you too. Maasi argues. Mr. Bajaj hugs Kuki. Inspector asks the men to get the things out. Prerna asks what’s happening. Rahil says sorry, I m just following Anurag’s orders.

Anupam comes and says Anurag wake up, Prerna has come, get up. Anurag says Prerna has come, I told you she will come to beg for her husband, lets see what she deals to save Bajaj mansion, she has to listen to me. He sees Prerna and comes to her. He smiles.

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