Made For Each Other Friday Update 20 March 2020


Made For Each Other Friday Update 20 March 2020

Anurag saying Rajeev didn’t do what you wanted. Nivedita asks who is Rajeev. Anurag says Rajeev works in Mr. Bajaj’s company and gave me an offer. Mr. Bajaj says you gave him an offer. Anurag says if I gave an offer, he would have joined my company, he came with an offer, that he would share the tender amount with me if I give him the same job, I rejected that offer, your plan didn’t work out.

Made For Each Other Thursday Update 19 March 2020

Mr. Bajaj asks my plan? Anurag says he is your employee, he is loyal to you, what does such offer mean, the plan was that, he would join me and Mr. Bajaj learns the tender amount of Basu company so that he defeats me, I have started to understand you now, its my game and my moves. Mr. Bajaj says there is a difference between truth and stories, you are saying a story. Anurag

says you and your plan failed, I m sorry.
Everyone looks on. Anurag says what you wanted didn’t happen, have a nice day. He goes. Prerna goes after Mr. Bajaj and says who told you that Anurag tried to bribe him. He says I know whose words you believe, I don’t think I need to convince you what I know. He asks Anupam to tell Anurag that he made a wrong move, he has to pay for this. He calls and says I want to see all the docs, I m coming to the office. Mohini sees Prerna.

Anurag is on call. Nivedita takes the phone and asks Rahil not to connect calls. She says Anurag, I m your elder sister, I will rectify my mistake, you wanted to go from here, I didn’t let you go, that was my mistake, you and Prerna look at each other always, she matters to you. She packs his bag. He says I need Prerna to be alive. She says no, you don’t need her, you made her imp, go away, you will forget her. He says no, it will be the last day of my life. He goes. She says why does Anurag love the girl who has no heart. Mr. Bajaj comes to his room. Prerna comes. He says my wallet. She says I will get it. He says stay right there, thanks. She asks why are you behaving like this, its impossible to understand you, just because Anurag and I were in kitchen… He says enough, you don’t know me, you think I just think of this. She says I just know you are a successful businessman. He says yes, you aren’t my accidental wife, I have kept the proposal, don’t think I doubt you, remember it, it will never change, I trust you, Mrs. Bajaj.

She asks then why are you not talking to me, if you keep acting like this, I feel suffocated, I will not say anything. He says we have discussed this before. She says one last time. He says you are very stubborn, I didn’t like it when you kept distance at the time of taking the pic, I know, my hand touched you, it wasn’t my intention, its normal, I felt as if I m disgusting, like I m looking for a chance and you are saving yourself from me, I m not such, I decided to keep you comfortable, so that you don’t think so, we will have a distance of two feet, I m not Navin, I respect you. She says I know that your intentions aren’t bad, if I m feeling uncomfortable, then its not my mistake.

She cries and says I don’t doubt your intentions, if you want me to feel comfortable, it will take time, I just want a normal life, all of them were speaking their mind, you, Anurag, Veena, Mohini, I never get a chance to express myself, I m a human, not a machine. He gives her a kerchief and says I m sorry. She says I didn’t say this that I wanted you to apologize, try to understand me. He nods. He goes out and thinks did we have any fight, it was her mistake and I m apologizing to her today, am I actually feeling sorry for her, when did anyone’s tears start affecting me, why. He knocks the door.

He says I think you became too emotional, you aren’t able to talk to anyone, you can talk to me if you want, I won’t judge you, I know everything, I can try to be a good friend, I know you didn’t ask, but I should say, I have a lot of work in office, so I will be late. He goes.

Anurag looks at the moon. Prerna comes and sees him. She turns to go. He says Prerna…. He asks are you avoiding me. She says no. He says its okay, you take your time, you can talk to the moon, you come to talk to the moon when you are confused. She says you still remember this. He says of course, how can I forget, even I talk to the moon just like you do, whenever I miss you and think about you, its true, look at me, we are soulmates. She asks why do you keep saying such things. He says because you never understand.

She says I thought we would talk something else, you just come on this topic. Maasi comes there. Anurag takes Prerna aside. She asks what are you doing. He says Maasi, what will she think seeing you, I don’t care for myself, I don’t want your name to spoil, I don’t want her to think wrong, I want you to get separated from Mr. Bajaj after realizing your love, I don’t want Mr. Bajaj to doubt and leave you, I can’t withstand your defamation, I want you to come to me with love, you can leave Mr. Bajaj with confidence, I m going there to distract her, did you understand, blink if you understood.

She blinks. He says I will just come. He says hello, actually you are Mr. Bajaj’s aunt, I didn’t tell you, you look pretty. Maasi smiles and asks what do you want. He says nothing, you are like my Maasi, age wise, I thought to compliment you, good night. Maasi says you heard what the guy said, I look pretty.

Prerna goes and thinks of Anurag’s words. He asks were you thinking about me, I learnt face reading, you were cursing yourself for leaving me, that you did a big mistake, am I not sweet. She says you are very sweet, the girl you get will be lucky. He says I want that girl to be Prerna. Someone looks on. Anurag says I will repeat myself again, one day I may get lucky, you may accept me being fed up. Prerna asks do you consider me a friend. He says no, I have a lot of friends, you don’t know what you mean to me, more special than special.

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