Made For Each Other Friday update 10 January 2020


Made For Each Other Friday update 10 January 2020

Anurag asking Prerna to call him if she needs anything. He asks shall I go. She nods. He leaves. He thinks Mohini wanted to talk to Veena in private, why, Veena got so upset. He sees Ronit and stops the car. Ronit sees him and goes. Anurag calls him out. He runs after Ronit.

Ronit runs inside Mr. Bajaj’s house. Guards shut the gate. Anurag thinks how is this possible, does Ronit know Mr. Bajaj. He sees the back door and says is Bajaj after me for this reason. He enters the door. He steps on the stairs. Alarm rings. Anurag thinks no…. before Mr. Bajaj sees me and alleges me, I have to leave. He runs upstairs. Guards run after him. Anurag tries to jump down. Mr. Bajaj stops him. He says you don’t learn from mistakes, or you don’t regard this a mistake to enter

someone’s personal space, I told you to call me if you want to meet me, you are also in imp people’s list, I can get some time for you, will you have a drink, come with me.
He says person shows desperation when he has to achieve something or have fear to lose, many people did this mistake, you are lucky, I m giving you time, ask me what you are thinking, you will try again to spy. Anurag says you know Siddhant and his son Ronit, did you meet them. Mr. Bajaj says not Ronit, but his sister, your wife Komolika, I met her before her death. FB shows Mr. Bajaj says one shouldn’t blindly trust, you are giving me this file, I can ruin your husband. Komolika says he cheated me for Prerna, I can never forget revenge, you have to ruin him. FB ends..

Mr. Bajaj says you were there when she died, was this an accident or an intense reaction of an accident, you could reach me and didn’t save your wife, strange, one would like to lose such a beautiful wife when he knows she is meeting someone else, someone like me, she wanted to take revenge on her husband’s cheat.

Anurag says your thinking is so cheap, I don’t want to deal with you. Mr. Bajaj says business and war have the same aim, victory, I m focussed like Mahabharat’s Karan. Anurag says that was Arjun. He says I said Karan, you heard Arjun, I like Karan, determined, focussed and great like me, Arjun had talent, strength, but he had a heart because of which he was always confused. He says Ronit had tried to meet me, if you meet him, tell him I m interested in meeting him if he has something against you to bring you down, congrats for Banerjee contract. Anurag asks Banerjee? How do you know about it? Mr. Bajaj says cheers to you and your wife, sorry, you didn’t get married yet, what’s her name. Anurag leaves. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna, means inspiration right…. He drinks and smiles.

Its morning, Nivedita smiles seeing Prerna coming. She asks her to get married and come home soon. She asks her to go and meet Anurag, call him for breakfast. Prerna comes to Anurag’s room. He says I m in bathroom. She says Nivedita asked you to come for breakfast. He asks for towel. She knocks the door and passes the towel. He thanks her. He slips and falls down. She shouts Anurag, are you okay. She enters and sees him fallen down. She asks may I help. She laughs. He says you are laughing, I m hurt. He holds her and gets up. Rang tera….plays…. She says after marriage…. He holds her and gets close. She closes her eyes. He gets back. She looks at him. He says tell Debu to get a fresh towel for me, go or I will kiss you. She smiles and goes. She hears Mohini and stops. Mohini says you are blackmailing me. Prerna thinks is Mohini in problem. Mohini says I paid you for video edit. The man says I m the CCTV operator who had seen you changing the necklace, I had edited the footage to trap Veena, I should get paid for it. She says I had installed cameras for Moloy’s sake. He asks her to give him money. She gives him money and says don’t show me your face again. He says remember me if you need any help, I will not tell anyone about Veena, I have given you the footage, thanks. Prerna hears them. Mohini warns him. He says I won’t tell anyone, shall I ask something, why did you frame Veena. She says leave… He leaves. Prerna thinks Mohini, I have to ask the same question, you have to answer me. Anurag thinks Debu didn’t get the towel, where is Prerna. Prerna comes to Mohini.

Mohini says I like seeing your face in the morning, there is many things left, we will go for shopping together. Prerna asks why did you do this. Mohini asks what. Prerna says I heard the conversation between you and CCTV operator. She shows the CD. Mohini says you and your mum deserve this. Veena cries and recalls Mohini’s words. Veena says Prerna break this relation, you will just get sufferings for you and our entire family, Mohini will not let us live in peace. Prerna asks do we deserve this, does my mum deserve to go jail. Mohini says yes, because you are her daughter, its good that truth is revealed, I was fed up doing this good mum in law’s drama. Prerna says you were not happy ever. Mohini says you are a middle class girl, you want to marry my son, shall I get happy with this, my son, Anurag Moloy Basu, none is like him, girls like you are everywhere, you think I will let you become my Bahu. Prerna cries..

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