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Love or Poison May Teasers 2021 Glow Tv

The Vishkanyas’ long awaited dream of freedom is about to come true. Just as planned, Chhabili successfully collects Rajguru’s blood and now plans to deliver it to her sisters. Below are the Love or Poison May 2021 Teasers.

Glow Tv Love or Poison May 2021 Teasers

Monday 3 May 2021

Episode 24

Rajguru blames Vrinda for Sitaara’s situation and keeps her in the dark. With Rajguru spilling the beans about Sitaara being the real protector of the royal family, will Sitaara get to know the truth too? Watch this episode to find out!

Episode  25

Viraj is shocked to know that Sitaara has been ordered to stay by his side at all times as his personal bodyguard. But Viraj is not the only one furious with this information. His fiance Netra is absolutely inconsolable with the idea of another woman in his company. Will she confront Sitaara about it?

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Episode  26

Sitaara and the Singh family are left shattered with the news of Viraj’s mysterious disappearance. But little do they know that the Vishkanyas are behind the conspiracy. With their eyes now set on freedom, the Vishkanyas move on to the next phase of their vengeful plan. Will Viraj lose his life?

Episode  27

Viraj regains consciousness following his abduction and meets the Vishkanyas for the first time. They expose the sinister truth about his family and Rajguru and also that Vrinda is Sitaara’s mother. How will Viraj react to the revelations?

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Episode  28

Putting her life at stake, Vrinda tries to find out whether her daughter, Sitaara is alive or not. But, little does Vrinda know that Rajguru is aware of her way to find out about Sitaara and creates hindrances in her path. Will Vrinda be successful in her mission?

Episode  29

The Vishkanyas combine their power together and try to stop Rajguru from killing Vrinda. Their powers, combined with the Almighty’s blessing, helps Vrinda regain her energy and she is saved. Now, will Vrinda make a move to contact Sitaara?

Thursday 6 May 2021

Episode  30

Since Sitaara has been appointed as Viraj’s bodyguard, Netra feels extremely jealous and manipulates Viraj against Sitaara. Will Viraj under her influence confront Sitaara?

Episode  31

While the Vishkanyas cherish the blossoming of a flower after 99 years, Rajguru, on the other hand, perceives that the flower can prove to be a threat towards the existence of the royal family and decides to destroy it once and for all. Will he be able to do it?

Friday 7 May 2021

Episode  32

Raja Ratan Singh pleads to Vrinda and the Vishkanyas to save Viraj’s life. Vrinda, however, reminds him that he was the culprit behind the death of their sister Kalindi. Will Vrinda forgive Raja Ratan Singh for his past deeds and save Viraj’s life?

Episode  33

Raja Ratan Singh’s plan to use Surili to save Viraj meets a dead end when she tries to murder the poisoned prince. Defeated and without any option left, Ratan Singh turns to Kuldeep to convince Sitaara to save his ailing son. Will Kuldeep agree to help him?

Monday 10 May 2021

Episode  34

In order to safeguard Kuldeep’s honour and not let him bog down to anyone, Sitaara promises to save Viraj at any cost. Meanwhile, Vrinda orders Surili to kill Viraj before Sitaara saves him. Who will get to Viraj first?

Episode  35

Despite Sitaara saving his life, Viraj refuses to believe that it was her. Soon, he lashes out at her and chastises her in front of everybody. Will Sitaara come up with a way to convince him?

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Episode  36

After Sitaara miraculously saves Viraj’s life, Netra becomes insecure. Soon, she and her cousins come up with a plan to murder Sitaara. Unaware of the danger in her path, will Sitaara fall prey to their vicious plan?

Episode  37

Everyone is shocked to see no marks on Sitaara’s body, despite her getting bitten by a snake. Soon, Kuldeep fears that Sitaara’s secret might be out in front of everybody. Is Sitaara’s identity in danger yet again?

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Episode  38

Vrinda is frustrated as every plan of hers to kill Viraj has failed, all thanks to Sitaara. But this time around, she is determined not to let Sitaara interfere! Will Vrinda succeed in her attempt to kill Viraj?

Episode  39

When Vrinda tries to make connections with Sitaara, her attempt fails as Samrat and his brother kidnap Sitaara. Since Samrat and his brother have conspired to kill Sitaara before, what are they planning to do now?

Thursday 13 May 2021

Episode  40

Rajguru senses Surili’s presence in the house and performs a ritual to lure her into a trap. But Vrinda makes a move of her own which involves unleashing Sitaara’s true powers to rescue Surili from Rajguru’s clutches. Wil Vrinda gain the upper hand?

Episode  41

As Sitaara turns a year older, she decides to ask Kuldeep about her mother. Vrinda, on the other hand, vows to meet Sitaara on her special day. Will Sitaara and Vrinda finally meet?

Friday 14 May 2021

Episode  42

Using her powers, Vrinda hypnotises Sitaara and takes control of her. Sitaara starts following Vrinda’s voice and heads towards her. Will Vrinda finally reunite with her daughter or will another obstacle ruin her plans?

Episode 43

After regaining consciousness, Sitaara questions Kuldeep about her relationship with Vrinda and the Vishkanyas. She pressurises Kuldeep to disclose the truth. Will Kuldeep finally confess to Sitaara that Vrinda is her mother?

Monday 17 May 2021

Episode 44

Due to Rajguru’s spell, Sitaara fails to meet Vrinda and the Vishkanyas. However, as Sitaara and Viraj leave the hidden chamber, Chhabili manages to possess Netra and enter the Rajmahal. Will Sitaara notice Netra’s changed behaviour and recognise Chhabili?

Episode 45

Rajguru seeks Sitaara’s help in finding the woman Chhabili has possessed and is inside the Raj Mahal. Meanwhile, Netra under Chhabili’s possession makes her move to liberate the Vishkanyas. Will Sitaara find out that Netra is the woman possessed by Chhabili and stop her?

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Episode 46

To confirm her doubts of Netra being possessed by the Vishkanyas, Sitaara asks if she could wash her off after the haldi ritual. While washing, Sitaara tries to find a mark on her body which will prove that she is possessed. Will Sitaara find the mark?

Episode 47

The Vishkanyas’ long awaited dream of freedom is about to come true. Just as planned, Chhabili successfully collects Rajguru’s blood and now plans to deliver it to her sisters. But, with Sitaara’s suspicion regarding Chhabili growing stronger, will she prove to be a hindrance to the Vishkanyas’ plan?

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Episode 48

Chhabili tries to deliver Rajguru’s blood to her sisters, but Sitaara catches her red-handed and questions her about it. She defends herself and requests Sitaara to visit the Vishlok for relevant answers. Will Sitaara trust Chhabili and visit the Vishlok?

Episode 49

Sitaara receives a life changing jolt upon encountering the Vishkanyas and learning that she is one of them. Following an emotional reunion with her mother Vrinda, she finally learns the ugly truth about Raja Ratan Singh’s family. How will she respond to these barrage of shocking revelations? Will she join the Vishkanyas in the path of revenge?

Thursday 20 May 2021

Episode 50

Sitaara is shocked upon seeing Vrinda severely wounded. But her shock turns to fury when Vrinda reveals that Viraj is the one who assaulted her. Now Sitaara is hellbent on settling the score and the only thing on her mind is death for Viraj. How will she execute her revenge plan?

Episode 51

Sitaara stops Rajguru from hypnotising Netra to protect her secret from coming out. She gives a poisoned flower to Viraj to kill him, but as Viraj is about to smell the flower, she changes her mind and snatches the flower from him. What stopped Sitaara from killing Viraj?

Friday 21 May 2021

Episode 52

Sitaara gets upset upon learning that her mother is dead. In an attempt to kill Viraj, she adds a drop of her blood to a glass of juice and offers it to Viraj. Will she finally be able to kill him?

Episode 53

Upon Rajguru’s request, Sitaara agrees to rescue Samrat and visits the Vishlok along with him. But, Sitaara reveals her true form and traps Rajguru with her powers. With Samrat and Rajguru trapped in the Vishlok, who will be Sitaara’s next target?

Monday 24 May 2021

Episode 54

After successfully capturing Rajguru, Sitaara manages to capture Viraj as well. But in her plan to avenge her mother’s death, Sitaara comes across a new challenge in the form of Kuldeep who is willing to lay down his life for Viraj’s safety. What will be the outcome of this confrontation between Sitaara and her father?

Episode 55

Sitaara seemingly kills Viraj and drags his lifeless body to the Vishkanyas’ lair. Vrinda reveals to Sitaara that her death was just a lie to coax her into following the path of revenge. How will Sitaara react to her mother’s revelation?

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Episode 56

While Viraj and his family forget their sorrows and celebrate Padmini’s birthday, Vrinda declares the start of a new chapter in their revenge against Rajvansh by venturing out of Vishlok. Will Sitaara be able to sense the arrival of Vrinda and her allies at Rajmahal?

Episode 57

The Vishkanyas enter the palace and try to kill Viraj. But in their way stands Sitaara who vows to protect Viraj and his family at all cost. How long can Sitaara protect Viraj and family from the Vishkanyas?

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Episode 58

Vrinda reveals to Sitaara that Kuldeep is buried alive outside the palace. However, she warns that if Sitaara leaves the palace to save her father, she will kill Viraj and his family. Sitaara now has a decision to make and time is running out! Whom will she choose to save?

Episode 59

During their fight, Sitaara overpowers the Vishkanyas and forces them to retreat. Having tasted defeat, Vrinda becomes desperate for revenge against Sitaara and the Rajvansh. What will be her next move?

Thursday 27 May 2021

Episode 60

Knowing that Sitaara won’t be easy to kill, Vrinda asks for Mahamaata’s help and in return, Mahamaata offers her a powerful weapon. Soon a vengeful Vrinda confronts her daughter and stabs her with this weapon. Will this mark a tragic and untimely end to Sitaara’s story?

Episode 61

Sitaara manages to save Raja Ratan Singh from the Vishkanyas before losing her strength and falling unconscious. When the doctor reveals that Sitaara’s life is in danger due to excessive blood loss, Kuldeep prays to Mahakaali for his daughter’s life. Will his prayers be enough to bring her back to life?

Friday 28 May 2021

Episode 62

Sitaara tells Viraj that she cannot marry him and requests him to marry Netra. When Viraj refuses to turn away from his proposal, she is forced to reveal her true form, shocking him. Will the shocking revelation cause him to rethink his decision?

Episode 63

Sitaara is shocked to realise that the king’s guests are, in fact, Vrinda and her sisters and that no one in the palace seems to recognise them. What are Vishakanyas up to this time? Will Sitaara be ready to face them again?

Monday 31 May 2021

Episode 64

The return of Vrinda and her sisters leaves Sitaara in shock and confusion. Vrinda adds to her shock by offering her a troubling challenge. The challenge involves uncovering the true intention behind the Vishkanyas’ return within 3 days. Will Sitaara live up to this challenge? What will the consequence be if she fails?

Episode 65

Vrinda brags about her archery skills in front of the royal family and much to her delight Raja Ratan Singh agrees to test her skills. He places an apple on top of his head and encourages her to shoot it down. Will Vrinda take this easy opportunity and kill him?

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