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Love or Poison June Teasers 2021 Glow

Despite Sitaara’s desperate attempts to stop Vrinda from acquiring the throne, Vrinda gets coronated in a lavish ceremony. Read

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Love or Poison June Teasers 2021 Glow Tv

Tuesday 1 June 2021

Episode 66

While acknowledging Sitaara’s capabilities, Vrinda reveals her plan to Surili. She tells Surili about her intentions to manipulate Sitaara and make her do what she wants, eventually. Already in a cluster of problems, will Sitaara be able to thwart Vrinda’s plan?

Episode 67

When Viraj proposes to Sitaara, she denies having any feelings for him. Viraj is aware that she is only saying it because his parents won’t accept their relationship. So he makes a promise to her by saying that he will not marry anyone other than her. Is Viraj going to cancel his wedding with Netra?

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Episode 68

Little did Sitaara know the true depth of the Vishkanyas’ revenge plan until Vrinda tells her about it. Vrinda reveals that the Vishkanyas are out to ensure the survival of their bloodline by marrying the men of the Royal family. How will Sitaara stop her from executing this plan?

Episode 69

After Vrinda reveals that Viraj will be the first victim of her plan, Sitaara comes up with a heartbreaking plan of her own. Despite her love for Viraj, she forces him to marry Netra before the Vishkanyas can get to him. Will he agree to this unexpected request?

Thursday 3 June 2021

Episode 70

Sitaara is aghast after seeing Viraj in a sorry state and rescues him from the imminent danger. Unable to bear Viraj’s worsening condition, Sitaara confesses her love for him and asks him to marry her. Will Viraj accept Sitaara’s marriage proposal?

Episode 71

With the help of an astrologer, Vrinda convinces the royal family that Viraj’s refusal to get married within the next couple of days would be disastrous for the family. She proposes that Viraj should marry Surili and much to her delight the family agrees. Now that Vrinda is moving forward with her sinister plan, what will Sitaara do?

Friday 4 June 2021

Episode 72

Vrinda reveals that she has had enough of Sitaara interfering in her plans and decides to expose her true identity to everyone. She also warns Sitaara of a new danger that she has let loose on the king. Will Sitaara be able to protect the king while keeping her secret concealed?

Episode 73

Vrinda convinces Laxmi Bai to take a sip from Sitaara’s drink as part of a wedding tradition. Sitaara realises Vrinda’s plan to expose her true self, considering how the drink has turned poisonous due to her drinking it first. Can Sitaara save her mother-in-law while keeping her identity discreet?

Monday 7 June 2021

Episode 74

In their latest move against Sitaara, Vrinda and the other Vishkanyas sedate and kidnap her, with Surili taking her place as the bride. But their plan faces an obstacle when Viraj arrives to meet Sitaara. Will Viraj uncover Vrinda’s plans?

Episode 75

With Sitaara trapped in a confrontation with Albeli, Surili takes her place as Viraj’s bride in the marriage ceremony. With Vrinda making sure every step of the way that Surili’s identity doesn’t get revealed, it seems their sinister plan is about to become a success. Is this game over for Sitaara and the royal family?

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Episode 76

Assuming Surili and Viraj to have consummated their marriage, Vrinda is pleased to know that the end of Rajparivar is near. However, she gets the wind knocked out of her upon seeing Sitaara instead of Surili alongside Viraj. Is this the end of Vrinda’s mission?

Episode 77

Sitaara comes up with a plan to expose Vrinda in front of the family and asks her to take part in the ceremony. Vrinda tries to avoid it as much as possible but agrees when Raja Ratan Singh insists. How exactly is Sitaara planning to expose Vrinda?

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Episode 78

Vrinda begs Maa Devi to help her in thwarting Sitaara’s plan to expose Surili, threatening to end her life otherwise. Maa Devi stops her from sacrificing herself at the nick of time, sending hawks to disrupt the puja. How will Sitaara counter this new threat?

Episode 79

Following Raja Ratan Singh’s disappearance, the family makes desperate attempts to unearth his whereabouts. But little do they know that Vrinda is holding Ratan captive in the Vishkanyas’ lair and she has one sinister plan in mind which is to make him her life partner. Will she finally succeed in her plan?

Thursday 10 June 2021

Episode 80

After learning the truth about Vrinda and her sisters, Raja Ratan Singh forces them to leave his home and warns them against ever coming back. But little does he know that Vrinda is already hatching a new revenge plan which she intends on unleashing during the royal family’s Holi celebration. What is Vrinda up to this time?

Episode 81

After being thrown out of Raja Ratan Singh’s house, Vrinda and her sisters come back hungrier than ever for revenge. They manage to trap Ratan Singh and stab him to death. Who will they target next?

Friday 11 June 2021

Episode 82

Following Raja Ratan Singh’s death in the hands of Vrinda and her sisters, Sitaara is mistaken as the perpetrator. Before she could even defend herself, the police arrive at the Royal family’s residence to investigate the case. How will Sitaara prove her innocence?

Episode 83

Sitaara tries to tell everyone that Albeli is the real culprit and not her. But her efforts go in vain when a frustrated Rani Sa asks the inspector to arrest her. While Sitaara is imprisoned, her family lies unprotected and unknown from the venomous danger. Can Sitaara protect her family?

Monday 14 June 2021

Episode 84

Rani Sa is convinced that Sitaara killed Raja Ratan Singh and so tells Viraj that she will not live under the safe roof with her. Viraj, however, decides to leave his ancestral home and forsakes his family for Sitaara.

Episode 85

Sitaara is out on a mission to avenge Raja Ratan Singh’s death by killing his murderer, Chhabili. But Vrinda is plotting her own defence plan to protect her sister against Sitaara’s vengeful attack. Will Sitaara have her revenge?

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Episode 86

Despite Vrinda’s best defence plan, Sitaara overpowers her and soon confronts Chhabili. The confrontation comes to a swift end when Chhabili’s throat gets slit, and she eventually succumbs to this wound. Now a heartbroken Vrinda vows to avenge her sister’s death.

Episode 87

Viraj is shocked to see his uncle preparing for his own coronation at the time of mourning his father’s death. Adding to his shock, his mother reveals that Raja Ratan Singh has decided to include Vrinda as one of the nominees in his will.

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Episode 88

Sitaara’s world comes to a screeching halt when Rani Lakshmi approaches her with an unexpected request. Lakshmi advises her to consummate her marriage with Viraj and bear a child for the sake of the Royal family.

Episode 89

Viraj is left fuming and angry as his mother refuses to acknowledge Sitaara as his wife. He confronts Sitaara and questions her love for him and their marriage, leaving her in a tough spot. How will Sitaara handle the predicament?

Thursday 17 June 2021

Episode 90

Considering Sitaara’s stern objection to having any intimate relationship, Viraj is left stunned when she suddenly changes her mind. To add to his surprise, she even plans for a romantic night together.

Episode 91

Despite Sitaara’s desperate attempts to stop Vrinda from acquiring the throne, Vrinda gets coronated in a lavish ceremony. With her new found power, Vrinda advances to execute her long awaited Maha-Daav against Sitaara!

Friday 18 June 2021

Episode 92

Unaware of the fact that Vrinda’s poisonous candle is affecting Viraj, Sitaara fails to find a reason for Viraj’s falling health. Will Sitaara be able to connect the dots in time?

Episode 93

Although Vrinda turns Viraj into a Vishpurush, it’ll take nine days for the magic to completely turn him. Vrinda figures out that Sitaara can turn Viraj back to his human self if she learns the truth, and so she tries her best to keep her in the dark. Will Sitaara learn the truth about Viraj?

Monday 21 June 2021

Episode 94

Sitaara fails to find a way to cure Viraj after seeing him in the form of Vishpurush. But she challenges Vrinda of destroying her evil intentions and bring back Viraj to safety. With fewer odds in her favour, how will Sitaara gain the upper hand?

Episode 95

When Vrinda’s first plan to stop Sitaara’s ritual fails, she quickly comes up with another one. Knowing that Sitaara’s ritual involves complete abstinence from water, Vrinda hatches a plan that will make her severely dehydrated, thus compelling her to break her ritual. Will this plan work?

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Episode 96

After failing in her attempts to disrupt Sitaara’s ritual, Vrinda lays a deadlier trap for her. This time, Vrinda subdues Viraj and uses him as a pawn! What has she made Viraj do to Sitaara?

Episode 97

As if the situation with Viraj wasn’t troubling enough, Sitaara wakes up in the middle of the night to learn that Diya is missing from her crib. Who is responsible for Diya’s disappearance?

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Episode 98

After an intoxicated Albeli reveals Vrinda’s true identity to everyone, Rani Laxmi Devi is truly shocked. However, when she confronts the Vishkanyas, Rani Laxmi Devi is left perplexed when Vrinda exposes Sitaara’s identity to her too.

Episode 99

Sitaara is left horrified when she learns that Diya is a magical leech in human form that Vrinda used to turn Viraj into a Vishpurush. With this shocking truth in hand, what step will Sitaara undertake to fight Vrinda?

Thursday 24 June 2021

Episode 100

Knowing that Vrinda and her sisters own the Royal family’s property, Sitaara comes up with a plan. She captures Albeli and threatens to kill her in case Vrinda doesn’t return the property papers. Will Vrinda yield to Sitaara this time?

Episode 101

Vrinda and her sisters are threatened to hand over the property papers and forced to leave the Royal Mansion. But the turn of events ends up fueling the fire of revenge in Vrinda, and she seeks direct assistance and physical presence of Mahamata to complete her mission.

Friday 25 June 2021

Episode 102

Sitaara is overpowered by Mahamata and succumbs to her wounds while the latter drags Viraj away. Sitaara’s prayer for help is finally answered as Devi Maa appears and heals her wounds.

Episode 103

Sitaara is shocked when she realises that Vrinda and her sisters have taken Viraj hostage. Vrinda gives her an ultimatum- sacrifice her life or watch Viraj die! How will Sitaara escape her predicament?

Monday 28 June 2021

Episode 104

While Viraj laments Sitaara’s death, he is visited by a mysterious lady named Hariyali. Impressed by their love and sacrifice, she offers to revive Sitaara if Viraj agrees to her conditions.

Episode 105

With Sitaara out of the picture, Vrinda and the others prepare to attack the palace and kill Viraj. However, Hariyali learns of the impending attack and uses her power to defend and shield the palace.

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Episode 106

Viraj finds some hope in Hariyali, who promises him that she will revive Sitaara and bring her back from the dead, but there is more to the mysterious Hariyali than meets the eye. What is Hariyali up to and what is her sinister past?

Episode 107

The Vishkanyas are concerned about the secret chamber and the content of it. To unearth the secret, the Vishkanyas try to break in only to be thwarted by Hariyali who invokes her formidable magical powers to defeat them.

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Episode 108

Hariyali’s treatment bears fruit as Sitaara regains consciousness. Delighted by Sitaara’s revival, Viraj confesses his love to her. However, Viraj and Sitaara’s closeness makes Hariyali jealous.

Episode 109

Seeing their plans failing one after the other, the frustrated Vishkanyas decide to kill Hariyali to stop her from curing Sitaara. To ensure they succeed, the Vishkanyas go one on one with Hariyali and what ensues is a fierce battle.

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