Love oh Love Teasers August-September 2017


Love oh Love Teasers August-September 2017

Love oh Love Teasers August-September 2017

August Weekly/Monthly Teasers:

Monday 14 August 2017


The series with pooja ordering the maids in the house to prepare according to the Shastri ji instruction. The priest wants a bride for Pooja son Akshat. The family are happy Akshat can now marry.

Tuesday 15 August 2017


Radh Krishna was visited by Raj, He fall in love with her beauty, He picks up Avni anklets and keeps it while Akshat is unhappy about her marriage.

Wednesday 16 August 2017


Bhavna wants to go to a concert. While Aksht hangs Arpita Photo on the wall with many other photos, while Avni and Bhavna picks Arpita as the bride of Akshat

Thursday 17 August 2017


Akshat goes to bua house to talk about Arpita. Raj dreams of Avni while she shows her father the photo of Aprita. Akshat’s mother try to wed Akshat and Aprita

Friday 18 August 2017


Arpita calls Akshat after she sees his Horoscope. Akshat tell her that their marriage is intact. Raj joins a contest Dal Bati and asks Avni for help.

Monday 21 August 2017


Bhavna hears her father has been involved in a crime. Akshat is now bothered that Akshat will cancel the marriage. Avni Helps Devika and Raj to win the contest.

Tuesday 22 August 2017


Jamai sa was asked by Bauji if he objects to the marriage, he says no while Avni start to develop feeling for Raj. The family host a festival and Bauji brings everyone in both Arpita.

Wednesday 23 August 2017


Arpita was told to choose between a black or white stone, if she chooses white she will be married but with black she would not get married, finally she choose white.

Thursday 24 August 2017


Dadasa gave her two white stones to make sure she gets married, so as to fix her marriage

Friday 25 August 2017


Arvi is happy Arpita marriage is fixed, but upset with the problems of Raj.Arvi told her firend she can not go to the concert as her mother never invited her. Jiju is happy Raj setup the party. Arvi finally goes to the party only to find Raj on stage performing.

Monday 28 August 2017


Raj and Avni are playing and singing Devika main song. Avni and Devika go up to the green room where rock stars produce music.

Tuesday 29 August 2017


Buah trys to show Bhavna that Arpita is with another man.. Raj looks back at memories of Avni.

Wednesday 30 August 2017


Jiju has an issue with Raj and asks him to respect women feelings. Meanwhile Sawri was talking to Bhawna

Thursday 31 August 2017


Abhas was giving pictures to Avni who was excited, Akshat visits Arpita home to talk to her.