Love By Chance Tuesday Update 29 November 2022


Love By Chance Tuesday Update 29 November 2022

Gungun says a person raises in love, hand gets raised when there is hatred in a heart, you have hatred in your heart. Golu asks how dare you slap Gungun. Charu says Gungun deserves this, she should learn a lesson and understand that it’s a sin to snatch someone’s husband, Anu will not understand, so I m explaining Gungun. He says if you meet Anu then I will leave food and water, I know you won’t care for this, but maybe Anu will care, maybe he respects me a bit, go away from here.

Golu says they gave you this reward for saving Anu. Gungun says don’t worry, I will go. She argues with Charu. He stops Golu and says don’t go after her. Gungun says let it be, don’t upset your family for my sake, I will see, I m going from here, but I won’t leave this city until Anu gets fine. Akriti says do anything but don’t come here to meet him, I will get your entry banned here. Gungun says if you focussed on your marriage, then Anu would have not gone away from you, try to become a good wife and if possible, a good person also. She leaves.

She sees the auto driver and asks didn’t you go. He says I couldn’t go leaving you alone here, how is Anu. She says he got conscious, I did what a wife should do. He says even Akriti was claiming to be his wife. She says I have to stay in some hotel, I don’t know anyone here. He says if your real brother was in this city, would you stay in the hotel, how can I let you stay there, I live in chawl, my mum will take care of you, if you trust me, then come along, it can be dangerous for you to stay in hotel, terrorists can attack you. Gungun says I will stay because my brother told me. He says you can tell me if you don’t like the house, did you have anything. She says no. He asks will you have panipuri. She agrees.

They go and have panipuris. He pays for the panipuris. She jokes. He laughs. She asks his name. He says my name is Prakash. She says you really got light in my life. He takes her to the chawl. The lady says I knew it, Prakash will cheat. Aarti scolds Gungun. Prakash says she is our guest. His mum asks who is she. Gungun asks who are you. Aarti gets angry.

His mum asks why did you get this girl here. The lady says you cheated Aarti. Aarti says I m Prakash’s would be Mrs, forget everything and go away. She gets sad. Gungun laughs. Aarti goes to slap her. Prakash stops her. He says she is not your Sautan, not your Nanand, she is my sister, apologize to her, you saw Anubhav’s news, she is Anu’s wife, I met her in the morning, she is so good that I made her my sister, Anu is in the hospital, she will stay in Mumbai, so I got her here, we are her family. Aarti says sorry. Prakash says don’t talk to her in loud tone. He asks his mum to make something for Gungun. Gungun likes the house. Akriti and everyone go to some good hotel. Akriti likes the hotel room. Golu says you ask us to save money, but you didn’t tell this to Akriti. Charu says I didn’t wish to break her heart. Ranvijay’s dad calls the Inspector and scolds him. He says release my son else…. Inspector threatens him back and ends the call.

Gungun dances with the ladies in the chawl. Prakash asks how are you feeling here. Gungun says amazing, I got a brother, and now a mum and Bhabhi, you both marry soon, don’t forget to invite me in the marriage. He says sure. She imagines Anu and dances with him. Anu calls her and says I was missing you. She says I was also seeing you, I mean thinking about you. He asks where are you, I wanted to meet you. She says sorry, I can’t come right now, its too late. He asks where are you. She says at my relatives’ place. He says I didn’t know about them. She says you don’t know me well, I will come tomorrow, I love you. He says love you too. Anu asks the nurse did Gungun come. Nurse says no, your wife came to see you. He says tell her that I m sleeping, don’t send anyone to meet me without asking me. Gungun asks the lady to hurry up. Prakash’s mum says Anu will get fine after having this khichdi. Gungun gets Anu’s call. He says you were going to come in the morning. Gungun says aunty ji isn’t sending me empty hand, I m bringing desi ghee khichdi. Anu says its imp for me to meet you, if you don’t come, then I will go from here. She says hospital staff won’t let you go without paying the bill, I m coming.

Prakash saying my relative works in that hospital, she can help you. Gungun says Akriti and Charu are against me. He says you can take a nurse’s disguise and meet Anu, no one can stop you. The lady says Prakash told me everything about you, I have prayed that you get Anu. Prakash asks Gungun to live her life as she wants. The lady asks her to take the tiffin to Anu. Nurse says someone came to meet you. Anu asks Gungun. She says no, some healthy looking man and two guys. Anu says call them. Golu, Ankit and Yug come. Golu says Gungun is getting a bravery award, its good news. Anu says Gungun should have been here. Yug says you will get discharged tomorrow, you can go home with us. Anu asks where is Gungun. Golu says she is at her relative’s place, else we would have kept her in the hotel. Yug says your name is linked to Akriti. Anu says I regret this. Golu says Charu and Akriti won’t permit Gungun to come. Anu asks how shall I solve this problem. Yug says we will talk about this later. Ankit says yes, focus on your health. Prakash takes Gungun to the hospital. She talks of Anu on the way. Nurse says Anu asked me not to let anyone in without asking him. Charu says Akriti is his wife. Nurse says I know, I have to take permission from Anu. Charu says I don’t need permission to meet my son. They get in. Golu says we got some news for Anu. Akriti says it will be about Gungun, right. He says yes. She says we will ban her entry here. Anu says just I will decide that. She says I will decide who will meet my husband. He asks who gave you this right. Charu says I did it, I can still see right and wrong, that girl can never meet you. Anu says you think you can stop me. Charu scolds him.

Nurse asks them to wait outside, she has to give medicines. Anu refuses to take medicines. She says you may have an infection if you skip the medicines. Anu says let it be. Golu tries to explain. Anu says no one should explain me, else I will go away somewhere, you all can never find me. Charu says Anu has gone mad. Golu says he isn’t listening to us, give him what he wants, at least until he gets fine. Charu asks what. Golu says make him meet Gungun. Akriti says no, he is blackmailing us to meet Gungun. Golu says we have no way. Yug asks is Anu’s health or your adamancy. She says he is being stubborn, I won’t give up in front of his emotional blackmailing. Charu says yes, he will get stubborn again and again, feed him medicines some way, its enough, he has to come on the right path, he can’t meet Gungun, matter ends. Charu meets the hospital manager. Akriti says stop Gungun’s entry in the hospital. The man says sorry, this isn’t any hotel, I can’t stop anyone’s entry in the hospital. Charu says that girl is breaking my son’s marriage, please stop her. The man says we can convert ICU to private room, only those who have the authority can enter the room. They thank him. Manager asks the nurse to convert the ICU to private room. Gungun comes in the nurse’s disguise. Anu says I won’t take the medicines until Gungun comes. She removes the mask and says I have already come. He smiles and gets up. She asks him to control his emotions. He says I will get fine when you have come. She says have the medicines, I got khichdi for you, eat that and then eat the medicines.

She feeds him the medicines. Akriti comes there and looks on. She says nurse, why are you feeding the food to him. Gungun says he wasn’t eating the food on his own, that’s why. Akriti gets shocked seeing Gungun. She asks how dare you. Charu and everyone come in, and see Gungun in nurse’s disguise. Akriti says she came in nurse’s dress so that we don’t identify her. Gungun says I didn’t think your adamancy is imp to you than your son. Akriti slaps Gungun. Anu gets shocked. Charu stops Golu. Anu asks how dare you slap Gungun. Akriti says like she dared to meet you secretly. He says I called her here. Akriti says I asked her not to come, see what I do now. Anu shouts and feels unwell. He coughs. Gungun asks him to calm down. Akriti says enough of your emotional blackmailing, I will teach her a lesson. Gungun asks Anu to have water. Akriti shouts security. Doctor comes and asks what happened. Akriti says Gungun is a fraud, she came to meet my husband. Charu says make her out. Akriti says we have to teach her a lesson, take action against this girl and those who helped her, get her punished. Golu says no need to call the police. Charu says its needed, she did wrong, she must get punished.