Lost in Love Wednesday Update 8th June 2022


Lost in Love Wednesday Update 8th June 2022

Saloni is busy reading book when Omkar gets romantic with her and holds her. She shyingly asks him to leave her as someone will see them. He says let them see, can’t he romance his wife on valentine’s day and bring her a gift. He wraps flower gajra around her hair. She says she knew he would bring gajra for her today. He hugs her and she shyingly reciprocates. Karishma seeing that tells Mohit that his father is so romantic even in this age, but he is so unromantic. Ashwini walks in and seeing them coughs. He get alert and nervously blabber. Karishma tells them that Mohit is going for job interview. Ashwini says she prepared sooji halwa for him as he desired to have it. Mohit happily nods yes. Bhavani hearing that yells that he didn’t even get a job yet and wants to have halwa. Ninad yells he didn’t even earn a penny yet but wants to waste money, yells also on Ashwini.

Ashwini asks what is wrong if Mohit has halwa, his interview will go well. Omkar yells to spoil her son but not her. Drama continues. Bhavani reminds Mohit that he has 7 days to prove himself. Mohit says he remembers it and is going for interview, he will get a good job and will prove that he is also a good son. Bhavani yells that house runs on money and not talks, she will agree if he gets a job and stays on it for 2 years. Pakhi says she trusts Mohit and he will get a proper job for sure. Mohit agrees and leaves for interview.

Sai reaches her college. Aniket asks her to join them in valentine’s day celebration. Virat with his team passes by. Aniket says he is the same IPS officer who came the other day. Sai angrily says she told Virat sir not to come to her college. Virat meets dean Dr. Mayak and asks to call the boy. Sai walks in and asks Virat why did he come to her college even after her warning. Aniket and other students follow her. Dr. Nayak asks if she knows ACP Virat. Sai says she stays in his house. He asks if she stays with her husband and in-laws. She says yes, Virat is her MIL’s son. Dean asks if ACP Virat is her husband. Virat smiles ands signals her to reply now. Sai says yes, Virat is her husband. Aniket tells friends that Sai never told that she is such a big officer’s wife. Dean says he brought Virat here as a boy was troubling a girl; he says students celebrate valentine’s day and enjoy, but a student Ranjeeet is troubling fellow student Utkarsha and forcing her to be accept his proposal and be his valentinue even after her repeated denial. Utkarsha enters and repating same says he is threatening to suicide if she doesn’t accept his proposal.

Students bring Ranjeet. Virat asks why he is threatening Utkarsha. Ranjeet says Utkarsha is lying. Virat asks Utkarsha to tell that she doesn’t love him and not to trouble her. Utkarsha says same. Virat forcefully sends Ranjeet with constables on terrace and orders him to jump. Ranjeet pleads that he did a mistake. Virat asks to fulfill his promise. Ranjeet cries to forgive him. Virat orders him to come down and warns to dare not trouble or force any girl. Dean suspends him for college for 7 days. Virat then describes that love is an unique feeling which they share with their partner and it cannot be forced, the feeling is for life and not short term, its a valentine day each day if a couple love and sacrifice for each other, etc. Students praise him. Dean tells Sai that she is lucky to have such a good husband.

Virat walks out of college with Sai and asks if she still thinks that he came to her college to spy on her. She says whatever he says, he is khadoos jasoos for her, but she knows he came here today to fulfill his duty; she can punish him tough if he wants; praises him for handling the issue so smoothly, but asks why didn’t he arrest Ranjeet. Virat says its easy to arrest, but he feels one needs another chance to change, etc. Students walk to them. Virat gets a call and goes aside. Aniket praises Sai that she gives orders to a person who gives orders to officers. She shies. Virat returns. Aniket insists Virat to give flowers to Sai and propose her. Virat denies. He insists repeating his words and asks to give flower just like any husband would give flower to his wife. Virat walks towards Sai with flower bouquet. Sai says he doesn’t have to do that as they don’t love each other. Virat says love can be between 2 friends, a couple and 2 people who care for each other. He gives her flowers while everyone clap. They then walk towards jeep. Sai ask him to bring a rose home as Pakhi must be expecting rose from him. He gets into his jeep without replying anything.

Saloni tells Ashwini that they should prepare something special today as Omkar wished for it. Bhavani says she knows its valentine’s day and she needs to celebrate. Saloni shies. Bhavani asks if Omkar gave her flower gajra. Karishma says he not gave her but also fixed it in her hair. Saloni shies more. Bhavani says they can prepare their favorite food today. Saloni thanks her. Sai reaches home and smiles looking at Virat’s gifted flowers. She fixes them in vase and then hearing messages on mobile checks it and finds college group sending her and Virat’s pics. Ashwini walks in and asks what is she looking at and smiling. Sai says nothing and asks when did she come. Ashwini says when she was smiling looking at her mobile, then sees flowers and asks if someone special gifted her in college. She says there is no one special in her college and Virat gifted it. Ashwini says it can’t be. Sai shows her pics. Ashwini asks if Virat came to her college. Sai describes whole incident and says she is very proud of Virat. Ashwini says they are coming closer and she is happy to hear that, asks to send their pics to her mobile. Sai agrees. Ashwini says she came to insist her to accompany Virat and Pakhi to Ladakh as she is Virat’s wife and Pakhi only a friend.

Ashwini then goes to kitchen looking at pics and while cooking burns her hand. Pakhi rushes to help her and gets jealous looking at Virat and Sai’s pic, she tells Ashwini that she herself told to concentrate on work. Ashwini says even she was concentrating on her work and not peeping at someone’s phone, listening to someone’s husband’s conversation or eyeing on someone’s husband. Pakhi asks why she taunts her always, she herself told that Virat and Sai’s relationship is getting strong and why she is repeating it. Ashwini says she said right and suggests her to keep her away from Virat and Sai and pray god that her husband safely returns home soon. Pakhi stands fuming.

At night, Sai and Pakhi keep food on dining table when Virat enters with flowers and chocs. Bhavani enters with others and asks why did he bring flowers and chocs. Karishma says its valentine’s day today. Virat says he doesn’t believe in valentine’s day and its for the people who love and care for him. He first gifts flower and chocs to Bhavani. Bhavani blesses him to keep Chavan family’s name high. He then gifts flower and chocs to Ashwini. Ashwini says she knows he gifted flowers to Sai first. He then gifts other family members. Pakhi walks away feeling jealous. Virat walks behind her and says its for him. He says she knows that he gifted flowers to his wife first and is doing this to cover up.

Virat says Sai’s college friends insisted him. Sai says he is giving lame excuses. He says he is not giving excuses. She says sorry he even forgets. He asks what did he forget. She says he forgot her and is telling her that he doesn’t forget anything. Sai walks in. Pakhi asks him to give even these flowers to his wife. He asks her if Sai told her that he gave flowers to Sai in school. She says no and it doesn’t matter. He says he is giving flowers to her as she is his friend and part of famiy, so when he can bring flowers for whole family, why wouldn’t he bring it to her. He offers flower again and then chocs. She accepts them and walks away thanking him. He then offers flower to Sai. Sai says he at last gave rose to Pakhi. He says he gave it to all family members. She says he gave her flowers twice. He gives her chocs and says he got a big choc also. She excitedly asks if its for her. He says its for Devi tai and goes to give it to her.

Pakhi enters dining area and gets sad seeing family praising Virat that he takes care of whole family so well. She walks to her room. Bhavani walks to her and says this family has blindfolded themselves with others’ happiness and forgot Pakhi’s sorrows. Pakhi says there is nothing like that. Bhavani hopes Virat should have realized that his bhabhi would be in distress and not celebrated Valentine’s day. Saloni backs her and says Virat shouldn’t have do this forgetting that his brother is missing and bhabhi is sad. Ashwini says they can’t halt their life for one son, they should be happy that their other son is happy and sharing happiness with them. Pakhi says she is not crying because of Samrat. Karishma says she is crying because of Virat, she means Virat is her friend and should have realized her pain.

Virat enters Devi’s room. Devi asks if Viru came to meet her. Virats says he forgot, then says he remembered that he came to meet his cute Devi tai and brought her a gift. She insists to show it. He shows choc. She excitedly says such a big choc. Sai enters and gifts her choc. Devi happily dances saying big chocs and lovely flowers. Virat asks her to maintain silence or else family will create drama. Devi tells Virat that his wife is very good and loves her, she even chats with her. Sai says yes. Virat gets a call and goes aside. Sai says she will fix rose in her hair and does so when Devi remembers her husband doing same and says she doesn’t want it as her husband also used to fix flowers in her hair. Sai asks her husband’s name. Devi gets aggressive and says she doesn’t want to. Sai asks her to calm down and sees D and P written on paper, thinks if Devi’s husband’s name starts with P.