Lost In Love Wednesday Update 5 October 2022


Lost In Love Wednesday Update 5 October 2022

Pakhi gets jealous seeing Virat and Sai cuddling each other. she comments love is in the air, its not Virat’s room, so Sai will not get angry on her. Sai says why would she. Pakhi says Sai can vent out her anger on anyone. Virat asks her not to interfere when she is not asked to. She says she is not, but can see their love for each other. Sai says it must be right if she is saying as she is elder to her and knows when a friend comforts another friend in pain. Pakhi says its something else in lieu of friendship. Virat says whatever it is is only between him and Sai and its none of Pakhi’s business. Pakhi says it looks more than a friendship, what do they want. Virat thinks she is right. Sai thinks if Virat is more than her, she cannot lose Virat’s friendship. Virat holds her hand and walks away. Sai asks him to rest now as they need to celebrate aayi baba’s anniversary or else he will complain that he woke up late. He thanks her for supporting him. Pakhi gets more jealous seeing that.

Ashwini asks Ninad how did he accept to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Ninad says he had to for son’s sake. She says they will celebrate their anniversary after many years, maybe there would be a new phase in their old story. He says there is no story between them at all and she should forget it after tomorrow. She thinks her hope died hearing him again.

Next day, Sai with Virat, Shivani, Samrat, and Mohit organizes anniversary and jokes with Virat. Bhavani walks to them and asks Sai what is she making them note down. She asks them to say good morning to teacher. They all greet her. She says they are organizing today’s anniversary. Ashwini with Ninad walks in and says she is preparing poha for breakfast. Sai asks her to rest today as its her big day. All youngsters in chorus wish happy wedding anniversary to Ashwini and Ninad. Bhavani asks Ninad if he is expecting her to wish him happy wedding anniversary, then he is right and wishes him and Ashwini happy wedding anniversary. Sai thanks Ninad for marrying Ashwini as she got modak/Virat because of them and got such a good family via him. Ashwini says let her go and cook. Sai stops her and says let her cook today. Pakhi spills her venom, which Sai ignores. Sai asks Ashwini and Ninad to get ready in their best dresses for anniversary as 2 specials guests are coming. Bhavani says Sunny and Devi must be coming. Sai says someone special is coming and its a surprise for them.

She then requests Omkar to come home soon tonight. He says he is not interested and neither Sonali and Karishma are and continues.. Sai says if they don’t attend anniversary, Chavan family’s name will be spoilt. Bhavani orders Omkar to attend celebration. He agrees. Sai and Virat gift a beautiful sari to Ashwini. Sonali comments an old horse will never look good if its decorated. Sai says a diamond in silver ring is not valued and hence they should fix it in gold ring to know its value, similarly aayi is a diamond and will glow today. She asks Pakhi to get Ashwini ready today. Pakhi stands shocked and agrees on Virat’s insistence. Samrat asks everyone not to visit living room as he, Mohit, and Shivani will decorate it for anniversary celebration. Virat thanks him for his support. Samrat says its his maama maami’s wedding anniversary. Sai sees Ashwini sad and says she cannot see her mother sad. Ashwini says if they think her and Ninad’s relationship will change and Ninad’s behavior towards her will change, they are wrong and hence she doesn’t want to get ready. Sai says Ninad agreed for son’s sake and even she should. She agrees.

Devyani asks Mohit what’s happening behind curtain, he says monster. Pakhi comes, Devyani tells him that today she has done the decorations work. Virat welcomes Ninad infront of everyone. Everyone praises Ninad and ask for Ashwini. Sai and Virat gives a little introduction for Ashwini and then they welcomes her. Everyone praises her that she is looking beautiful. Sai notices that Ninad not even sees at Ashiwini. When Ashwini comes to meet Sonali and Bhawani they taunted her and said that it’s looking as if today she is her wedding. Bhawani says that she never thought she will do this much makeup. From behind a voice came, saying that her sister will definitely get ready for her marriage anniversary. It’s Ashwini’s sister and family members. Ninad, Bhawani and Sonali gets shocked to see her while Ashiwini is very happy her family came for her anniversary. Sonali says to Bhawani that why she invited them to the party. Bhawani says she didn’t, then Ashwini’s sister says that Mohit called them for the invitation and they came. Sonali and Omkar were shocked. Karishma says that definately he had done in his favourite Aaye’s request.

Virat and Sai leaves from there, Ninad ask where they have went leaving us alone. Pakhi thinks that something is going on between Sai and Virat. Sai and Virat then performs the dance and poses same pose as their parents. Swapna says to Ashiwini that same thing happened in Ashwini’s honemoon. Ashwini is very happy as they performed same as her honeymoon. Virat bought Ashwini and Ninad on stage to dance, but Ninad loses his control and didn’t want to dance with Ashwini. Ninad insults Ashiwini, Sai tries to explain him that she is his wife but he didn’t care. Swapna gets up and taunts Bhawani and also scolds Ninad for his behaviour with her sister. She says that she can see how they treat her sister in this house.

Swapna takes stand for Ashwini and blames Bhawani that Ninad always hears her and not her sisters. Bhawani says that who invited them Virat saysbnot to blame anyone he has invited them and not Sai and Ashwini. Sonali taunts Ashwini that how they know she is not treated well here, definitely she must be going and complaining to her sister. Sai takes stand for Ashwini, Pakhi says that now everyone knows how good is Sai even the outsiders know this.

Ninad says that he never felt anything for Ashwini but he never imagined living without her. Swapna says that she will take Ashwini with her, Sai says to Ninad to stop Ashwini from going. Bhawani says that she wants that Ninad falls on her foot. Virat says atleast he can open a box, Ninad ask what box. Virat then bought a gift box for Ninad, Ninad opens the box and tells them that it’s his first posting after his wedding so he has written letters for Ashiwini. He reads the letters for everyone. Ashwini too reads the letter replies infront of everyone. Ninad then says that where there love has lost in these years. He says that Ashwini was always busy in kitchen and other responsibilities while he was going away from her. Ninad then realises his mistake and ask apology from Ashwini. Everyone is happy to see them together