Lost in Love Wednesday Update 29th June 2022


Lost in Love Wednesday Update 29th June 2022

Bhavani peeps into Sai’s room and searches her. She doesn’t find her there and searches her phone. She doesn’t even find her phone and fears that she may have seen videos and showed it to Ashwini, she should stop her somehow. Sai sees videos deleted automatically and reminiscing Bhavani and her puppets’ talk realizes that they have planned Pulkit’s kidnap. She reminisces the remaining incidents in detail and them even fooling Ashwini and realizes kidnapper forced Pulkit to send voice message; she trusted family elders so much, but they betrayed her and are ready to ruin a person’s life to satisfy their ego. Bhavani returns home murmuring where Sai must have gone and is shocked to see Sai in her room. She asks what is she doing in her room.

Ninad also enters. Sai says she found out Pulkit’s truth. Bhavani nervously asks what does she mean. Sai says she got Pulkit’s message. Ninad asks her to be specific. She walks to them and says she wants to say that she understood that Pulkit sir is a liar and traitor and used her for his benefit. Bhavani and Ninad relax hearing that. Bhavani asks how did she find out. Sai says when she was speaking to aayi over phone, she got Pulkit’s voice message just the in which he himself told that he is going away and she shouldn’t go to police or else he will be in trouble, she realized that Pulkit is spying on her or else how would he know that she is outside police station; she trusted him so much, but she was just a pawn for him and he wanted to take revenge from them via her. Ninad says now she realized that he and Omkar were right that Pulkit is a traitor who is fooling her to take revenge from them.

Omkar enters excitedly telling them that he found Sai’s phone. They signal at Sai. He gets nervous seeing her there. He says he found Sai’s phone on terrace and came to return it to her. Sai thanks him and says she was shocked after finding out Pulkit’s truth and went to terrace thinking what to tell them, she left her phone there. He says good she left it on terrace and not outside home. She asks if she got any call or message and checking Pulkit’s message acts that she doesn’t know what that man wants from her, he sent her many messages and even deleted them. Omkar says traitors fear a lot and deleted messages thinking she will show them to family. Sai says he is right, she is a fool to bring Pulkit home without knowing his truth. Ashwini, Saloni, and Karishma join. Sai apologizes Bhavani, Ninad and Omkar to forgive her for not trusting him and says she will not even think or take traitor Pulkit’s name; she realized she made a mistake and will not repeat it, so they shouldn’t stop her from meeting Devi and help her rent for her mistake by taking care of Devi. Ashwini says Sai realized her mistake and they all know how much she loves Devi, so Bhavani should permit her to meet Devi. Sonali says she is surprised to see a girl apologizing who is already ready to fight.

Sai walks to Bhavani and holding her feet says Bhavani elder of the house and she is younger, elders forgive youngster’s mistakes; she will prove that she just wants family’s happiness and nothing else. Bhavani smirks at her puppets. Sonali says Sai is late but realized her mistake at last. Karishma thinks if Pakhi was present here, she would have been very happy. Ashwini thinks good Sai realized her mistake before Virat returns home. SAi asks Bhavani if she will punish Pulkit. Bhavani says yes and says she is very kind hearted to forgive her, but she should promise not to talk about Pulkit and Devi’s wedding again. Sai holds her hand and promises her. Puppets get happy seeing that. Sai thinks once she frees Pulkit from Bhavani’s grip, she will perform Pulkit and Devi’s wedding and will not let Bhavani know about it.

Sai calls Madhuri and informs her that Pulkit is kidnapped and she has assured the kidnappers that she is on their side to divert their attention away from her; they will attack the enemy when he/she is relaxed. Madhuri asks how will they free Pulkit from kidnappers now, should they file police complaint. Sai says they both will find Pulkit and free him without police’s help. On the other side, Omkar tells Ninad and Bhavani that now that Sai is on her side, what will they do with Pulkit. Bhavani says they will free him after sometime. Omkar asks what if Pulkit informs truth to Sai. Ninad says they will prove him wrong and Sai will not trust him. Bhavani says thinks if Sai saw Pulkit’s messages as she feels something is going in Sai’s mind. They say Sai apologized and touched her feet. She says even tigress goes 2 steps back before attacking its prey and reminds Sai creating issue when they asked her to touch elders’ feet during wedding reception. Omkar it was then and now Sai has changed, she will not dare to confront her. Ninad says she should relax as Sai will not think of supporting Pulkit. They ask her to rest now and walk away.

Pulkit thinks Dadu snatched his phone and deleted all messages, gets worried for Harini and Madhuri, and hopes Sai must have seen his video. Sai takes Madhuri home and asks her to relax as no one has seen her except Virat, she should act as her college friend Neha who came to take notes from her. Madhuri agrees and asks if she is sure that they will find out about Pulkit with this. Sai says she is sure as culprit will fear about his secret being out and will make mistake. She gives Usha’s phone and asks to come from other side.

Bhavani thinks she will go to temple bare footed tomorrow and hopes Sai is not playing a game with her. A stone with a letter falls in front of her breaking the window class. She reads that Dadu needs 1 crores to keep Pulkit hostaged or else he will reveal that Chavan family is behind Pulkit’s kidnap. Ashwini brings milk for Ninad. Ninad gets Bhavani’s call and leaves. Ashwini thinks why did Bhavani call Ninad at this time. Madhuri climbs stairs and keeps Usha’s phone outside Bhavani’s room window. Sai switches on blue tooth to listen to Bhavani and her puppets’ conversation. Omkar and Ninad enter and seeing broken window asks what happened. Bhavani informs that Dadu has demanded 1 crores to keep Pulkit hostaged and hide their secret. They say Dadu cannot do that as they had made a deal for 5 lakhs only. She shows evidence and says Dadu wants to reap all benefit at once. Ninad says they just wanted to frighten Pulkit. Sai feels sad hearing their conversation. Virat calls her just then. She feels she should not inform Virat about it and put him into tension, so she doesn’t pick call and continues listening to Bhavani’s conversation. Bhavani asks Ninad and Omkar to meet Dadu and repay his remaining 2.5 lakhs as they cannot pay him 1 crore.

Virat then calls Ashwini. Ashwini gets happy seeing him and then scolds him for looking so lean and weak. He asks her to relax. She asks how is his training going. He says he cannot sleep or eat properly. She says once he returns, she will feed him well and get him back to normal. He says he would be happy having a dry roti from her. She asks if he spoke to Sai. He says he called her, but she didn’t pick call. She thinks Sai is very tensed and says she will take phone to her. She walks to Sai’s room Sai hides her stuff. Ashwini says she looks tensed, she already apologized Bhavani for her mistake and should forget what happened. She then informs that Virat had called and wants to talk to her, asks not to tell him anything as he is having vigorous training already. She video calls Virat and gives phone to Sai. Sai gets emotional seeing him. He asks why is she crying. She says something went into her eyes. He says he feels his memories are in her eyes. She says he blabbers a lot. He says he had called her, but she must be busy in lecture and didn’t pick his call. Madhuri calls her, and she gets tensed.

Sai thanks Virat for showing her way and climbs tree. Ashwini prays god to protect Sai. Ninad calls Bhavani and informs that Dadu didn’t send message and didn’t demand 1 crore. Bhavai says that means Sai sent them that message and planned to follow them. Omkar says they didn’t see Sai following them. Bhavani says they didn’t see a lot more, Sai saw messages and purposefully left phone on terrace to fool them. Ninad asks what will they do now. Bhavani says she will do whatever she has to now and they will not do anything.

Sai notices car movement in jungle and thinks she should follow Ninad and Omkar’s car route as kidnappers must have kept Puilkt there. She reaches the spot and doesn’t find Pulkit there, thinks already did something to Pulkit, and angrily thinks of confronting Bhavani directly. She calls Bhavani who yells at her for going out of house at night; she asks where is Pulkit. Bhavani says how will she know, she should return home as Virat is returning home and if he doesn’t find her at home, how will he react; she is not that cruel to let Virat kick her out of house. Sai asks not to worry about her and worry about what will happen next. Bhavani prases herself that she cannot understand herself, then how will Sai understand her. Madhuri calls Sai and asks if she found any clue. Sai says she reached the spot where Pulkit is kept hostaged. Madhuri asks if she found Pulkit here. Sai says no. Door bell rings, Madhuri opens door and is shocked to find Pulkit lying near door tied. She frees him and wakes him up and informs Sai that Pulkit returned home. Pulkit speaks and asks not to worry as he returned home safely. She says she is happy to know he returned home safely, asks him to rest, and thinks how did he return home safely.

Ninad and Omkar return to Bhavani. Bhavani informs that she left Pulkit. Omkar says they didn’t even frighten Pulkit much. Bhavani says their goal is reached, now Pulkit will dare not even think of Devi. Omkar says but.. Bhavani says if Sai had seen Pulkit tied, she would have found evidence against them and they would have been caught. Ninad asks if she is sure Sai went to jungle. Bhavani says Sai called her and clearly asked where is Pulkit. Omkar asks what if Sai finds out evidence. Bhavani says without proof, Sai cannot prove anything. Sai meets Pulkit and says she will inform Virat what his family did to Pulkit while he was in training camp. Pulkit says he sent her those messages. She asks kidnapper sent them. Bhavani says Sai doesn’t have message proof as Dadu deleted them.

Omkar asks what if Pulkit tells truth. Bhavani says he doesn’t have any proof. Pulkit tells Sai that she cannot prove anything without proof. Sai says she doesn’t have to prove anything as Virat will find proof and send them to jail. Pulkit says Virat did so much to her, if she wants to separate Virat from his family. Sai says Virat has right to know what his family did. Pulkit says Virat will not respect his elders after knowing truth and his life will change. Bhavani says Virat will never trust Pulkit as Pulkit has just seen Dadu and not them, so he doesn’t have any proof against them.

Pulkit tells Sai that he doesn’t want to send the people to jail who did him favor, Kaka saheb brought an orphan home and educated him, Bhavani Kaku didn’t utter anything and supported him; he is just sad that Bhavani kept his wife in pain. Sais says even he suffered by getting kidnapped and being tortured. Pulkit says Bhavani’s intention was just to keep Devi away from him, kidnapper had already told that Bhavani didn’t intent to kill him, Bhavani rescued him and spoke to him. Bhavani says by now Sai would have found out that Pulkit is freed and must have gone to meet him. Omkar asks what if Sai tells truth to Virat. Bhavani says Virat will not believe without proof and considers Pulkit a liar. Puilkit asks Sai to promise him not to inform Virat about all this. Sai asks how will he reunite with Devi then. He says only she can and he is confident on her; he wants her to bring Devi back as he wants his wife and daughter’s mother back, he wants to marry Devi again and complete his family. Sai promises him that she will not inform anyone about it, not even Virat, and promises to reunite him and Devi.

Next morning, Ashwini still waiting for Sai thinks where is this girl and why didn’t she return home yet. Door bell rings. She thinks Sai came and worried for her opens door. She is shocked to see Virat who smiles and touches her feet.