Lost In Love Wednesday Update 25 October 2023


Lost In Love Wednesday Update 25 October 2023

Virat asks inspector Kadam if he got any update from control room. Kadam says not yet, but he sent Pakhi’s missing information to bureau. Virat asks him to keep him updated as its important that Pakhi returns home by evening. He then sits on stool tensed. Sai walks to him and says Pakhi will return for sure by evening. Virat blames her for this situation and asks her not to give him false hopes; he asks why she repeatedly returns in his life when she is already gone. Sai says she is worried and gave Pakhi’s missing advertisement. Virat says she is only worried about herself; once Pakhi returns home and handles Vinu, he will never see her face again.

Satya helps Savi make a greeting card for Vinu. Savi teaches him how to apply glitter around a photo and asks how did he become a doctor. Satya jokingly says via cheating. Sai says she knows he can’t cheat. Vinu calls Savi and invitves even Satya for his birthday party. Savi says she will bring both her aayi and Sattu uncle to his party. Sai returns home. Savi shows her greeting card made for Vinu. Sai says its good. Savi asks them to get ready for the party soon and walks to her room to get ready. Satya informs Sai that Vinu invited even him for the party and says she need not worry as he knows what she is thinking, he doesn’t want Bhavani and Virat to create any drama seeing him. Amba walks in and asks him to attend the party with Sai and insists Sai to take her husband along. Sai agrees. Amba asks her to bring Satya back home before Satya’s colleagues visit for dinner feast as she doesn’t want Satya to be humiliated.


Once Amba leaves, Satya asks Sai why did she agree to Amba’s demand. Sai says she fears Pakhi may not return, so it would be good if people Vinu likes be around him and Vinu likes even Satya. Satya agrees. Gowri gets Savi ready and say she is looking like a princess. Satya walks in wearing a blazer and asks how is he looking. Savi says he looks like a goon with beard and suggests him to shave his beard. Satya says he looks mature with beard. Gowri asks Sai if she likes beard or clean-shaved men. Sai says clean shave. Gowri tells Satya to shave now. Satya agrees.

Chavans make arrangements for Vinu’s birthday party. Bhavani wishes Vinu a very happy birthday followed by Ninad who informs him that Ashwini’s sister is ill and hence she went to Ratnagiri to meet her sister. Other family members wish Vinu. Savi walks in first. Virat and whole family get happy seeing her. Sai walks in next with Satya. Family fumes seeing him and criticize Sai’s decision to bring Satya here. Bhavani hopes Vinu cuts cake and Sai takes Satya from there soon. Vinu asks Virat when will Pakhi come. Virat says his team is searching for her and soon they will find her.