Lost in Love Wednesday Update 20 July 2022


Lost in Love Wednesday Update 20 July 2022

Bhavani asks Pakhi to call hospital and find out when is Virat getting discharged. Ashwini with Mohit walks in and informs there is no need for that as Virat has returned home. Mohit calls whole family, and Ashwini informs that Virat is discharged from hospital. Ninad and Sonali says its a good news. Ashwini asks Mohit to serve sweets to everyone. Bhavani says Masta Masta she brought sweets to celebrate her son’s return home. Ashwini says its double celebration as her bahu is also returning home with her son. Bhavani and her puppet stand shocked hearing that. Sonali yells if she is celebrating for a bahu who ruined family’s dignity and denied to return home with Virat. Ashwini says they cannot understand a book’s story by just reading 2-3 pages, whatever Sai did was not her mistake, anyways its a past and they shouldn’t repeat it, she saw happiness on her son’s face after a long time because of Sai, why they want to snatch it, she prays god for Virat and Sai’s jodi forever. Pakhi gets jealous hearing that. Ashwini asks her to bring aarti thali to welcome her son and bahu. Bhavani yells if she really brought jungli mulgi back home. Mohit informs that Virat and Sai came.

Virat enters home holding Sai’s hand. Karishma says seeing Virat and Sa, it looks like they didn’t fight at all. Ashwini stops them and says let her perform their aarti to ward off evil eyes from them, asks Pakhi to bring aarti thali and herself goes to bring it. Sai looking at door remembers Virat shutting door at her face. Virat asks her not to think much as its her house. Sai says its neither her house nor family, she is here for his health and once he gets well, she will return to hostel. Virat thinks he once made a mistake of sending her away from him, now he will not let her go from his life at any cost. Ashwini brings aarti. Mohit asks Karishma to help Ashwini. Sonali stops Karishma. Mohit says dada and vahini returned home and Karishma should perform aarti. Karishma helps Ashwini. Ashwini performs Virat and Sai’s nazar and prays god to protect them from evil eyes and keep them happy always. She looking at Pakhi orders Karishma to burn the nazar stuff as it has people’s evil eyes in it.

Bhavani yells that Virat returned home victorious after defeating terrorist’s, but she seems more happy with Sai’s return. Ashwini says she is a mother and knows what is good for her children, she ward off her children’s nazar as some people are jealous seeing them together, pointing at Pakhi. Pakhi stands more jealous. Ashwini continues that a few days ago, someone’s evil eyes made her children fight, but with god’s blessings, they reunited and it was necessary to perform their nazar. She requests Bhavani to peform their aarti now. Bhavani yells not to teach her as she set all these rituals. Virat tells Bhavani that she is a pillar of this house and shouldn’t feel bad as his aayi’s every act reflects her love. Sonali asks them to come in and says Ashwini is right about nazar as Sai’s evil eyes are on their house and she should perform their house’s nazar. Ashwini asks Virat and Sai to shut their eyes as they cannot shut evil mouths and performs their aarti. Virat and Sai walk in together, leaving Pakhi more jealous. Ashwini prays god to not let Sai go anwywhere now.

Sonali makes Virat sit. Virat feels pain and signals Sai. Sai sends Sonali aside and keeps a pillow support under his hand. Omkar asks Virat how is he now. Virat says better than before. Ninad asks him to rest till gets well completely and not think of rejoining his duty. Virat says Sai will not let him rejoin his duty and even he is not in a hurry. Bhavani says she is happy that he got well and returned home, but why did he bring Sai home. Shecontinues that Sai boasted that she will not return to his house, but seeing a chance returned; Pakhi is right that Sai is an opportunistic and returned home with a chance. Sai says she returned here until Virat gets well and then will return back to her hostel. Bhavani yells that Virat’s family will take care of him and they don’t need an outsider’s help, and even if they need help, they can afford a nurse. Ashiwn says Sai is Virat’s wife and who else will take care of husband. Virat says as soon as Sai heard about his injury during mission, she straightaway came to him concerned, and Bhavani is insulting her.

Ninad yells that Sai had come to hospital last night and created a drama. Mohit thinks what rubbish. Omkar (waiting for his chance since long) yells that Ninad gave responsibility of taking care of Virat to Pakhi, but Sai insulted Pakhi and kicked her out. Sai asks if she asked Pakhi to go out of hospital. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to speak to her. Sai says their thinking is same regarding this, but she has to anwer for the drama she created a home and lied to family against her; repeats if she asked her to go from hospital. Sonali yells that Pakhi doesn’t lie. Virat even Sai tells only truth always. Sai says she doesn’t know what Pakhi told them, it must be a plain lie. Karishma asks if she means she didn’t ask Pakhi to return home. Virat says he asked Pakhi to return home and rest as she was awake whole night; Sai just told her that she can stay there, but she will take care of him, and he doesn’t think Sai said anything wrong. Pakhi yells why he always takes his wife’s side. Virat says he is speaking truth and asks if he didn’t ask her to go home and rest, she already proved Sai a liar and is trying to prove even him a liar; Sai is not at a mistake.

Virat tells Pakhi that its not Sai’s mistake as she even thanked Pakhi for taking care of Virat in her absence. Pakhi sometimes one insults other even with a thank you. Sai asks if insult is her favorite word as she feels insulted with whatever she says, nobody felt insulted by her words till now as her Aaba taught her to respect others and not insult. Sonali yells she speaks a lot and didn’t learn anything even after being out of house for so many days. Bhavani tells Virat that he can praise his wife or do whatever he wants, but if Sai insults Pakhi, she will not tolerate it; Pakhi is elder to Sai both by age and relationship; he should teach his wife how to behave with elders; and if Sai thinks she can insult Pakhi, she will not let that happen. Ashwini thinks everyone are behind Sai and she may go back, so she says Sai didn’t say anything wrong. Bhavnai asks why is Pakhi sad then. Pakhi asks not to bother as Virat and Sai will not understand her sadness or pain and will insult her more instead. Virat asks why is she exaggerating the issue, she left hospital angrily and even here she is doing same; she should understand that Sai returned for her wife and told her same, how is Pakhi insulted if Sai is fulfilling her responsibility. Pakhi asks where was her responsibility when he was shot, when he went to apology and bring her back, she clearly denied to return wit him; she is reminding him as he forgot his family’s insult or Sai knows to trap people in her talks. Virat stops her and says she doesn’t have to remind him anything and he wants to remind her that whatever happened was between a husband and wife and a third person shouldn’t interfere as when husband and wife reconcile, a third person feels insulted and he doesn’t want Pakhi to feel same. Pakhi asks if she is a third person.

Ashwini says Virat is right, Pakhi should have walked out when husband and wife met, but why did she come here crying. Pakhi says she must be happy seeing her crying. Virat warns her to behave with his mother and asks why is she feeling bad when Sai wants to take his responsibility and why did she create such a big drama for such a small issue. She asks why he only sees what she does and doesn’t see what Sai did, Sai insulted her when she told Sai not to go in when Virat is resting; she is worried for Virat, but he is not worried for her. Sai says she doesn’t think she did wrong as Pakhi wanted to kick her out of hospital when she came to meet her hospital; she wants to ask with what right she stopped her from meeting her husband. She asks Ninad why did he ask Pakhi to let her enter the hospital. Virat says he cannot believe they were doing this to Sai behind him, especially Ninad. He asks Pakhi why didn’t she stop Ninad and Bhavani when they took wrong decision as she always advocates right. Ninad says he did right, but Sai shamelessly came to hospital and even here. Virat asks him to stop as Sai returned for him as she has both shame and responsibility in her. He holds Sai’s hand , leaving Pakhi frowning more in jealousy, and warns Ninad to dare not misbehave with his wife; he is his father, but that doesn’t mean he can misbehave with his wife.