Lost in Love Wednesday Update 15th June 2022


Lost in Love Wednesday Update 15th June 2022

Sai asks Usha to pack her bags as they will leave this house in 2 days. Virat hearing her conversation asks where is she going and asks Usha to go out of room for sometime as he wants to speak to Sai. Usha leaves. Virat asks Sai where is she going packing her bags. Sai doesn’t reply. He holds her hand. She looks at his face. He leaves it. She asks if he will hold her hand repeatedly and may even break it when he gets more angry. He says if her hand is hurting. She shows a bruise on her hand. He brings balm and tries to apply it. She pulls back her hand and says thanks for showing his care, but he doesn’t have to as she is leaving his house. He asks how can she leave his house. She says where her Aaba and his morales are not respect, she will not stay there. He apologizes and says he doesn’t know what had happened to him, its all his mistake. She says why is he apologizing her, his family and bestfriend must be happy seeing the way he was rudely behaving with her and holding her hand.

He apologizes her again and says he will not let her go. She says he cannot stop her like in the morning, so its better he shouldn’t waste his energy and time on her. He asks when he realized his mistake, shouldn’t he be forgiven. She says he showed his real face and its different from how he acts. He asks if she didn’t make a mistake, today was Sundy and will he not feel bad if she goes out of house to her professor’s house. She asks why would he feel bad. He says he is tensed and guilty and requesting her not to leave home. She asks if he really has a heart, its surprising. He asks her not to make him feel more guilty. She says she is telling truth. He asks if she ever thought that their truths cannot be different, he realized that he doesn’t matter to her, but she matters a lot to him and its truth, so he will not let her go. She says she cannot stay more, he should thank her as it was his family’s wish to kick her out of house. He says she shouldn’t have to. She picks her bag. He holds bag and says he will apologize her in front of family if she wants, he really wanted her to accompany him and Pakhi for a trip as he wanted to spend time with her.

Usha takes back food to Mohit and Karishma’s room and says Sai didn’t have food. Karishma says Sai must have denied to have Mohit’s sent food. Mohit says he will take her food and feed her like she fed him. Karishma asks Usha to go and eats food. Mohit stops her and says he will take it for Sai bhabhi later. Karishma yells that he is worried for Sai and not his wife, etc., and munches food saying tomorrow is vrat and she will eat now itself. Mohit apologizes Usha, and she leaves.

Virat continues apologizing Sai emotionally and crying. Sai also gets emotional and says he even stopped her from having food. He says he was angry and wanted to have lunch with her outside at a good restaurant, but she planned something else and went to her professor; he doesn’t know her professor and was worried for her. She asks if he also didn’t have food from morning. He says no. She asks if Aayi didn’t give him food. He says Aayi is angry on him. She asks what about Pakhi. He says he sent even her away and vented out anger on even her; he wants Sai to consider him as family. She asks why is he crying like a fool. He says she is intelligent, then why she is crying. He holds her hand and requests her to give him a chance to correct his today’s mistake, says he will bring food and feed her from his hand.

She asks him to promise that he will never stop anyone from having food as it disrespects not only a person but also food. He keeps his hand on her head and promises that he will not do it even in his dreams and says sorry again. She smiles and says he found a way to convince her. He asks if her Aaba would also have done similar to convince her. She says her Aaba never gave her pain. He says he can never become like her Aaba as he is nothing to her; he knew she wouldn’t forgive him and walks away. She asks him to stop and inform what he will feed her, she didn’t have anything since morning. He returrns and asks what she wants to have. She says he should decide. He reminisces their earlier outing and says he knows, but its a surprise. She says okay and wipes his tears. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Even he wipes her tears.

After sometime, Virat returns with Sai’s favorite candy floss and food and sees her asleep while studying. Kaise Mujhe Tum Milgayi…song plays in the background. He unpacks food silently and puts candy floss in her mouth. She bites it in sleep and wakes up excitedly saying candy floss. He says budhiya ke baal and asks what’s in boxes. He asks to check herself. She says later and enjoys candy floss with him. He smilingly looks at her.

Ashwini brings food for Usha. Usha says Sai took oath in front of everyone not to have food and even asked her not to, so how can she disobey Sai. Ashwini says she brought tiffins hiding and requests her to have food as tomorrow is Mahashivratri and everyone will be fasting. Usha says if anyone finds outs that she and Sai had food, they will scold them and even Ashwini. Ashwini says some issues are hidden due to love and concern, she is not afraid of everyone and just wants Sai to fulfill her promise not to have food for 2 days in front of everyone. Usha says if everyone are kind like her, Sai doesn’t have to leave the house. Ashwini is shocked and asks how she leave home. Usha says its because of Virat’s misbehavior with Sai. Ashwini angrily leaves to confront Virat.

Sai opens food boxes Virat brought and gets happy seeing pav bhaji and other dishes. She jokes on him with poetry, and he thinks if she is joking or taunting him. She asks why did he bring so much food. He says its for her and Usha mausi as even she didn’t have food. She says even he didn’t have food. He says he doesn’t want not. She insists. He says let us feed each other. She agrees. Ashwini walks in, gets happy thinking Virat must have convinced Sai, and walks away. Sai says he should have brought something for family also. He thinks she is worried for family even after their rude behavior, says he will if similar incident happens again. She asks if he will punish her again. He says no. She laughs and then feels dizzy. He gets worried for her.

Pakhi serves milk to Bhavani. Bhavani says Virat is hungry since morning because of jungli mulgi Sai, Ashwini is worried about Sai more than her son and don’t know what kind of a mother she is. Pakhi looks at watch and says its late night and if Virat doesn’t have food, he will fall ill. Bhavani asks her to bring Virat while she brings him food.

Virat makes Sai rest on bed, scolds her, and then feeds her food joking with her. Even she jokes and says even he should have food. He says he is not that important that someone will feed him, now even aayi doesn’t feed him. She asks if he wants to have food from her hand and feeds him. Pakhi enters and burning in jealousy seeing that claps and says she such click their precious moments and share it with him. Virat asks if she has any work. She says she came to take him down for food, but seeing him enjoying food with his wife, she thinks she made a mistake to come here to call him for dinner; at last Sai won. Sai asks what does she mean. Pakhi says she will understand if she thinks. Sai says she understood her words, she didn’t like her feeding Virat, hence she told she won a war; her thinking is so weird. Pakhi says her confidence went to another level after teaching Virat to behave like a husband. Sai says her confidence is very strong since childhood and she doesnt’ have to depend on anyone for that. Pakhi asks Virat what did he feed Sai that she learnt to argue. Virat says if someone questions, opponent will reply for sure.

Pakhi yells how did Sai control him so easily. He asks to stop her nonsense, what is wrong if he brought food for Sai and why is she feeling bad. She says she is not feeling bad and tries to leave. Sai says looking at her, its clear that he didn’t like her and Virat having food together; why don’t she accept that she felt bad seeing her with Virat. Pakhi yells don’t try to teach and cross her limits or else. Sai says she is crossing her limits instead and is no one to enter a couple’s room and taunt them, if she had done same entering Mohit and Karishma’s room; if not, then why in their room; she tries to control herself from not replying her, but she provokes her repeatedly; she herself is hurting her self-respect with her acts. Pakhi yells at Virat how can he let Sai taunt her so much, she made a mistake by coming here to call Virat for dinner, she had come here on Bhavani’s order, they are insulting her. Virat says neither him nor Sai insulted her, she taunted Sai and Sai replied her. Pakhi yells its waste to tell anything to him as his thinking shuts down when its regarding Sai and he blindly supports her. Virat says he went against Sai many times, since when her memory became so weak. Pakhi yells he goes weak in front of Sai; he acts as her friend and well wishers and is just a liar and betrayer. Sai says how can she call a person a betrayer who cares for her so much. Pakhi shouts at her to shut up and walks away.

Pakhi returns to her room and cries. Her mother calls her and asks if she was sleeping. Pakhi says no and says anyways she will not get sleep. Mother says why is she awake today as Shivratri is tomorrow. Pakhi says when her fate is sleeping, how can she sleep. Mother asks if she got Samrat’s news or something else happened. Pakhi says one or other thing happens in this house, anyways she need not worry about her. Mother says she wants to visit her tomorrow for Shivratri celebration, so called her to take her permission. Pakhi asks what will she do coming here. Mother says she will chat with her daughter and her in-laws. Pakhi says if she wants, she can. Mother says they will meet tomorrow then. Pakhi asks if she and baba fight and then reconcile soon. Mother says it happens with every husband and wife. Pakhi thinks Virat and Sai become real husband and wife.