Lost In Love Wednesday Update 1 November 2023


Lost In Love Wednesday Update 1 November 2023

Vinayak requests Virat to take him to Satya uncle’s house as he wants to gift a sari to aayi/Sai. Virat says some other day. Vinu says he already lost his mamma and will lose even his aayi in that sense. Ninad suggests Virat to take Vinu to Sai as he is alreadyy depressed. Satya’s family gets busy in festival arrangements. Amba gives Satya a decoration tray and asks him to give it to Sai and asks her to get ready before guests come. Satya walks to Sai’s room and silently keeps his bought sari for Sai. Sai comes out of bathroom and asks what is this. Satya says aayi gave her decorative items to get ready for the pooja. He then nervously gifts her a sari and says husband gifts a sari to his wife on this day. Sai says she can’t accept it. Virat says she can accept it as a friend. Sai accepts and promises to wear it. Satya leaves on his bike to get something.


Virat brings Vinu to Satya’s house and sitting in car asks Vinu to go and meet Sai. Vinu walks in. Maddy asks whom he wants to meet. Vinu says is aayi Sai Joshi. Gowri asks if he is Vinu. Vinu nods yes. Maddy takes Vinu to Sai. Sai feels happy seeing him. Vinu gifts her a sari and requests her to wear it as its his first gift after she became his aayi. Sai recalls Satya’s request but promises Vinu to wear his gifted sari. She asks how did he get it. Vinu thinks he can’t tell her that Harini got it online for Pakhi and says he got it online. Vinu asks if this is her room. Maddy walks in with snacks for him and says Sai is married to Satya now and is staying in his room. Virat calls Vinu and asks can they go if he is done as he has some important work. Vinu informs same to Sai. Sai takes him out. Virat taunts Sai that she got ready for her new husband and will perform pooja for him. Sai says he is still injured and should rest. Virat says she shouldn’t worry about him and concentrate on her pooja tonight.

Sai returns to her room. Maddy and Gowri praise Sai that she is looking very beautiful in this sari and inform Amba that Satya gifted this sari and soon they are accepting each other. Amba feels happy. Sai thinks she should wear Vinu’s gifted sari. In the evening, guests arrive for pooja and tell Amba that she is performing vatsavitri pooja at her home for the firs time. Amba says she got this auspicious chance because of her DIL. Maddy and Gowri joke. Amba sends guest to lawn to make pooja arrangements. Satya eagerly waits for Sai. Maddy and Gowri pull his leg that he has completely fallen in Sai’s love, etc.

Sai walks out ready. Savi says she is looking very beautiful. Satya and his family get angry seeing Sai wearing different sari than Satya gifted her. Maddy informs Amba that Vinu had visited Sai some time ago and gifted her this sari. Savi video calls Vinu who gets happy seeing Sai wearing his gifted sari. Karisham and Sonali discuss that though Sai is married to Satya, she is wearing Chavan sari. Amba tongue lashes Sai for wearing her ex-husband’s gifted sari instead of Satya’s gifted sari. Sai says her son gifted it. Amba says her ex-husband gifted it via her son.