Lost in Love Tuesday Update 7th June 2022


Lost in Love Tuesday Update 7th June 2022

Sai feeds food to Virat. Virat emotionally says nobody fed him till now except Aayi. Sai says he is like her Aaba and she is like her Aayi. He asks if she wants to become like his Aayi. She says aayi is so good that anyone would like to become like her. Viji wakes up and says even she needs food. Sai says she will feed both kids. Viji asks if Virat is a kid. Sai says a big kid. Virat thanks her. Sai asks why didn’t he pick her calls. He asks when did she call. Viji says she was playing game and rejected calls. Sai says she should inform the person at least as it may be an important call. Viji apologizes and asks who is she. Sayi says she is Virat’s wife. Riji says she is police didi then. Sai feeds them both again. Virat asks who is her spy. Just then doctor informs that patient is awake now. Family sits tensed for Virat. Pakhi says its late night and even his phone is switched off. Saloni comments that something has happened to this house’s sons, earlier Samrat went missing and now Virat.

Ashwini asks not to say that and says she will check with Sai. Bhavani yells if Sai was worried about Virat, she would be here with them and continues yelling. At hospital, Viji’s father thanks Virat for his help and says doctor informed him everything. Virat says he may have to stay in hospital for a few days and asks if he has someone who can take care of Viji till then. He asks to call his sister Malati and inform her that he is hospitalized.

Back at home, Ninad says they should file police complaint. Virat enters with Sai. Bhavani starts yelling where had he gone and why his phone is switched off. Virat says he was on duty and his phone battery drained. Ashwini says its okay, they saw Pakhi worried for him saying he didn’t return till late night and got tensed with her. Ninad, Saloni, Omkar, Bhavani continue to yell that he is irresponsible like his wife, etc. Virat tries to speak, but they continue. Sai says Virat got busy in duty, so she took food for him, if she did wrong. Ashwini says she did right. Bhavani yells if she had informed them, they wouldn’t have lost their sleep. Virat says its late and they should all sleep. He walks away with Sai, leaving Pakhi jealous.

In room, Virat asks Sai to inform him if she needs to wake up early. Sai says she is thinking of being awake whole night or else his family will blame her for not doing household chores. He says she will give them befitting reply as usual, which they won’t understand. He then asks to tell how did she find out about him being in hospital. She asks to inform what is Aniket’s height. Virat shows and asks why is she asking this. She says as he went to her college without informing her. He denies. She mimics him wearing his cap and holding stick and insists to tell truth. He accepts. She warns not to hide things from her again or ie. He holding her hand says okay, feels nervous realizing it and leaves her hand. She asks again why did he lie. He asks if he cannot visit her college. She says he can leave his police job and take medical course in her college, but cannot spy on her. He says he went to discuss about fresher’s function’s permission with dean. She says he asked not to let any outsider in, organizer told her. He says Milind can’t keep secret. She says he knows everyone’s names and asks what did he say Aniket. Their argument continues. He apologizes her and asks who told her about him being in hospital. She says DIG sir. He says DIG sir is his boss and she cannot disturb him for silly reasons. She says what could he do when he was not responding and sleeps.

Next morning, Sai helps Ashwini in kitchen. Ashwini says she felt good when she heard Sai took food for Virat, she cares for him so much and she thanks her for that. Sai says like Virat fed her, she fed him. Ashwini says her bahu is arrogant, stubborn, and loud mouthed, but she is very good. Sai hugs her saying she is her daughter. Ashwini reminds she needs to attend college. Sai starts cooking again.

In living room, Ninad and Omkar discuss about India’s victory over Australia in cricket. Bhavani walks to them and says she got a letter from Samrat’s office from Ladakh, they shouldn’t get hopeful though; officials want Pakhi’s signatures on some documents, so instead of couriering the documents, she wants Pakhi to go to Ladakh personally. Virat walks down ready and asks what is the issue. Bhavani informs him whole situation. Virat gets emotional about Samrat. Sai brings tea with Ashwini. Virat looks at her. Pakhi gets jealous seeing that. Ninad yells at Virat to concentrate on the issue. Virat says he will also accompany Pakhi to Ladakh.

Virat tells Bhavani that if Pakhi going to Ladakh its so important, he will accompany her. Pakhi thinks Sai will not let him go with her. Karishma yells that she could have sent paper via courier, but she wants to enjoy sightseeing. Mohit stops her. Virat tells Bhavani that he will try to take leave. Saloni yells that when he can take 2 days’ leave for his jungli girl Sai, he for sure should take leave for his brother Samrat. Virat asks what? Bhavani asks him to take a week’s leave so that after finishing official work they can go on sightseeing as she feels sad for Pakhi seeing her suffering so much. Saloni backs her. Ashwini says Mohit can go with Pakhi instead as he is free. Karishma says its a good idea and she will also accompany them. Bhavani yells that she doesn’t have money and wants to go sightseeing. She then insults Ashwini yelling that she is brainless and speaks nonsense. Ashwini says she just gave her opinion. Ninad yells at her next and says its an official matter and Mohit cannot do what Virat can, so she shouldn’t compare them.

Saloni says Virat loves his brother Samrat a lot, so he will go with Pakhi. Pakhi says they don’t have to argue because of her. Virat says he can do anything for his brother and will accompany Pakhi. Pakhi says she will book 2 tickets then. Virat asks her to wait until he gets leave, he himself will book ticket after that. Ashwini asks him to book 3 tickets as Sai will accompany them. Pakhi asks if she is sending Sai along to spy on them. Bhavani yells if she cannot think and speak, etc. Saloni backs her as usual. Virat supports them and asks Ashwini why she speaks when others can’t understand her. She says she speak truth and what is in her mind and doesn’t hide like others. Sai says she didn’t ask her at all, she has college and cannot miss it. Ashwini says she is informing her and not asking her. Sai says she will not go as she has college and doesn’t want to interfere between 2 mature people.

Pakhi holds her hand and says she insulted her again and yells that she did a mistake listening to Sai and returning home, why she gave such a big lecture. Sai asks why she is getting angry when she denied accompanying them, will she like if she goes with them, she should hold her heart and tell if she will not feel bad if she accompanies them. Pakhi says she doesn’t feel important to answer her childish questions and walks away. Virat tells Bhavani that he will make all the arrangements. Sai thinks she knows Pakhi will not let her accompany them.

Virat takes Sai in his jeep to drop her to school. She says there is so much traffic, she told him that she will go on her own as he will get late. He says its okay. She says he is khadoos jasoos. She asks what does she mean. She asks what would Pakhi reply to her question. He asks how will he know. She says he is Pakhi’s bestfriend and should know her answer like she knows her bestfriend Pari’s answer. He says he really doesn’t know. She asks if he wants her to accompany him to Ladakh. He says let us discuss about it in the evening at home. They hear RJ discussing about Valentinue’s day today. She asks if he believes in Valentine’s day and consider it special. He says its about individual belief. She says he is right and thinks he must have come to spy on her. She stops car before gate and walks out asking him not to come to her college to spy on her, says bye KJ. He asks khadoos jasoos> She says smart boy and walks away smiling.

Sai meets Dr. Pulkit and returns his book. He says she is married and studying medical is very tough, he is sure her in-laws must be helping her. She asks how does he know. He says they must be loving and caring for her. She says they help her in household chores and pamper her, but her marriage will not continue for long as her husband married her to fulfill his responsibility and loves someone else, she is staying with him as she doesn’t have a place to stay; asks if all marriages are bad. Pulkit says all marriage are not bad, but some are bad where their partner marry someone else and leave them in pain forever. Sayi thinks he is pain and needs to know who his partner is. He says he feels weird with her marriage of benefit and asks if she likes any family member in all these days. She says she likes her family and loves her MIL a lot as she is so good. He asks if she likes someone else also. She says her nanad who is very sweet, but has suffered a lot in life, so she wants to help her.