Lost in Love Tuesday Update 5th July 2022


Lost in Love Tuesday Update 5th July 2022

Virat with his team reaches Pulkit’s house and knocks door. He finds it locked. Neighbor informs that Pulkit and Madhavi went out and looking at their dresses looked like they were going to wedding. Virat asks if they saw Pulkit’s wife anytime. She says he stays only with his sister Madhuri and daughter Harini, but who knows what happens between closed doors. He asks if she knows about Sangeeta Deshpande. She says she is hearing this name for the first time. He thinks his doubt is right, only Pulkit knows about Sangeeta Deshpande.

Sai gets ready for Pulkit and Devi’s wedding and hopes Ashwini and Virat will understand and forgive her. Ashwini tells Shivani that Sai didn’t even inform where she is going. Sonali shows Sangeeta’s burnt letter to Bhavani which she found in kitchen dustbin. Shivani asks who must have done this. Omkar says obviously Sai must have stolen letter and burnt it to erase proof. Saloni backs him and provokes Bhavani. Bhavani says its all Sai’s plan.

Pulkit enters wedding venue on horse with baratis. Devi dances happily seeing that. Sai gets happy seeing her dancing. Devi says let us go and watch from near. Pulkit’s friend asks to come and welcome baraat. Devi hopes her bad aayi is not here and requests Sai to become her aayi and welcome Pulkit. Madhuri also insists. Virat sees Sai’s phone switched off and asks technician to find out this phone number’s last location. Sai performs Pulkit’s aarti and washes his feet according to ritual. His friend says he is lucky to get a MIL/saas younger than his wife. Pulkit touches Sai’s feet and thanks her for her help. Sai says she was her aaba’s little girl till now, but now she became bother mother and ML and Aaba must be happily looking at her from heaven. Madhuri also praises Sai. Technician informs that Sai’s last location is at Pawni Lawnce where functions happen. Virat thinks Pakhi was right.

Pulkit and Devi’s wedding rituals start. Sai Madhuri draw curtain between them for antarpat ritual. Devi jumps and tries to look at Pulkit. Pandit scolds her. Guest stops him. Antar pat ritual finishes, varmala/garland exchange ritual starts. They exchange garlands. Sai prays god to protect Devi’s happiness and shower his blessings on Devi and Pulkit always and make sure Virat doesn’t react here till wedding finishes. Pandit then calls bride’s parents for kanyadan ritual. Pulkit says only Sai came from Devi’s side, so she will perform kanyadaan. Sai performs kanyadan ritual.

Bhavani fumes in front of her puppets that Sai dared to take away her daughter. Pakhi asks her to calm down. Bhavani asks her to call Virat and find out where Sai took Devi. Virat continues driving towards wedding venue and sees still 8 km are left.

Pandit asks groom to put mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Devi stops Pulkit, asks Sai to get her purse, and taking out Sai’s gifted locket asks Pulkit to fix it in mangalsutra and put it in her neck so that she remembers Sai always. He does same. Pandit asks him to apply sindhoor in bride’s hairline. He does same. Guests discuss bride is so pretty. Sai performs gatbandhan ritual next. Devi and Pulkit perform pheras. Sai prays god not to send Virat here till wedding finishes. Virat reaches venue. Pakhi calls him and asks if he is fine as he left home in anger, if he found out Devi and Sai’s location. He says they are in Pavani Lawnce. She says weddings happen there. He says he is going to stop wedding. Pakhi informs Bhavani and other puppets same. Bhavani says she with Omkar and Ninad will go there and teach Pulkit a lesson and asks Pakhi to stay at home. Ninad says they will decide how to punish Sai. Pakhi says there is no need for that as Virat must have already thought about it. Sai gets tensed seeing Virat coming.

Devi happily performs pheras with Pulkit. Madhuri says she is seeing bhau happy after many days and Sai did really good by performing their wedding. During 7th phera, Virat enters with his team and says this marriage cannot happen as its illegal according to law. Devi gets tensed. Sai walks to him and addressing him as officer asks how is it illegal according to law. He asks her not to create any more drama as she already did by switching off her phone and supporting a betrayer Pulkit. Pulkit’s friend warns him not to call Pulkit a betrayer. Virat warns him to stay away for legal proceedings. Sai requests him to listen to her once. He warns to shut up. Devi warns him not to insult Sai as she is getting her married to Pulkit. Virat says he is Pulkit is a fraud who is already married to Sangeeta Deshphande. Friend says he is mistaken as Pulkit is a honest man. Virat asks him to ask so called honest Pulkit if he is not already married. Pulkit says he is already married to Devi and there is no one else in his life than her, he is remarrying her and nobody can stop him.

Bhavani with Omkar and Ninad enters and warns Pulkit that history will repeat today and she will not let him marry Devi and ruin her life. Virat asks Ninad why did they did come here, he would have brought Devi home. Bhavani says they came here as Devi’s family and are worried for her. Devi says aayi is bad and never thought good for her and instead always made her cry, Sai always supported her and wiped her tears; she tells Virat that she wants to marry Pulkit and if he doesn’t want to see her happy. He says he wants to see her happy, so he came to arrest Pulkit. She cries saying she doesn’t know what her family did to her and how she is suffering. He says he cannot see her crying and always want to see her happy, so she should return home where nobody will make her work or punish her; she shouldn’t marry betrayer Pulkit who wants to take revenge from their family via her. She says she doesn’t want to return home where her aayi gives her bad medicines which make her sleep always, she will go to her husband’s house and stay here.

Sai tells Bhavani that life doesn’t give everyone a chance to correct their mistakes, she is getting one and should perform Devi and Pulkit’s wedding and correct her mistake. Virat warns her to dare not talk more, she will be punished for fooling Devi later, he came here to arrest Pulkit for luring a mentally stable woman and marrying her while he is already married. Pulkit asks how can he allege him wrongly, he married only Devi and will announce that he and Devi are becoming one; asks if he was having bad intention, why would he marry Devi openly. Virat says he now realized how he fooled Sai and made her to bring Devi here, so he will arrest him for marrying a mentally unstable woman. Pulkit says just like Virat is law expert, he is medical expert and can prove that Devi is not mentally unstable; her medicines are ruining her health, so he had already asked Sai to not let Devi have them. Sai reminisces the incident and says Pulkit has already spoken to an expert physiatrist who said Devi can be cured.

Pulkit’s friend says Pulkit treated his daughter and is a kind hearted doctor. Virat gets adamant to arrest Pulkit. Pulkit asks if he has any proof. Virat shows his college form where his wife’s name is written as Sangeeta Deshpande. Madhuri says its wrong. Bhavani alleges that she is having an affair with Pulkit. Pulkit warns to dare not insult a pious brother and sister relationship. Virat asks Bhavani to stay out of this issue and let him and his team handle it. He orders constables to arrest Pulkit. Sai guards Pulkit and Devi.