Lost in Love Tuesday Update 31st May 2022


Lost in Love Tuesday Update 31st May 2022

Sai is studying. She recalls Virat’s words about life being difficult in outside world without any support, partner. She tries to focus on her studies, but is unable to. Devyani comes there and scares her. Sai asks her to keep her voice down and asks what she’s doing there. Devyani says she went to her room, but Pakhi was there, talking with Virat, so she came on terrace in her search. Sai gets serious. Devyani asks whether Pakhi was troubling her. Sai recalls Pakhi’s words. She tells Devyani she doesn’t want to talk about Pakhi and Virat. Devyani says she wants to talk to her. Sai makes her sit and asks what’s the matter and why is she not sleeping yet? Devyani says she didn’t take medicine today. Whenever she takes medicine, she feels very sleepy. Sai asks which medicine? Devyani says she doesn’t know, but Aai takes her to a doctor and that doctor gives that medicine. She feels very sleepy and when she wakes up, she has a headache too. She asks Sai whether she really thinks she will be fine. Sai says yes. Devyani gets excited and tells Sai that she will be a great doctor. Sai says for that she needs to study. Devyani asks her to talk to her as no one talks with her.

Sai says they will talk as much as she wants, but tomorrow she has a test and if she doesn’t study, then she will fail her exam. Devyani continues talking and reveals that everyone scolds her a lot after she got married. Sai asks what? She doesn’t look married. Devyani says mom took away her mangalsutra. Her husband wanted to become a doctor too. Sai asks her husband’s name. Devyani gets scared and says if she takes his name, then he’ll get hurt. Sai asks who will hurt him? Where is her husband? Devyani says she doesn’t know where her husband and her baby is. Sai gets shocked and asks she has a baby too? Devyani says she doesn’t know, maybe she has a baby. She can’t remember too well. She cries saying she doesn’t know whether she will see her husband again.

Sai wonders whether it’s true what Devyani is saying. She tells Devyani not to cry and makes her sit. She says everything will be fine and she will meet her husband too. She will pray that her (Devyani’s) happiness comes back before she (Sai) leaves the house. Devyani tells her not to talk about leaving the house. If she gets separated from her husband, then she will get crazy like her (Devyani) as well. Sai says she has to leave one day and she can live without Virat. Devyani gets upset and leaves.

Next morning, Sai is getting late for college. She says sorry to Bhavani for not doing kitchen work, but promises to finish kitchen work before her college from tomorrow. Bhavani taunts her. Sai says she was studying in night, so couldn’t wake up. Bhavani says when she can’t fulfill her bahu’s duties, how she will fulfill doctor’s duties? Karishma says it’s unfair, Pakhi and her have to do all the work. Pakhi tells Karishma not to say anything to Sai. Soon she will become doctor and start earning money. Ashwini speaks in Sai’s favor and asks Pakhi, can’t she start her day without taunting Sai? If one day Sai couldn’t do the work, then what’s the big deal? There are other family members too. Bhavani says what to say when saas supports her bahu. She tells Sai now she will go to her husband and complain about them, right? Sai says she doesn’t need any help, she can fight for herself. Mausi tells Sai not to argue with elders, have breakfast and go to college. Mausi feeds her. Bhavani again taunts for that.

Karishma and Pakhi join in. Sai tells Karishma amazing, it was her only who alerted her about Pakhi and now she’s speaking in her favor. Karishma says she didn’t say anything, poor Pakhi is innocent. Sai tells her to decide on whose side she is. Pakhi looks at Karishma. Karishma is quiet now. Bhavani says she has decided until Sai doesn’t finish house work, she won’t go to college. Sai says she is already tensed because of her exam and asks Bhavani not to trouble her more. Pakhi asks Bhavani why she’s spoiling her mood by saying anything to Sai when she knows Sai doesn’t know anything but insulting others. Mausi asks Sai to eat. Bhavani holds the plate and asks Sai to finish work first. Sai asks her to leave the plate. Both try to snatch it from each other. In that, plate falls with all the food and breaks. Sai asks Bhavani why she dropped her plate? Virat comes and asks what’s going on? Ashwini blames Bhavani.

Pakhi takes Bhavani’s side. Bhavani asks Virat he thinks she can do that? She snatched plate because she didn’t want Sai to eat from Mausi’s hand like kids. Sai is shocked. Virat picks up food. He tells Bhavani sometimes you need to leave things on its own. It’s not possible that everything happens as you want. He tells Ashwini to get food in another plate. Sai says she’s full now after hearing everyone’s taunts. Virat asks her not to be stubborn. How will she stay hungry in college all day? Bhavani folds her hands saying Sai will never apologize, so she will apologize instead. She just wanted Sai to grow up. Virat says he hasn’t grown up that much that she apologizes to him. But yes, she shouldn’t have snatched the plate. Mausi and Ashwini are behind Sai to eat something, but she keeps refusing. Pakhi says she feels everyone will need to apologize to Sai. Who knows Virat will lecture them too.

Pakhi tells Bhavani that she feels they all should apologize Sayi as Virat may scold everyone like he scolded Bhavani. She apologizes Sayi and asks Sayi not to go hungry to college. Sayi asks why is she apologizing as she was enjoying elders scolding her. Pakhi says Sayi does drama and they all watch it. Virat asks if she joked on Sayi seeing Usha feeding her. Pakhi says his wife is not a kid that everyone will lie to keep her happy and not tell truth, truth is a kid is fed food when he gets ready for school, but his wife says she is independent and mature girl. Omkar yells that Pakhi is speaking right, both Pakhi and Karishma take care of whole household chores including Sayi’s work.

Sayi says she didn’t work today as she woke up late after studying till late night, but they all don’t want her to have food at all, she will do household chores first and then go to college from tomorrow. Virat says he will drop her till college. Pakhi asks him if he did’t see his wife’s misbehavior. Virat asks why she is stretching the issue when she knows Sayi is getting late for college, he cannot understand how can a family which respects food so much stopped a girl from having food and insulted food. Pakhi says Bhavani made that rule and she herself was teaching morale to Sayi and not stopping her, Virat should accept that he and Sayi don’t care about family a bit.

Sayi reaches college rushes towards her class room when she clashes with a professor Dr. Pulkit Deshpande and they both fall down. She helps him pick his files. He asks where is she going. She says room number 202 as she has test there. He says she has to attend his lecture before as he is a guest lecturer and asks her name. She says she is Sayi Joshi. He says the Sayi Joshi and describes how councilor was excitedly that Sayi being from a small city came first in entrance exam. Sayi thanks him. He asks where is she from. She says Gadchiroli. He asks if she will travels up and down from Nagpur to Gadchiroli. Sayi says she now stays in Nagpur with her in-laws after marriage. He asks if she doesn’t think she married at such an young ago. Sayi describes that her mother passed away after giving her birth and recently her father passed away. He apologizes and says good her in-laws are supporting her education. She says don’t know about her in-laws, but her husband is very supportive. He asks her to seek his help whenever she needs it. She agrees and shakes hands.

Karishma walks to Pakhi’s room. Pakhi asks why didn’t she knock and enter. Karishma apologizes and says she came to thank her for supporting ehr against Sayi and says she likes her insulting Sayi repeatedly. Pakhi asks if what Sayi told is true. Karishma asks what did Sayi say. Pakhi says that she badmouthed about her in front of Sayi. Karishma says Sayi is lying. Pakhi says she can do anything and reminds how she badmouthed about Sayi before. Karishma says they should forget their differences and together teach a lesson to Sayi. Pakhi says they should teach her manners.

Sayi is busy studying in her room when Devi enters and seeing cupcakes and tea asks if she can have them. Sayi nods okay. Devi says her tea is cold. Sayi says she doesn’t need it. Devi asks how was her test today. Sayi says it went well. Devi asks if her teachers don’t teach her well. Sayi says her professors are really good and they are big doctors. Devi says even her husband was studying MBBS and would have become doctor by now. Sayi asks what is her husband’s name. Devi asks her to concentrate on Virat. Sayi says she can find her husband if she tells his name. Devi says she is right, but runs away picking cupcakes. Usha walks in next and asks Sayi to have something. Sayi says she doesn’t want to. Usha touches her forehead and gets concerned seeing her having fever. Outside, Bhavani yells that Sayi used to be so hungry and order Ashwini and Usha to bring her food and they would run behind her like servants.

Pakhi says Sayi must have had something outside, so she didn’t even come out after returning from college. Virat returns from duty, and they stops. Back in room, Sayi tells Usha that she saw how family created drama when she was feeding her, so she doesn’t want to have food at all. Usha says its her mistake as she shouldn’t have fed her and continues requesting. Sayi gets adamant. Virat walks into Sayi’s room and seeing Usha tensed asks reason. Sayi asks Usha not to tell anything. Usha says why shouldn’t she and informs that Sayi is having high fever, even then she doesn’t want to have food. Virat asks her to go and feeling Sayi’s forehead offers her medicines, but Sayi gets adamant and says he doesn’t have any right on her. He says he knows about his right and responsibility. She reminds him how he scolded her and supported family when she got Amay caught. He asks why she stretches issues so much. Their argument continues.-