Lost in Love Tuesday Update 28th June 2022


Lost in Love Tuesday Update 28th June 2022

Sai with Aniket and Madhuri reaches car tow area where Pulkit’s car is towed in. Madhuri shows documents. Officer asks to call the owner. Sai says they don’t need car, but just want to see it from inside. Officer agrees. Madhuri gives spare keys. They open car and find Pulki’t wallet and other stuff except phone. Madhuri says bhau always carries his wallet with him. Sai reminisces all the recent events and says someone is messaging from sir’s mobile or forcing him to do so. At home, Ninad with Bhavani and Omkar asks Ashiwni where did Sai go. Ashwini says she didn’t restrict Sai from going out. Bhavani thinks Sai can do anything and asks if she went to Pulkit’s house to meet Madhuri. Ashwini says its possible. Back in police station, Aniket tells Sai that something wrong must have happened to Pulkit sir and should file police complaint. Madhuri backs him and Sai agrees. Aniket asks her call him if she needs her help. They head towards police station.

Bhavani asks Ninad and Omkar where is Pulkit’s house. Omkar says how will they know. Ninad says Virat knows, but they cannot disturb him during training. Bhavani cries how will they find. Omkar says he will find out. Ashwini says she will call Sai and find out. Bhavani asks to switch on speaker. Ashwini calls Sai and asks where is she. Sai says she found Pulkit’s car. Ashwini warns her not to take his name. Sai says Pulkit’s car was on chowk since 2 days, that means someone kidnapped him. Bhavani signals Ashwini to ask where is she now. Sai says she is going to police station to file a police complaint. Bhavani gets tensed and signals to stop her. Ashwini says Pulkit and Madhuri are misleading her, so she should return home. Sai says she is quite sure Pulkit is in danger. Ashwini says let Virat handle it, so she should return home. Sai says she will return home after filing complaint. Bhavani signals Omkar and Ninad to go and lies Ashwini that she is going to temple to pray for Devi. Ashwini blindly trusts her.

Omkar tells Bhavani and Ninad that if police starts investigation, they will be caught. Omkar says if that happens, Sai will become wild tiger from wild cat. Bhavani says they need to stop Sai from reaching police station and explains her plan. Ninad calls Dadu and inform him that Sai is going to police station and he should do as ordered. Dadu assures him not to worry and asks Pulkit to repeat his words and voice record it for him. Pulkit denies. Dadu threatens to kill him. Sai with Madhuri reaches police station. Madhuri asks if police will help them. Sai says DIG gave his personal number to her and asked to call him if she needs his help. Dadu threatens Pulkit to kill his family if he doesn’t agree. Pulkit agrees and repeats his words.

Sai gets Pulkit’s voice message in which he says she must be trying to find him, but he doesn’t want her or anyone to reach him and hence he is switching off his phone; he doesn’t want to marry Devi, she should not reach police and shouldn’t fall in all this. Madhuri asks why would bhau do this. Sai thinks she doesn’t know anything, if Omkar and Ninad are right that Pulkit is a traitor. She returns from police station. Dadu calls Omar and informs that Sai didn’t go to police station. Omkar informs same to Bhavani and Ninad and scolds Dadu for making a mistake of leaving Pulkit’s car away. Dadu says they ordered to kidnap Pulkit and not hide car. Omkar orders to take car out of police towing area. Dadu demands 50,000 rs. Omkar agrees. Heavily inebriated Dadu gets angry and kicks things around. Phone falls down.

Sai reaches home sadly. Ashwini asks if she filed police complaint. Sai says no. Bhavani says Sai is family head from today and should free from its responsibilities now. Ninad asks why is she doing so. Bhavani says younger family member want to take her own decisions. Ninad asks Sai why didn’t she file police complaint. Sai says Pulkit sent a voice message agreeing his mistake. Omkar asks if she agrees that Pulkit is wrong. Sai says she doesn’t know if Plkit is right or wrong, she just wants Virat to return and find out truth. Bhavani and her puppets smirk.

Sai returns to her room sadly reminiscing Pulkit’s recent message and cries vigorously. She further reminisces Pulkit promising to marry Devi and take her home, Virat supporting Devi and Pulkit’s wedding and then showing evidence against Pulkit, etc. Ashwini brings food for her and consoles her. Sai says she made a big mistake and didn’t listen to family when everyone asked her not to trust Pulkit, she even troubled Ashwini and went against her to support Pulkit. She apologizes Ashwini and asks if she felt bad. Ashwini says not more than seeing her tears and feeds her food. Sai apologizes her again. Ashwini asks her to apologize Devi instead, remembering Devi’s pain, and says trust is short lived and Sai broke Devi’s trust and hope, she didn’t listen to anyone and worsened Devi’s condition. Sai thinks what will she say Devi.

Bhavani boasts that Sai was hell bent to get Pulkit and Devi married, but she broke her pride and changed her mind. Ninad says how could Sai fight against Bhavani and praises her. Omkar says he is right, he was afraid hearing Sai going to police station, but Ninad planned well and changed the whole situation. Bhavani says they became intelligent with her company, she felt really good when Sai told she is wrong and they are right. Omkar says now Sai will not think of Pulkit and Devi’s wedding. Bhavani says all their problems ended and they will celebrate holi lavishly even this year.

Sai walks to Devi’s room and seeing her sleeping apologizes her and blames herself for Devi’s condition. She says she wants Devi’s happiness, but gave her sorrows by bringing Pulkit back in her life and provoking her hopes; she even now really doesn’t know if Pulkit is good or a traitor, she will find it out only when Virat returns and finds out truth.

Pulkit sees Dadu and his goons heavily inebriated enjoying alcohol and thinks if he gets his phone, he can message someone. He with great difficulty picks his phone from his toes and thinks whether he should message Sai or Madhuri. He sees messages to Sai from his mobile and Sai’s message that Bhavani wants to meet him, then realizes that Chavan family planned everything and kidnapped him. He video message Sai that he is being kidnapped. Sai gets his message and is shocked to see him being kidnapped and tied. She thinks of showing video to Bhavani and inform that Pulkit is being kidnapped. Dadu’s goon notices phone with Pulkit and informs Dadu. Dadu scolds his goons and sees Pulkit sending videos to Sai, deletes them, slaps Pulkit, and says he should be thankful that Chavan sir ordered to kidnap him and not kill him or else he would have killed him for this act. Pulkit thinks his doubt is right that Chavan family got him kidnapped.

Sai walks towards Bhavani’s room and hears Ninad getting Dadu’s call that Pulkit video messaged Sai and asks could he when phone is with him. Bhavani tells Ninad and Omkar that if Sai sees those videos, then their game will end. Dadu informs that he deleted those videos. Ninad hopes Sai hasn’t seen those messages, but what if she has seen them. Bhavani notices door open and checks, says she will go to Sai’s room and find out if she found out. Sai hides behind table.