Lost In Love Tuesday Update 26 September 2023


Lost In Love Tuesday Update 26 September 2023

Virat thanks Sai for clearing a burden from his heart by making him realize how wrong he was then. Sai says she didn’t do him a favor by forgiving him as it was necessary for her to get out of a bitter memory when he supported Pakhi over her. Virat says whatever the reason is, they can forget everything and build a new world where everything is beautiful. Sai says everything is beautiful and better from before now, her son doesn’t call her a sorcerer and calls her a guardian angel. Virat says she is Vinu’s aayi, they both can explain Vinu and develop love in his heart and make him call her aayi/mother. Sai says that will not happen as Pakhi will be Vinu’s mother forever and Virat his father, they both will be Vinu’s family forever and her place is just of a doctor aunty. Sai says she will never break Vinu’s family; the way Virat kept his words and wants to give their relationship another chance, years ago even she wanted same and hear same from him, they were husband and wife years ago and she wanted to be same forever, she had loved only him in her life, but not now as he is someone else’s husband now and she can’t kill someone’s relationship to fill a life in their relationship; its impossible for them to reunite again.


Virat is heartbroken and asks what is she saying. Sai says she is speaking right and can’t give a second chance to their relationship and become his wife again as someone else has right on him. Virat says his and Pakhi’s relationship is of namesake and he will explain Pakhi about it. Sai says he needs to explain himself and asks if she had not returned, would he have left Pakhi. Virat says she has returned in his life tough. Sai says she will not snatch someone’s husband destroy someone’s house, she will not do something which she hated Pakhi for; Pakhi was between them from day 1 and they fought many times because of this; she considered Pakhi as a second woman and herself can’t become a second woman; she has decided to leave his house with Savi. Virat stands more shocked. Sai says he can visit Savi any time he wants to and things will be become like before; she is clear that she can’t give a second chance to their relationship and her answer is no.

Virat says she can’t say no as he doesn’t love Pakhi and doesn’t have a husband-wife relationship with Pakhi, he loves Sai; he will explain Pakhi and Vinu, etc. Musicians walk in playing music. Sai asks what is all this, stop it. Virat shouts at musicians to get out and wait. Sai repeats that she will not return to his life as his wife as they are 2 corners of a river which can’t unite, they can’t ruin lives of people around them; he is obsessed with love, but she can’t be selfish like him. She walks away from there, leaving him shattered. Virat thinks she is acting foolish and thinks he can’t lose Sai again.

Sai travels in an auto and recalls Virat’s words. Auto driver asks where she wants to go and gets her out of auto. Sai walks on road senselessly. A speeding truck is about to crush her when her Aabha pulls her away and asks why she looks so tensed. Sai says Virat wants her to give another chance to their relationship. Aabha asks what she wants. Sai says she felt happy as she always loved Virat and handled herself after she left him, but now Virat wants to return in her life and lead a happy life with her. Aabha asks what she wants. Sai says she can’t destroy someone’s life and become a second wife, she feels she is destroying her beautiful dream though. Virat says there are 2 paths in front of a person, one which is beneficial for her and another which his beneficial for others, she will feel peaceful when she chooses a path beneficial for others as she never thinks bad for others. Sai thanks him for clearing her dilemma.
Sai returns home. Savi says aaji/Usha called her and says she is sad without her. Sai says aaji is alone, shall they go and stay with aaji. Savi says she wants to stay with baba. Sai asks if she can see aaji sad, their house is near to this house and she can visit baba and Vinu dada often and even they can visit her. Sai says they all can shift aaji here and live a happy life together or they all can shift with Aaji. Sai says they can’t as Vinu dada will stay with his aayi and baba and baba will stay with his wife and vinu dada. Savi asks her to become baba’s wife then. Sai says its impossible as her baba is already married, so they should go and stay with Aaji. She hugs and comforts Savi.