Lost in Love Tuesday Update 23 August 2022


Lost in Love Tuesday Update 23 August 2022

Sai looking at Virat peeping from glass door remembers Ashwini telling that Virat is repenting for his act. Virat thinks he shouldn’t have got angry on her and lost control. He reminisces the quality time spent with her and rest of events till now. Hamari Adhuri Kahani.. song plays in the background. Sunny reaches and asks what happened to Sai. Virat says Sai’s condition is because of him; Sunny told him many times to propose Sai, but his jealousy and possessiveness. Sunny says they can’t change whatever happened, he should tell Sai how much he loves her. Virat says that is the mistake he did. Sunny insists him to stop feeling guilty and try once to express is feelings for Sai. Virat always hoped Sai sees love for her in his eyes and hoped she never leaves him. Pulkit enters saying false hope only gives pain and Virat knows that Sai will not accept him again after what he did. Virat says he knows and would accept his fate. Pulkit asks him to go home as he is here for Sai. Virat says he will not go. Sunny asks Virat to take care of himself and Sai and call him if needed.

Pulkit enters Sai’s room and says looks like she wasn’t waiting for him. She says she wasn’t waiting for anyone. He serves her food while Virat watches from glass window. She eats food looking at Virat. Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein.. song plays in the background. Sai falls asleep after having food and once she wakes up in the morning, she sees Virat holding tender coconut in front of her. He asks how is she. She tries to move, but falls down. He helps her and requests to rest, he came here seeing Pulkit going to bring breakfast for her and brought her favorite tender coconut. She says she doesn’t need it. He says a medical student knows benefits of tender coconut and if she doesn’t want to have his brought tender coconut, he will call nurse. She says its okay, she will have it later. Pulkit notices it and walks away. Virat asks if she will return to their house. Sai says neither his nor Pulkit’s house is hers and she doesn’t have her own house. He requests her to return home with him, he cannot change the past, but will correct his present and future mistake. She asks if anyone can correct his/her each mistake. He says he believes that one can try. She says she doesn’t believe his belief and asks if he stayed here overnight to take her home. He says yes. She asks him to attend his duty as its important for him. He says he will not go anywhere until she gets well and if something had happened to her, he wouldn’t have.. She asks what. He says sorry to disturb her and walks away. Sai thinks why he was jealous with Ajinkya when she is no one to him.

At home, Virat reminisces Ninad informing that Pakhi insistently sent Ajinkya to Sai’s room. Pakhi noticing him knocks room door and calls him, but he doesn’t reply. She walks to him and asks why didn’t he come down for dinner, should she bring food for him here. He angrily says she knows family rules and restrictions, but she insistently sent Ajinkya to Sai’s room while Ajinkya requested to call Sai down to give her notes. Pakhi says she didn’t have any bad intentions and did just.. He says she didn’t want to befriend Sai and wanted him to see Sai and Ajinkya together and get angry. He congratulates her that her plan succeeded and says he didn’t now her thinking can be so low, she can stoop low but cannot interfere between him and Sai. She says he is misunderstanding him again and does same to her always. He asks her to stop her drama. She asks if her tears look fake to her, her life is getting worse because of him. He says its because of herself and he is not responsible for it.

Virat telling Pakhi that she is responsible for her condition. Ashwini comes with dinner and scold Pakhi for coming to Virat room in late night. Pakhi tell she came to call Virat for dinner. Ashwini tell that she didn’t die? She is there to take care of Virat. She further add that Pakhi should stay away from Virat. Than she scold Virat for still talking to Pakhi after so much happening. She further add that he should pray?? Bappa that Sai get fine soon..

Pulkit tell Sai that she is recovering soon, all thanks?? to Lord Shiv. After resting and taking proper care you will be fit and fine. Infect doctor has told that she will be discharged tomorrow and can meet Devi. Will you come with Sai?
Sai remembers that how Virat asked her come with him at chavan house, how Ashwini told her that Virat was jealous seeing you with Anjinkya and regert for his behaviour.
Sai get tears and tell Pulkit that she will accompany him.

Virat tell Ashwini that Sai will be fine soon and I didn’t call Pakhi. Ashwini says that you should stay away from nonsense people (pakhi was like??) and just focus on Sai. She warn both that when Sai returns she will have same place which she deserves and no bad eye should fall on her (pakhi ??). Pakhi goes with these expressions??

Next day Doctor says that Sai is brave girl, she is recovering very fast. Virat tell he did whole formalities. Doctor give next appointment and medicine details.

Virat ask Sai that why she look sad??? She will recover soon. Sai says this is not good news that I should dance??. Virat request her to hold my hand and lets go home. Sai says i don’t have neither house. I feel like i should stay in hospital only. Virat ask will you come with me? Sai says you don’t deserve to be forgiven. Virat says I know you haven’t forgiven him, so i will not force you until you decide.
Sai says you doubted on me and Anjikya charcter for a second, while saying so much infront of my friend and your best friend. I can never forget that insult in my life. Do you think?if I would have questioned you same with your female friends?
(Correct males think females should have only female friends, though they can have female and males friends??)
Virat says I know i have hurted you so much, and I am ashmed of my doings. He further add lets go home. Sai say how can you think so? Pulkit jiju is coming to pick me up (pulkit open door with smile☺️, but smile vanish seeig Virat). I shall never return to chavan house where I was insulted and my character was questioned.
Pulkit come inside and tell Virat he didn’t knew he was coming, but he shouldn’t have bothered!! Virat says I wanted to Sai.
Pulkit ask Sai I asked about payment details, but got to know it was done? Sai says Virat did it.
Virat say i got her admitted, so I fulfilled my duty. Pulkit ask Sai lets go and both extend hand. Sai hold pulkit hand and walks with him. Sai ask why is he standing like this?
Pulkit says she will go with me no doubt as she need peace of mind and need to focus on her studies.
Virat says yes she indeed, but being my wife i want her to answer after rethinking once more! Pulkit say to Sai that you need to focus on your dreams.
Sai says I want to go to chavan house! Virat get happy hearing this but Pulkit get shocked. Sai says let me complete I need my things. Pulkit says i will provide that, no need to go to Chavan house!
Virat says I shall deliver your things, but Sai denies stating you need not to bother.
Pulkit ask let me take you, as you need to get rest. I will pick you in evening. Sai agrees.
Sai tell for I shall go with Virat as family might be waiting..