Lost in Love Tuesday Update 21st June 2022


Lost in Love Tuesday Update 21st June 2022

Bhavani challenges Sai that she will not clean the mess and she can do whatever she wants. Sai says she will gather neighbors and loudly inform them what they did with Devi tai and they are against Devi and Pulkit’s wedding, they very well know that she does what she says. Shivani says she will pick the gifts. Sai asks them to stop right there and says whoever threw the gifts down will pick them. She says she will count till 5 and starts 1. Sonali tells Bhavani that they can’t even complaint Virat against Sai as she has done black magic on him. Pakhi says whether Sai had done black magic or not on Virat, Virat is completely blind behind her. Sai asks why she is jealous if her husband loves her, she never heard Pakhi taking her husband’s name even once and takes Virat’s name at least 100-200 times a day. Devi says Sai is right, Pakhi takes only Virat’s name more than Sai.

Ashwini stops Devi. Bhavani yells at her to shut super mad Sai’s mouth instead of mad Devi. Sai counts 2. Sonali thinks good Karishma went to her maika or else she would have been inspired by Sai. Ninad yells Sai cannot force them, she knows who they are and she cannot threaten an army and a police officers’ family. Sai says she herself is a police offers’ daughter and wife and knows what it means and counts 3. Ex-constable Omkar, who behaves worst than a local goon, yells that Ninad and Bhavani will not pick gifts from floor and he will kick the gifts out of house.

Sai walks to main door and counts 4. Saloni asks Bhavani what if she really reveals their secret to neighbors. Bhavani says their dignity will be spoilt and orders Ashwini to stop her bahu. Ashwini says when she couldn’t stop anyone in this house from doing whatever they, how can she stop sai, anyways they know how adamant Sai is. Sai loudly calls neighbors. Ninad yells to stop, but Sai continues. Ninad helplessly picks sari and rolls it. Sai says he snatched all gifts from Devi’s hands and threw them down, so he will return them to Devi and apologize her or else she will continue calling neighbors. Ninad does same. Sai then Bhavani to pick the remaining gifts and give it to Devi, and if she yells once, she will call neighbors loudly. Bhavani stops her and bends to pick gifts. Pakhi stops her and says she will pick them. Sai warns her to stop. Bhavani says she will do it and picking gifts hands them to Devi rudely. Devi happily receives them. Ninad and Omkar help Devi.

Pakhi yells that nothing can be bad than this, Sai insulted elders to fulfill her ego. Ninad says she forced them to pick gifts, but she cannot force for Devi and Pulkit’s marriage. Bhavani says if this marriage happens, then she and her puppet Ninad will not stay in this house for even a second. Ashwini asks where will they both go then. Ninad asks if she is getting happy hearing about it, she need not worry as this will not happen and Sai will go instead. Omkar says he is right. Sonali says there is nothing to think. Sai says they won’t be able to do this as she will get this marriage happened for sure, till they she, Ashwini, and Shivani will check gifts in Devi’s room. They all follow Sai and check Devi’s gifts. Devi seeing musical snow ball says she and Pulkit will dance on their wedding similarly. Shivani says she is looking very beautiful in pink sari. Sai says yes. Devi tells Ashwini that she had wished Pulkit to bring pink sari and matching jewelry, he remembers everything. Ashwini gets emotional hearing that. Sai asks why is she crying.

Bhavani cries on the other side. Ninad asks her not to spoil her health by crying. Sonali asks why is she getting tensed because of jungli mulgi. Pakhi walks in and calls them for dinner, she consoles Bhavani and ask not to take so much tension. Bhavani says so much is happening at home, how can’t she be tensed.

Devi asks Ashwini why is she crying. Ashwini says she will miss Devi a lot after she leaves home after marriage. Devi says she will come home daily to have food. Ashwini asks who will handle her house if she comes here daily. Devi asks if she ahs to handle her house. Ashwini says she need not worry as Pulkit will help her, she is happy to see that Pulkit who used to do minor household chores has become a rich and famous doctor, he loves Devi so much. Sai says Pulkit sir loves Devi tai so much and remembers all her wishes. She clicks Devi’s pic with sari and sends it to Pulkit. Devi says even Virat takes care of Sai so much and loves her. Sai asks why tai and aayi think so, there is nothing like that. Devi says she can see in Viru’s eyes, Viru loves Sai. Ashwini says now even Devi saw Viru’s love for Sai, one day Sai will realize it. Sai reminisces Virat love and care for her.

Omkar yells that Sai made elders work like servants by blackmailing them. Bhavani says when Sai was calling neighbors, she felt like kicking Sai out of house. Ninad says even he felt same. Sonali says they cannot do that as Karishma last time told they can’t do that as government has made many rules to protect bahu, Sai may practically complain against them and may even call DIG home. Pakhi says she feels bad seeing their condition. Bahvani says she couldn’t stop Sai from forcing them, Sai may get Pulkit and Devi married for sure. Ninad says now Virat is supporting Sai. Pakhi says she will speak to Virat tonight and promises to make Virat against this marriage.

Virat turns his face nervously when he sees Sai coming out of bathroom drying her hair. Sai says he can turn as she has changed. She then dries her hair with a hair dryer. He gets mesmerized with her beauty and stands looking at her. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Sai notices that and asks why is he looking at her so carefully. He nervously says no. She says he was looking at her and laughs, then says she will not laugh now. She then asks how will they arrange Devi tai’s wedding. He says it would be very simple. She asks how can it be and showing Pulkit’s arrangement says they are from girl’s side and shouldn’t leave any stone unturned. He asks if she is really from girl’s side, then she considers his family as hers. She says she considers Aayi and tai as her family. He asks what about him. She stands silently. He says he enjoys shutting a police officer’s mouth and jokes. She asks him money for Devi tai’s shopping. He asks why should he. She says she will gift her saris and jewelry to Devi tai. He asks if she will give her Aaba’s given gifts to Devi tai.

Sai says her Aaba would be happy and will bless her. He says she has a golden heart. She says his family hates her though and informs how Bhavani and Ninad threw Pulkit’s sent gifts for Devi and are determined to stop Devi and Pulkit’s wedding. He feels bad hearing that. She requests him to convince them for Devi and Pulkit’s wedding. He says he already told Pulkit and Devi are adults and don’t need anyone’s permission just like he didn’t take anyone’s permission to marry her. She says that is why he got a jungli wife and laughs. He also laughs with her. She insists to give her money or else she will twist his ear like Aayi. He says Aayi taught her this, very smart. She says if he doens’t give her money, she will go to Gadchiroli and draw money from Aaba’s account. He says he will give her money. She asks why he doesn’t want her to go to Gadchiroli. He says he doesn’t want her to go. She asks why. He thinks because he is habituated to her presence and cannot see her going away from him. She asks him to reply her small question. He says sometimes its better not to answer.

Pakhi knocks door and asks if she can come in. Sai says she need not ask and can enter directly like always. Virat asks her not to start fight now. Sai says Pakhi always enters room without even knocking door. Pakhi enters and tells Virat that she needs to talk to him alone. Virat asks her to speak in front of Sai. Sai tries to leave. Virat says she needs not go as she is part of the family. Sai says Pakhi wants to speak to only him. Virat asks Pakhi to speak in front of Sai. Pakhi says she thought he respects him, she wants to talk to him something important, but Sai’s presence is more important than family issues to him. Virat says he didn’t mean that and wants Sai to know all the family issues as she is part of their family. Sai walks away saying she doesn’t want to listen to the issues which others don’t want her to hear. Virat asks Pakhi what she wants to say. Pakhi says he shouldn’t agree for Devi and Pulkit’s wedding as elders have years of experience and must have thought a lot before taking this decision, so he should accept their decision and not his immature wife’s who takes every decision in a hurry and doesn’t think a bit before doing anything. Virat says Sai doesn’t take any decision in a hurry, she knew about Devi and Pulkit before them, and after enquiring well about Pulkit and his family, she let Pulkit visit their house, so he doesn’t think Sai didn’t do anything wrong.

Usha sees Sai on terrace and asks what is she doing here at this time. Sai says its a cool environment here. Usha asks her not to lie. Sai says Pakhi came to her room to talk to Virat. Usha says she should be there then. Sai says Pakhi wants to speak to Virat alone maybe about Pulkit and Devi’s wedding and must be opposing it. Usha says Pakhi opposes Sai’s every decision. She laughs and says she doesn’t care as she knows until Virat is there, Devi’s wedding will happen for her. Usha smiles and says he was against marrying Virat and now they both are getting Devi married. Sai says Aaba used to tell they shouldn’t back off from doing good, tomorrow her scholarship money will come and she will buy a good gift for Devi. Usha says she should seek money from Virat as she has right on his money. Sai says she already did and he agreed to give her money, even then its good if scholarship money comes. Usha says Devi must be very happy. Sai says a a lot and hopes there won’t be any hurdles in Devi’s wedding.

Pakhi yells at Virat that he always blindly supports Sai. Virat says he is not supporting Sai but praising her truth and brave nature, Sai is not the one who will do something to impress others, she just helps others and thinks of others’ happiness before her happiness, he is sure Sai would have helped even Pakhi if she was in Devi’s place. Pakhi asks her to stop praising his wife and says she is not against Devi’s wedding, but if its a right decision seeing Sai’s mental condition. Virat says if family had taken a right decision, Devi’s mental condition wouldn’t have been worse and she would have been fine if she had married Pulkit, he doesn’t think anyone should interfere and he will try to convince family for Devi and Pulkit’s wedding. Pakhi says he is not ready to listen to her at all. He asks if its her decision or Bhavani’s. She asks if he thinks she is part of a family and her opinion matters. He says she can. She says its not a wise decision. He asks how does she know.

She says common sense and asks if he thinks why Pulkit returned after many years and wants to marry Devi, what if he disowns her after marriage, Devi’s mental condition will worsen more if that happens. He says he doesn’t think Pulkit would do that. She asks how does he know. He says common sense, Pulkit didn’t marry even after so many years and after knowing Devi also didn’t marry yet, he came to her and is ready to accept her even after her mental condition, he is sure Pulkit is a good man since the beginning. Pakhi asks what if Pulkit has remarried and hid it from Sai and them and has returned to take revenge from Bhavani. He asks her not to use trouble her brain and to forget this issue. She yells that he wants this marriage as Sai wants it, Sai is controlled his mind completely. He asks not to keep such a wrong opinion regarding Sai, he is not supporting Sai as she is his wife but because her decision is right. She thinks he doesn’t want to listen to her at all.