Lost in Love Tuesday Update 17th May 2022


Lost in Love Tuesday Update 17th May 2022

Sayi returns home with Usha. Ashwini asks where had she gone without informing her. Bhavani and whole family yell if she will tell or not. She says she doesn’t have any problem informing them, but since their behavior is same rude when she left home, she will not inform them. Ninad yells followed by others. Ashwini asks if she didn’t feel it important to inform even her. Sayi says she had gone to temple, so she couldn’t. Usha asks her to inform them or else she will. Bhavani insists. Usha says they went to Damadji/Virat’s office for his work. Karishma says she knows Sayi fought with Virat last night and slept in Usha’s room, if she went to complain. Pakhi asks next why she went to Virat’s office and why she had slept in Usha’s room. Sayi asks if she is happy hearing this.

Pakhi warns her to be in her limits and dare not insult her. Sayi says she doesn’t want to think about her at all and she doesn’t have any right to ask a wife why she went to her husband’s room; she will behave the way they behave with her; they cannot expect halwa to be sweet by adding salt in it. Saloni says she wanted to inform them sometime ago, now should tell everyone. Sunny asks her to please inform them as everyone are tensed. Sayi says she wanted to, but will not now; she had gone to police headquarters to meet Virat’s senior, DIG. Karishma asks if she went to complain against Virat for last night’s fight. Bhavani yells that Virat went against whole family and stood with Sayi, this is what he got in return. Ninad says some people don’t change. Omkar comments next followed by Saloni. Ashwini asks them to listen to Sayi once before giving any judgement. Sunny yells at Sayi next saying she shouldn’t have complained against Virat as he is important to whole family, etc. Bhavani asks what did she complain to DIG, if police team will come and arrest Virat.

Karishma says police came, she means Virat came. Virat walks in. Bhavani yells that Sayi complained against him to DIG, he was protecting his wife, but she ruined his life. Pakhi says she feels pity for Virat that he got a wife like Sayi. Family continues one by one. Virat says he knows why Sayi met DIG. Bhavani continues scolding Sayi. Sayi tells Ashwini that she is hungry and is going to Usha’s room. Virat stops her. Bhavani comments she doesn’t listen to anyone. Virat insists Sayi to stay and let everyone know what she did. He explains family that Gadchiroli’s politician goon Vithal Mane complained against him that he forcefully married Sayi, so Sayi went to DIG and explained him whole story. He reminisces DIG telling that with Sayi’s evidence,

Vithal’s complaint would be invalid, Virat did right by marrying Sayi to support her, he is lucky to have a wife like Sayi who is fearless and true hearted; people get diamonds, but he got kohinoor in Sayi. Out of flashback, Virat says Sayi saved him today. Ashwini emotionally cries and thanks god for keeping a mother’s faith alive. She hugs Sayi and asks why didn’t she inform everyone, they all would have praised her. Sayi says doesn’t want to force anyone to praise her, she is feeling very hungry now and Ashwini should send food in Usha’s room. Ashwini agrees.

Usha oil massages Sayi’s scalp and jokes with her. Sayi says she is lucky to apply oil in Sayi Joshi’s hair. Usha says she should be nice to her in-laws. Sayi jokes that Bhavani looks like peacock when she says mast mast. Usha says she shouldn’t misbehave with Bhavani or any elder, should have informed truth to everyone beforehand. Sayi says doesn’t want to inform anything to anyone and she will behave with others the way they behave with her and she is not afraid of anyone. Usha asks why is she angry on Damadji till now, she should go back to his room.

Sayi says she doesn’t want to, if she wants her to go out of this room. Usha asks her to relax, sees someone near door and signals her. Sayi opens door and sees Virat standing. Virat says he wants to talk something important to her. She asks him to go ahead. He asks her to come to his room. She says she already told she will sleep here. He says he wants to discuss it alone. She insists to speak here itself. He says he respects Usha mausi, some personal issues should be discussed between only husband and wife. Usha says he is right and asks Sayi to go with him. Sayi goes back and sits. Usha signals him and acts as seeing lizard. Sayi jumps on bench in fear and asks her to shoo it off. Usha asks her to go damadji’s room. Virat asks what if lizard comes on her bed. Sayi walks out with her pillow.

Sayi walks towards Virat’s room with him when Pakhi stops Virat and says he convinced Sayi at least, he must not be getting sleep without Sayi. Sayi says he wants to discuss something important with Sayi. Pakhi says she thought he is busy in some important work and reminds that she requested him to speak to her, but he insisted to speak later as he is busy. Sayi asks why is she angry seeing a husband convincing his wife and taking her to their room. Pakhi says she is not speaking to her. Sayi says when its about her, why shouldn’t she interfere. Virat asks Sayi not to misbehave with Pakhi.

Pakhi says he can discuss important issue with Pakhi and she will return to Usha’s room. Pakhi shouts how dare she is to insult her. Sayi asks why shouldn’t she when Pakhi is interfering between husband and wife at midnight while her husband is missing and she is eyeing on someone else’s husband. Pakhi shouts at Sayi and complains Virat. Virat says Pakhi should return to her room as she is wrong this time. Pakhi says he is right and sorry for wasting their time. Sayi says one’s dignity in their own hands, they should loudly tell something in front of others that they feel shame on themselves. Karishma enjoys their drama standing nearby. Pakhi walks to her room while Sayi walks to Virat’s room.

Pakhi runs to her room crying and reminisces Sayi’s words that she should be worried for her missing husband. She also reminisces Virat supporting Sayi and telling Pakhi is wrong this time. Virat walks back to his room. Him and Sayi at once say thank you. He smiles. She asks why did he thank her. He says for what she did today, complaint against him is cleared, asks why did she thank him. She says because he thought she can be right sometimes. He says Sayi is always sahi/right and apologizes for misunderstanding her. She asks if he called her from Usha’s room to say this. She says whole family misunderstood her and he is sorry for that. She asks if she can go to Usha mausi’s room now. He asks if she has problem staying here. She says yes, he gets angry on her always. He says he didnt and was forced to get angry and he already apologized for that; if she doesn’t like him speaking to Pakhi She does not mind as they both are nothing to each other.

He says he doesn’t know if they mean to each other or not, but he is thankful to her for what she did. She says he was wrongly alleged and what he did, she cannot clear his debt in whole life. He says he just followed his responsibility. She thinks he is right, she is just his responsibility and nothing else, asks if she should go. He asks her to wait and says he was feeling very good when DIG sir was praising her. She asks why was he. He says she should ask herself. She says as he said he is just fulfilling his responsibility. He says a friend also has responsibility, that means they are friends. Pakhi thinks why she feels Virat found another friend, reminisces Virat praising Sayi, and cries profusely. Sai says she already has many friends and don’t need another one, tries to leave. Virat holds her hand and requests not to go or else. She asks if everyone will feel bad. He says he will feel bad and will not let her go out of this room again.

Next morning, Ashwini taunts Bhavani its already breakfast time, but her favorite bahu Pakhi is missing. Bhavani says Pakhi is unwell. Ashiwni says they used to have her prepared tea till now, but now wants only Pakhi’s tea. Omkar says he didn’t say that. Saloni asks why she forces her thoughts in Omkar’s mind. Ashwini says some words are unspoken. Ninad yells at Ashwini. Sayi angrily throws plate and shouts at them to stop fighting, don’t they have any other work than fighting; they all should silently come and have breakfast. Bhavani asks else? Sayi says she will break water mug. Bhavani and Ninad shout no, she always threatens. Bhavani forcefully takes mug from Sayi and orders everyone to walk to dining table. Sayi smiles at Ashwini. Everyone walk to dining area.

Omkar asks Sayi not to stare at him as he gets afraid. Virat brings Mansi down for breakfast. Mansi asks why everyone are looking so serious. Ninad says they are trying to escape a storm. Mansi asks what she means. Bhavani says nothing, just have breakfast. Sayi says why don’t they say she is that storm and serves them breakfast. Ninad stops Sayi and says he will take it himself as he is afraid of her. Virat asks why is he telling this. Omkar says because Virat doesn’t scold his wife. Virat says even Omkar can scold Sayi. He tastes food and makes weird faces. Sayi comments that he just walks down ready and has breakfast, but she prepared it with hard work, so he should silently have it. Karishma thinks something is special in Pakhi that she can shut everyone’s mouth.

Pakhi walks down with her bag. Everyone walk to her and ask where is she going. She says she is going to her parent’s house as Bhavani permitted her already. Omkar says she cannot go. Pakhi says she cannot compete her with others forgoing her job and career as she is not habituated to it. Sayi says she happily wanted to do this till yesterday and what happened now. Bhavani asks Pakhi why she wants to go. Pakhi says she cannot waste her time here as the reason she came her is missing and will return once Virat returns home. Sayi says she knows her problem, Samrat’s missing is just a vague reason. Pakhi asks her to speak directly instead of entangling like jalebi. Sayi says Pakhi is angry on Virat as Virat supported her instead of Pakhi and told Sayi is right and Pakhi is wrong. Pakhi says tongue is to speak and not speak rubbish, so she should speak sensibly with her. Sayi says even she doesn’t want to speak to her. Virat asks why she is angry and going from here, even if Samrat is not here how can she leave her own house. Pakhi says she is a mature girl and can take her own decisions, she is sure he must have also taken similar decisions, she is going to her parent’s house. Mansi says she cannot go like this. Pakhi says she will return once Samrat returns, Mansi should take care of her till then. She walks away with her bag.

Pakhi while traveling in cab cries reminisces Virat telling she is wrong and Sayi is right this time and Sayi telling same to family, she seeing lipstick marks on Virat’s kurta, etc. Chan se jo tute koi sapna…song plays in the background. She reaches her parents’ home. Parents get happy seeing her. Vaishali sees her bag and asks if her in-laws didn’t say anything seeing her going with bag. Sailesh says its okay, she can stay with them for a few days. Pakhi says she came here to stay permanently and will not go until Samrat returns, she had gone for Virat and he himself has changed. Vaishali says change is obvious as a color of sindhoor after marriage fades away color of love, she took a right decision. Pakhi says a third person staying between 2 is like an evening between day and night which is never spoken about, people talk about day and night and not day and evening.