Lost In Love Tuesday Update 15 November 2022


Lost In Love Tuesday Update 15 November 2022

Samrat stops Pakhi from picking landline and warns there is no need to pick Shruti’s call. Pakhi says he can say that without shouting, maybe someone else has called. Sonali says Shruti is shameless to call back. Bhavani fumes next, asks Pakhi to put the speaker on, and asks why did she call back. Shruti says Virat is severely ill. Ninad asks if she is planning to come here, they will not allow her. She says she just wanted to inform them about Virat’s condition. Pakhi tries to speak. Samrat disconnects call. Pakhi asks what if Virat is really ill. Ashwini says he is paying for his sin. Ninad asks Samrat to go to hostel and check on Sai. Samrat with Mohit, Pakhi, and Shivani leaves. Sonali says because of all this, their family is humiliated.

Samrat with others reaches hostel and knocks door and when she doesn’t open it calls warden who checks register and informs that she is inside her room. Mohit says their SIL, Samrat says sister may be inside and asks her to open the door using master key. She does. Samrat notices Sai unconscious on floor. Shivani asks Pakhi to bring water and sprinkles it on Sai’s face. Sai wakes up and asks how did she come on floor and what are they doing here. Mohit says she must have fallen unconscious. Samrat says she is having high fever, so he will not let her stay here. Sai denies to stay at Chavan nivas. Pakhi taunts if she is expecting Virat to visit her daily and offer her medicine. Samrat warns her to mind her tongue. Sai says she is not waiting for anyone. Mohit insists her that a person needs their dear ones when ill. Samrat says she will accompany them to home. Pakhi taunts that Ashwini is right that Sai will not come there.

Pakhi says she values her self-respect and cannot ruin it by coming there. Samrat says she is his sister now and shouldn’t bother about Virat who left her for Shruti. Pakhi taunts her again. Samrat insists again. Sai asks to forget about her, how is Bhavani and if she is taking medicines on time. Pakhi says everyone is fine, but Virat is severely ill as Shruti called and informed them. Samrat says Ninad warned her that Virat is dead for them and she should call them back, insists that she will accompany him as his sister. Sai agrees and says she will stay tonight and will return to hostel in the morning. Pakhi taunts everyone are dancing to Sai’s tune even now. Shivani says few people like Pakhi will never change, even their love for Sai will not change. Mohit says he will get her bag. Sai worries for Virat and prays god to protect him.

Senior chavans eagerly wait for Samrat’s call. Mohit and Pakhi return. Ninad asks Mohit how is Sai and why didn’t he call her. Bhavani yells Sai must have shown attitude. Pakhi says Sai is returning home. Sonali taunts that Sai boasted not to return back, but broke her promise. Bhavani says Sai has made it a game to do drama at first and then return home. Sai enters holding Samrat and Shivani. Devi happily runs and hugs her and says she looks so weak. Shivani says she was found unconscious in her room and warn family members not to trouble her until she is here. Ninad scolds Sai for not informing them about her condition. Sai says baba.. Ninad says he was eager to hear baba from her mouth. Ashwini hugs her and takes her in.

Doctor checks unconscious Virat, tells Shruti that her husband is having high fever, can’t she take care of him. Shruti says her husband stays outside most of the time due to work. He says her husband needs blood tests for further prescription and seeing Virat opening eyes asks if he is okay. Virat subconsciously calls Sai. Back at Chavan nivas, Ashwini asks Sai why is she punishing herself for Virat and asks to forget him and move on and take proper care of him. Devi says even she needs food as she is hungry worried for Sai. Conversation continues. Sai hopes Virat is fine.

Ninad tells family that he already accepted that Virat is dead for him. Ashwini says she accepted that Virat is not her son anymore, but Sai is her daughter. Sai says they should find out if Virat is really ill. Samrat says Virat must be fine and it must be Shruti’s plan to enter this house. Pakhi says he is right, Sai manipulated Virat and got a baby from him to separate him and Sai and enter this house. Samrat says their baby Virat easily got manipulated. Pakhi says she still feel that is Shruti’s fault and not Virat’s. Sai says if Virat is happy with Shruti and her baby, they shouldn’t disturb them. On the other side, Virat continues to blabber taking Sai’s name. Shruti says its her. Doctor says her husband is mentally disturbed and got an anxiety disorder, writes prescription and asks what is her husband’s name. She says Virat. He remembers seeing Virat somewhere. Shruti remembers Virat’s news in newspaper, gets nervous, gives his fees, and sends him away. She feels guilty that she became a hurdle between Virat and Sai.

Sai continues to defend Virat. Samrat opposes Virat. Shivani asks Sai to stop defending Virat, feels guilty for getting them closer, and says Virat is unfit for her. Ninad says this whole house is unfit for Sai and tells Sai that this whole house is indebted to her and he feels she is taking revenge from them for their earlier rude behavior. Sai asks what does he mean. He asks why did she protect Virat with her lie and supported his illicit relationship with Shruti. Sai says Virat helped her a lot, so she felt she is not lying and thought of giving the freedom Virat deserves, etc.

Shruti applies cold compresses to Virat’s forehead. Virat holds her hand and imaging Sai asks if she came at last. Shruti asks how is he feeling now. He says he is fine now, opens eyes, and seeing her asks why is she sitting near him. She says she is just taking care of him as there is no one to take care of him, she even called his house. He asks what did she do. She thinks she thought his family will melt down hearing about his health, but they didn’t.

Mohit insists Sai to stay with them. Samrat says Mohit is right. Sai says she is happy to get such a good family, but she will stay tonight and will go back to hostel tomorrow morning. Pakhi thinks she should go right now. Bhavani scolds her why did she come if wanted to go back, she ruined their family’s dignity with her drama, can’t she stay back for them. She says she values her self-respect and cannot stay there. Virat asks Shruti what happened to him. She says he was having high fever and fell unconscious. He says he was known as a brave police officer of Nagpur, but now he feels helpless. She consoles him and says soon Sai will be with him again once he speaks to her and clears his differences out, etc. He hopes that happens. Bhavani yells at Shruti what she thinks of herself, she is nothing and is known as Chavan family bahu. Sonali taunts that she is a college topper. Bhavani says she reached college because of Chavan family and they gave her education and shelter, she should thank Virat for all this. Sai says she is right, she is thankful to this family and Virat her whole life, but now she wants to be self-relient and live life on her own, so she decided to live alone. Omkar, Sonali, and Pakhi feel happy hearing that. Sai says she will visit them often. Mansi says as she wishes and asks Devi to take Sai to her room. Sonali stops her and says that room doesn’t belong to her anymore.