Lost in Love Thursday Update 2nd June 2022


Lost in Love Thursday Update 2nd June 2022

Sayi is busy cooking in kitchen when Devi enters and claps saying she enjoyed a lot. Sayi says she is standing nearby, then why she is speaking so loudly. Devi says speaks more loudly. Sayi shuts her ears and they both laugh. Devi says she liked Sayi’s game today. Sayi says she just told truth and says now its time for her college. Devi insists to serve her breakfast and then go. Sayi asks her to go to her room while she brings breakfast to her room. Devi reaches her room, and Sayi brings her food. Ashwini walks in to call Devi for breakfast when she sees Sayi there and gets happy seeing Sayi bringing her food. Sayi asks Devi to show her medicine which induces her sleep. Devi insists to feed her first. Sayi feeds her a bite and clicks medicine’s pic reminiscing Dr. Pulkit asking her to seek his help in studies if needed. Devi says if her doctor husband would have been present, he would have treated her and wouldn’t have given this bad medicine. Sayi says everything will be fine. Devi says Sayi hai to sahi hai/everything is fine when Sayi is present.

Karishma applies ice on Pakhi’s hands and asks if it is burning too much. Bhavani enters and says she will apply ice on Pakhi’s hands as Pakhi is her favorite bahu. Karishma says even Sayi had same burn. Pakhi apologizes Bhavani for not grinding other masalas and says she will do other chores properly. Bhavani praises her and says this is called pure Maratha shahnu kudi/girl who knows her responsibilities. Saloni backs her and yells at Sayi. Karishma backs her. Bhavani yells why didn’t she oppose Sayi when she forced Pakhi to grind masalas. Karishma says how could she. Bhavani yells to shut up. Karishma says whoever makes a mistake, she is scolded always. Bhavani says she will teach a lesson to jungli mulgi sayi and is determined.

Sayi meets Dr. Pulkit in college and says she needs to speak. He says he has 15 mins break and classes after that, so why don’t they talk while having food in canteen. She says only if he has her prepared food. They enter canteen and she serves food to him. He says its smells good and asks if she stays nearby that she brings food regularly. She says Sundar nagar. He reminisces his love story with Devi. She asks if he is fine. He says even he used to stay in Sundar nagar. She shows him Devi’s medicine. He says it is taken for posttraumatic stress disorder where patients are very aggressive after a mental shock, if someone in her family is suffering it. She says actually. Just then, a student announces about fresher’s talent program at college. Sayi says what nonsense who wastes time on it in college. Fellow students joke that it happens with a married woman who gets irritated after marriage, Sayi’s husband must not be letting her sleep whole night, so she studies at college whole day. Sayi warns its none of their business. A student Aniket sings Subhan Allah..song and practices for talent program. Sayi gets engrapsed in song and dances around him. She gets into senses when every clap taking his name and runs from there. Aniket notices her.

In room, Karishma warns Aniket to either get a proper job or become a proper actor soon. He says he is searching a job which can help him in pursuing acting hobby. She says because nobody respects him at home, she is also not respected and everyone scold her. They hear music sound and walk out. Whole family joins. Bhavani shouts who played loud music. Karishma says its from Sayi’s room. Pakhi says listening a song is good, but she can keep volume down, she will go and inform her. Bhavani says she will go and continues yelling. Virat enters. Bhavani yells if his wife wants to disturb everyone t hat she is playing loud music.

Bhavani hearing loud music from Sayi’s room asks Virat if doctor prescribed his wife to play loud music at night to ward off fever. She continues asking him to explain her that others also stay in this house or if they all should go somewhere else. He asks not to go anywhere, he will explain her not to make this mistake again. Sayi enjoys performing kathak in her room on a traditional song. Virat enters and watches her dance silently. She slips. He holds her and looks into her eyes. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He apologizes for entering suddenly. She says its his room and he doesn’t need her permission to enter. He says no more fight today. She asks if she is fighting. He says okay, she is not fighting with him and asks why is she so happy today and performing kathak. She informs about fresher’s welcome program in her college and participating in dance competition.

He says music volume was high. She says it was low or else his family would have created an earthquake. He says is not less than an earthquake. She laughs and says she used to participate in every dance competition in school, but didn’t want to participate in fresher’s welcome program’s dance competition, but then Aniket insisted her and she agreed. He asks who Aniket. She says her fellow student, he sings really well and she got mesmerized in his song and started dancing subconsciously, everyone noticed it and insisted her to participate; even Aniket sings well. She asks if he will attend his fresher’s welcome program and watch her performance, then says he may not as he is busy. He says she herself decides everything. He says he doesn’t have to come as there are many people to watch her dance. He thinks what should with this girl and goes to change.

After sometime, Virat asks if Aniket sings well. She says he signs really well and she suggested him to participate in singing competition, he said he is singing reality show’s runner up. Virat says anyone can become runner up, comments andhon me kana raja. She says he shouldn’t underestimate Aniket, he sings really well and she knows it. He says as if all great singers like Rafi Saheb, Kishore Da, Lata ji are from Gadchiroli. She says she heard her father hearing songs and she used to dance along, so she knows Aniket sings well. He gets more jealous. She continues. He says okay akay and asks where are his slippers. She gives him slippers. She asks to stop wearing his slippers and joke about his family. She says she will not stop wearing his slippers and will not joke about his family, but he hasn’t seen a good dance and hence he didn’t praise her dance. He says a few people praised her odd moves and praised her, her khet.. She says Aniket.

He says many people participate in singing competition and win, but they vanish later, Aniket is just a runner up. She laughs saying he is jealous of Aniket. He says he sings well and plays mandolin. She insists to sing then. He says he is a police officer and his duty is to protect people and not just a bad singer. She says Aniket entertains people like he protects them, so he shouldn’t get jealous. Virat says okay okay, she should let him sleep as he is tired. She agrees. He asks how does Aniket look. She says she hasn’t seen him well. He insists. She describes his features and says he is taller than him. He says okay, he is tired now and will sleep, she doesn’t need to participate.

She says along with college, she needs to do house hold chores and at college students taunt her that she is married and doesn’t have time to study, so she studies in college. He lies down. She asks why didn’t his best friend Pakhi bring dinner for him, if she is angry on him as he scolded her in the morning. He angrily shouts only Pakhi brings him food and loudly calls Pakhi to bring him dinner. Pakhi and everyone hear him. Ashwini while ironing clothes asks Ninad why is Virat calling Pakhi. Ninad yells if she is dumb not to hear him calling Pakhi to bring food. Ashwini confronts him and explains husband and wife’s relationship which they lack. Sayi asks Virat why is he shouting at her, if he angry as she danced on Aniket’s song or participating in dance competition.