Lost In Love Thursday Update 12 October 2023


Lost In Love Thursday Update 12 October 2023

Usha asks Sai if she has gone mad to marry Satya who is an illegitimate child of a dancer mother, does she want to upbring Savi in such a house, and what will Virat think if he learns about it. Sai says she already visited that, they are respected people who run a spices company which employes many unemployed women. Usha says she is not okay with this marry and she shouldn’t marry Satya. Satya calls Sai and informs that Bhavani had come to his house. Sai says even Amba came to her house to cancel their wedding like Bhavani. Satya asks if she gave an unfavorable answer to Amba. Sai says her respect towards him increased hearing about his past. Amba walks in. Satya asks why did she go to Sai’s house and created drama there. Maddy informs Amba that Virat’s aunt visited them and questioned Satya. Bhavani says she told him that Sai’s past will hunt him, so she will not approve his and Sai’s marriage.


Aaji says Satya gave her a befitting reply that he and Sai are well-educated and mature enough to handle any situation. Amba gets adamant that Satya will not marry Sai. Aaji says Satya is looking at a girl after Girija for the first time; she knows Amba wants best for her son, but they may lose a better option in search of a best one. She approves Satya’s marriage followed by Girija who says she knows how hollow and lonely life is without love and they shouldn’t object when Satya loves someone and wants to marry her. Satya thinks he and Sai are marrying as there is no love between them. Amba finally approves. Girija and Aaji congratulate Satya.

Satya calls Sai and informs her that Amba agreed for their marriage and Aaji told tomorrow is the best muhurath on festival day for wedding, so she should reach Ganesh temple as a bride tomorrow morning. Sai gets anxious. Usha asks what did Satya say. Sai says Satya’s family wedding wedding for tomorrow. Usha asks if she will really marry Satya. Saya says she may not. Next morning, Satya’s family gets ready with musician for the wedding. Amba looks sad. Satya walks in wearing groom’s attire. Aaji asks Amba to feel happy seeing her son as a groom. Amba says she can’t as neither bride nor arrangements are of her choice. Aaji says she had started arrangements long ago and should be happy seeing Satya happy. Satya messages Sai that they are heading to temple. Sai says even she is ready. Sheetal and another nurse get Sai ready as a bride and discuss that they can’t believe their 2 favorite doctors are marrying. Nurse checks and informs that baraat has arrived. Sheetal asks Sai if shall call Satya as jiju/BIL from today. Sai sits silent. Sheetal goes to check baraat. Sai’s inner voice emerges and questions if she is marrying Satya to avoid Virat’s claim. Sai says she is marrying for her son’s sake to save his family. Inner voice insists to accept that Virat questioned her character and challenged that she can never marry anyone else and will return to her. Sai accepts and says a man whom she loved questioned her character, she will end Virat’s hope forever by marrying Satya.