Lost in Love Sunday Update 3rd July 2022


Lost in Love Sunday Update 3rd July 2022

Virat dances with Sai and others on Rang Barse Bheege Churaniya wali.. song. Pakhi under bhang effect applies color on him and dances with him. Karishma shakes her and asks if she was dreaming about Samrat. Pakhi realizes it was her imagination and gets more jealous seeing Virat dancing with Sai. After the song, Virat applies color on Sai’s cheeks and forehead. He then covers their heads with veil. Pakhi shatters seeing that and thinks Virat is shamelessly kissing Sai in front of everyone. She walks away crying. Sai gets Pulkit’s call and gets conscious. Pulkit thinks why Sai is not picking his phone and tells Sai that he is worried thinking how will Sai bring Devi from there as she is not picking his call at all. Madhuri says Sai is intelligent and will complete her task, he should think positive. He says she is right.

Sai removes vail and nervously says she. Virat apologizes and leaves. Sai picks Pulkit’s call who asks where was she and will she bring Devi. she says she will try her best and prays god for help. Virat reminisces veil incident. Pakhi walks to him. He asks if everything is fine. She says he should tell instead as everyone saw how he was behaving with Sai in lieu of playing holi. Virat says she should accept that he and Sai are husband and wife. She says he should control his tongue and remember his promises made to her. Karishma walks to them and tells Virat that she was searching him as Bhavani Kaku called him. Virat leaves. Karishma asks Pakhi if she and Virat fought. Pakhi warns her to go and play holi with her husband and not interfere in her personal issues. Virat walks to Bhavani. He asks where was he. Barkha jokes that he was enjoying holi alone with Sai. Virat shies. She says she was joking.

Sai walks to Devi and informs that she will play holi with Pulkit. Devi gets happy and asks how will she as her aayi will not let her go out. Sai promises she will play holi with Pulkit for sure. Virat searches Sai. Sunny asks if he proposed Sai or not and forcefeeds him bhang milk to boost his self-confidence. Inebriated Virat imagines Samrat in Sunny and emotionally asks if he came and shouldn’t go away from him. Mohit says he asked DJ to play a song on which he and Samrat danced during last holi. Virat asks Sunny/Samrat if he is ready. He says he is. They both dance on an energetic song. Virat then realizes its sunny and stops. Sunny hugs him emotionally. Bhavani tells Sonali that Virat and Sunny’s dance created an energetic mood, good Sai is not around. Sonali asks where did Sonali go.

Sai informs Devi that Pulkit made arrangements for their wedding the way she wanted and he will come on horse to take her, so he should get ready as bride. Devi asks show will they go out as her aayi will beat her if she finds out and Ninad will break her hands and legs. Sai asks her to relax and reminds to keep her hand on her heart if she feels fear. She says they will go out via back door where Pulkit will send a cab for them. Devi says she feels sad leaving her house. Sai says Pulkit’s house is her real house and its time for them to stay together as husband and wife. Devi thanks her and says Sai will rule on this house and those who are insulting her will serve her. Sai asks her to pray that she completes her studies and leaves this house according to her deal. Devi asks why she always talks about leaving Viru. Sai gets her ready and messages Pulkit to send cab. Pulkit happily informs Madhuri that Sai’s message came. Sai gives gold chain as Devi’s wedding gift thinking she may not able to give it due to unforeseen situations. Devi says her marriage is not yet finished. Sai says she will give her another gift after marriage. Devi sadly looks at her room. Sai asks her to think about her future life with Pulkit. Devi picks her bag and phone and walks with Sai. Sai asks her to silently follow her to the back door. Bhavani walks in and stops her.

Sai is about to leave home with Devi when Bhavani walks in and asks what is she doing here alone. Sai sees Devi hiding. Bhavani taunts if she thinks there is some Mr. India hiding whom she can watch with red tinted glass. Sai says she didn’t say that. Bhavani taunts her more and warns to stay at home until holi finishes and not come out. Sai asks her not to worry as she will not attend holi celebration. Sonali walks in and informs that Barkha is going and wants to meet her. Bhavani says she will bring shagun money and silver coin for Barkha and goes to her room. Sonali goes back. Sai sees Devi hiding behind sofa. Devi says she saw her gandi/bad aayi, so she hid. Sai takes her towards back door.

Chavan family chats with Barkha. Barkha gifts her gift. Barkha says she doesn’t need it this year. Bhavani says she entertained them, so she should keep it and return next year. Sai sees back door closed. Devi sadly asks if she will not marry Pulkit. Sai says she will marry Pulkit today for sure and says they have to go out via front door. She takes her out via holi celebration venue and seeing family busy with guests give pot to Devi to cover her face and asks to follow her. They crawl wearing pots. Inebriated Virat sees pots moving and informs Sunny. Sunny says they are not moving. He then sees pots moving again and says he is heavily inebriated. They both laugh. Devi gets sad seeing her family and asks Sai if she will not come here again, she will remember Veeru and Ashwini as they love her a lot. Sai says she need not worry as family will accept her and Pulkit’s wedding once they are married. She takes her out and calls cab driver who informs that he is stuck in traffic due to holi celebrations. She asks him to come soon and walks fast. Devi asks her to walk slowly as she is coming out of house after a long time. Sai agrees and hopes nobody sees them.

Ninad tells Omkar that they should see off Barkha. Omkar agrees. Jealous Sonali fumes on him. Bhavani asks Virat to drop Barkha till her car. He accompanies Barkha. Barkha says she felt good dancing with him. He says he remembered Samrat a lot today. Barkha says she saw him and Samrat dancing since years, but today she was very happy seeing him dancing with Sai, he should keep Sai happy always as she is very good and from her town Gadchiroli. Devi gets tired walking and sits. Sai pleads to get up as someone will see them. Virat sees off Barkha and notices Sai. Cab comes, and Sai gets into car with Devi and leaves. Virat thinks if he is imagining Sai everywhere are he coudln’t express his love for Sai.

Pakhi’s parents visit Chavan’s late and greet them. Bhavani says they came very late. Pakhi sees them and happily hugs and wishes them happy holi. Bhavani asks family to freshen up and asks Pakhi to take care of her parents. Inebriated Sunny asks Virat if he enjoyed dancing with Sai. Virat says he couldn’t propose Sai because of his bhang. Sunny gives him water. Virat reminisces trying to kiss Sai and thinks if she got angry because of his act and went away. He goes to Sai’s room and searches her in bathroom and not hearing her thinks she must be in kitchen and he will go there and tell her I love you. He talks to himself seeing his image in mirror.

Pulkit ready as groom waits for Devi and fears Devi’s family would create problem again, hence he sent Harini out to keep her away from all this. Virat continues searching Sai.