Lost In Love Sunday Update 13 November 2022


Lost In Love Sunday Update 13 November 2022

Gehna requests Chavan family to not try to save their dead relationship as today is a funeral of it. She signs divorce papers followed by Virat. Pakhi thinks she wanted Virat to divorce Sai but for her and not someone else. Sai thinks she is divorcing him for his sake and soon he will find out the reason. Lawyer’s assistant takes papers away. Ninad asks Sai if this person’s task is over. Virat says he knows they all hate him, so he will leave. Mohit calling him by name says they broke up relationship with him, but Sai will be his SIL forever. Sonali warns him to shut up. Virat asks Ashwini to take care of herself and walks away.

Sai also picks her bag and says she will go now. Ninad says as Mohit said, they broke out with Virat and not her. She says nobody can break a father-daughter relationship, but she has some work and needs to go. Ashwini asks her to promise that she will visit them often and considers them as her family. Sai says they are in her heart and will never be out. Samrat asks her to seek his help when needed. She says and asks him to keep smiling. Pakhi taunts just like she is smiling after divorcing Virat. Sai says some things are not done for happiness but to be on a right path. Pakhi asks what was right today. Sai says time will explain. Pakhi says she made them evidence of a divorce. Bhavani says they both humiliated her family, but it doesn’t matter to Sai. Sai says Bhavani never liked her and she couldn’t give her what she wanted to, but Virat gave her her desired heir. Bhavani says that baby will never be her heir as his parents are coward and brought him on earth secretly. Pakhi requests her to accept Samrat and walks way asking them all to take care of themselves.

Shruti noticing Virat’s sad face asks if something happened. Virat reveals that Sai sought divorce and asked him to sign papers. Shruti asks if he did. He says he did and its official now. Shruti feels guilty. He says a third person shouldn’t blame herself for 2 people’s mistakes. Sai returns home and remembering signing divorce papers tells Aaba’s photo that Virat was never hers and he never cared for her. She continues pouring her heart out when Pulkit knocks door and when she doesn’t respond calls her. She opens door and says she was sleeping. He asks if she is fine and sensing her having fever asks being a medical student why didn’t she take medicine. Sai says she will be fine by morning. Shruti asks Virat to have dinner. Virat says he is not in a mood and asks why did she prepare food when he told he will. She says she is fine, but he doesn’t seem to and should consult a doctor. He says he had visited a doctor, but she discharged him forever.

Sai tells Pulkit that she needs to get well by tomorrow and shows him divorce papers. Pulkit shocked says she freed Virat instead of punishing him. Sai says she is not a judge to give verdict, she will submit these documents to DIG and prove that she divorced Virat long ago and save Virat’s job. Pulkit says she is doing wrong. Shruti brings food for Virat and insists him to have it. He remembers Sai feeding him and says she doesn’t have to worry for him. She reminds him that he insisted her to have food at a restaurant and hospital. He says he gave this right to someone else nobody can take her place in his life.

Virat tells Shruti that he gave the right of taking care of him to someone else/Sai, so she shouldn’t bother. Shruti asks how could he say this, why would she take someone’s place in his life, he disgraced her by saying this. He apologizes. Pulkit tells Sai that she is different than he thought. She asks why is he saying this, she considers him as his brother and father. He says that is why he cannot see anything hurting her and is angry seeing her supporting a man who hurt her the most. She says its her duty to protect an innocent. He says she still loves Virat. She says yes if he thinks so, her priority is to protect innocent Sahas and Shruti. He says Virat first betrayed Pakhi and married Sai, then he left her and found Shruti, soon he will leave Shruti and will find someone else. He further says Virat is not attached to Sahas and is a selfish man. Sai says she wants a complete closure from Virat and concentrate on her studies and dream. He agrees.

Shruti touches Virat’s forehead and finds him having high fever. Virat stands up shocked. She says she would rather prefer going to jail than seeing him like this. He apologizes her for being rude and cries that he never thought Sai would leave her as she promised him to trust him always. Shruti consoles him.

Sai visits DIG. DIG says he wanted to meet her since long and says he felt bad hearing about her separation from Virat. Sai says she is not to first girl to be separated. He asks if she came here to seek favors for Virat. She says she came to find out about false news about Virat in newspaper as Virat is not wrong to move on with another girl after their divorce and shows him divorce certificate as a proof. He is surprise to see a date of over 1 year ago and asks why was she staying in Virat’s house then. She says she didn’t like family’s restrictions on her, so had tried to shift from there multiple times. She further says their marriage was a deal as Aabha had taken promise from Virat to take care of her. He says she is lying as he saw their love for each other. She says he is thinking wrong. He asks if she means Virat had an affair with Shruti after divorcing Sai. Sai nervously nods yes.

He says he always thought Sai always supports right, why didn’t Virat tell this. She says he must have forgotten, in fact she suggested Virat to marry Shruti soon and accept her baby. He says he feels she is lying as she saw love in Virat’s eyes for her. She says even family thinks same and are finding it difficult to accept Shruti and Sahas. He says he knows there is something between them; due to his high rank, people are hesitant to look into his eyes and speak, but she is the first person who looked into his eyes and spoke confidently like his own daughter, then why she is lowering her eyes. She says she will leave now and feels drowsy. He asks if she is fine, he will drop her to her hostel. She says she booked a cab and walks out of cabin where she sees Virat who asks if she came to complain against him. She says he thought right. He argues with her. She says he must be happy with his wife and son, btw how are they. He says he is really happy. She says looks like his wife doesn’t take care of him well. He says that’s none of her business and says she will repent once she finds out that he wasn’t wrong. She says he is right and her opinion doesn’t matter to him. He says soon she will know that he wasn’t a bad man. She gives him divorce certificate and says this one document will save him from all the problems.