Lost in Love Saturday Update 4th June 2022


Lost in Love Saturday Update 4th June 2022

Ninad warns Sayi that they will use force if she will not agree to follow their family rituals. Omkar orders her to freshen up and return to get alta/red color applied on her feet. Sai says when his daughter-in-law has applied alta, why is she bothering her, its her wish whether to apply it or not. Bhavani says she will not listen to her easily and holding her hand says she will not let her go until she applies alta on her feet. Sayi pleads to leave her. Bhavani says she doesn’t respect rituals. Sayi says she respects, but she is allergic to alta. Usha says Sayi is right, she got skin blisters on her feet when she applies alta during school drama. Bhavani yells it as if a thief is helping another thief, she will not trust them. Pakhi asks her to not force Sayi as she may brainwash Virat and take him away from this house. Ashwini says if Virat had to leave this house, he would have long ago. Sayi tries to leave.

Bhavani stops her and asking Saloni and Pakhi to hold her asks Karishma to apply alta on her feet. They hold her and Karishma tries to apply alta on her feet. Sayi resists and alta falls down during their tussle. Bhavani yells its an abshagun and don’t know what unknown problem is awaiting them. Sayi says she didn’t do it purposefully. Whole family yells at Sayi. Ashwini backs Sayi and explains Sayi that she should apply it as it is good for Virat. Bhavani asks Usha to clean the mess which Sayi made. Devi steps on alta and says she applied it even after Bhavani’s resistance. She tells Sayi its good for Virat if she applies it and as a wife she should, she also applied it for her husband. Bhavani shouts to stop. Sayi asks who is her husband. Devi leaves saying she will not as his life will be in danger.

Omkar and Ninad yell and blame Sayi as usual. Pakhi says whatever happened today shouldn’t have happened, if they inform Virat he will definitely support Sayi, if family has problem with Sayi, Virat and Sayi should leave the house to maintain peace in this house. Ashwini says Virat is Sayi’s husband and his duty is to support Sayi, why Pakhi is twisting the issue. Pakhi says she just wants to maintain peace in this house. Ashwini says Sayi supported her and brought her back home when she left home, now she wants Sayi to leave this house. Sayi says she will not leave this house on their order and will leave only if Virat says. She walks away angrily.

Ashwini brings clothes for Sayi and asks her to get ready for pooja soon. Sayi asks her to bring alta as she told its bad for Virat if she doesn’t apply it. Ashwini says she cannot risk her health, but it may bring bad luck to Virat. Sayi says she is worried for aayi as she will feel bad if something bad happens to Virat. Ashwini asks if she is so worried about her, why did she create such a big drama downstairs saying she is allergic to alta. Sayi says she will have antiallergic tablet and apply alta for her. Ashwini asks to apply it for Virat. Sayi says already Pakhi has applies alta for Virat. Ashwini asks not to say that. Their conversation continues. Sayi applies alta on her feet and says she may ask her to keep karvachauth fast for Virat, why women should always work hard and sacrifice for men’s better; they call woman as house’s laxmi and then stop her from studying, why is this injustice.

Ashwini says they think woman as wife, but woman is power and god has given them power to bear all the problems, etc. Sayi says that means women are strong. Ashwini says yes and says men should also do something for women; her husband will not do anything for her, but Virat will do something special for Sayi. Sayi asks what will he do. Ashwini says he will fight with family for Sayi; he will return home tired and will bear family’s wrath; he does all this as he cares for Sayi and only if they love someone, they will do anything for them.

Bhavani yells that guests must be coming, but Sayi will spoil their dignity. Pakhi says she already told her not to force Sayi, but she didn’t listen. Bhavani says if guests see Say not applying alta/red color on her feet, they will start badmouthing about Chavan family. Saloni says Karishma would never disobey her. Karishma says Sayi spoilt her newly bought dress by Mohit. Bhavani yells at her and shouts all fake coins fell in her pocket, already Karishma and Mohit where there and now jungli mulgi Sayi joined them. Ashwini gets Sayi ready for function. Sayi thanks her and says she is lucky to have aayi like her in her life. Ashwini says she is lucky to have even a husband like Virat in her life and every girl would like to have a husband like Virat in her life. Sayi says never.

Ashwini says a woman desire her husband to be like her father. Sayi says Virat cannot be like her father as her father never used to scold her. Ashwini says Virat is not mad to scold her unnecessarily, he cares for her and hence scolds her. Sayi says she will not talk about Virat again. She says she will go and prepare food for Virat as always she does and Pakhi takes credit. She asks Sayi why don’t she serve food to Virat. Sayi says Virat likes food from Pakhi’s hand and she doesn’t want to disturb them, anyways their marriage is just a mutual understanding. Ashwini says she will realize Virat’s value one day and how much she loves him. Sayi says she doesn’t love Virat. Ashwini asks if she is sure and walks away. Sayi thinks if she really loves Virat, then thinks she is not and scratches her feet due to alta allergy.

Virat returns home and asks Ninad if Sayi returned home. Ninad says she came and left after creating a drama. Bhavani yells that she insulted her and all elders by disobeying her and she never listens to them. She asks Pakhi to speak. Pakhi says Virat will never believe her and always favors his wife. Bhavani says she asked Sayi to apply alta on her feet, but she created a drama and threw it away disobeying them. Saloni, Ninad, Omkar and others back her and continue yelling. Ashwini with Usha enters and says they are exaggerating the issue. Virat says why Sayi has problem to apply alta, they shouldn’t have let her go. Karishma says Sayi even spoilt her new dress brought by Mohit. Bhavani stops her. Saloni says Sayi even pushed Bhavani. Ashwini says she is lying. Bhavani says she did. Family continues their drama and provoke Virat. Ashwini tries to calm down Virat. They continue their unbearable yelling. Bhavani asks Virat to send his disobeying wife out of house. Her whole team backs her and continue yelling. Ninad says Virat has only 2 options, either he should leave home with his wife or send his wife away. Whole family backs him and continue their drama. Ashwini pleads Virat not to take any decision in a hurry.

Pakhi asks Virat if he will send his wife or not. Ashwini asks where will Sayi go. Saloni suggests to send her to hostel. Virat says hostel is unfit for Sayi. Karishma says she will call Sayi down. Pakhi says Sayi is arrogant and will not come. Bhavani yells next. Virat asks Karishma to bring Sayi down. Ashwini says she will and calls Sayi to come down. Sayi says she is getting ready and will come down, why she is shouting. Bhavani yells that her own bahu doesn’t respect her. Ashwini says when she doesn’t have any problem with Sayi’s reply, why they have a problem. Ninad yells Aswhini is taking revenge from them via Sayi. Sayi walks down wearing a beautiful Maharastrian attire. Virat gets mesmerized with her beauty, but on family’s provoking asks her why didn’t she apply alta. Sayi says he must be tired and should have food first, then they can speak calmly. He insists. She says she applied it. He asks not to lie. She shows his alta applied feet, leaving Bhavani and her team in shock.