Lost in Love Saturday Update 30th April 2022


Lost in Love Saturday Update 30th April 2022

Karishma sees Pakhi leaving house with bags and asks where is she going at this time. Pakhi says to her parent’s house. Karishma asks if she took Badimaa’s permission. Pakhi says she doesn’t need anyone’s permission. Badimaa says she is Chavan family bahu and she needs her permission. Pakhi says she is her parent’s daughter before Chavan family bahu and will return when Samrat’s news comes. Badimaa says if she goes away, Chavan family’s name will spoil. On the other side in safe house, Virat continues describing his ordeal to Sayi that he had to sacrifice his love Pakhi for his brother Samrat and left on their wedding to save Sayi from Jagtap. Sayi as usual arrogantly says it was his duty. Virat asks if coming here disguised as milkman hearing her tensed is also his duty. He then praises her that she is brave like her father Kamal sir. Sayi says she is worried for Aaba as he is ill and needs BP medication on time. She shouts remembering Aaba’s BP medicine got over. He says thats not a big deal, he will go and give medicine to Kamal sir.

Ashwini questions Pakhi and asks if she would have gone if Virat was present here. Badimaa asks what nonsense. Ashwini asks Pakhi if she informed Virat about Samrat going missing. Pakhi says why would she, she didn’t. Badimaa asks why is she asking this. Ashwini says she doesn’t want history to be repeated in Chavan family again. Ninad shouts at her to shut up, else he will kick her out of house. Virat calls Pakhi. Devi picks phone and informs family that Virat is calling Pakhi and there are multiple call logs. Karishma informs family that Virat and Pakhi know each other since before Samrat and Pakhi’s wedding. Mohit asks how does she know all this. Karishma says she doubted them when Virat and Pakhi were shocked to see each other during haldi ceremony and Virat called her Pakhi which Chavan family didn’t know about.

Sayi video calls Aaba and says she is missing him. He says even he is missing her, but she has to stay in safe house until Jagtap is caught. She scolds him for not having his BP medicine. Their chat continues. On the other side, Vithal catches Sayi’s kid friend and threatens her to send message to Sayi to come and save her from Vithal and his goons and not to inform Aaba or Virat about it or else Vithal will kill even them. Sayi prepares herself to sleep when she gets her friend’s message and gets tensed.

Karishma informs family that Virat and Pakhi know each other from before and when they had gone for haldi ritual at Patralekha’s house, Virat addressed her as Pakhi when Chavan family didn’t know about her nickname, even Sunny knows about it. Sunny says Virat and Pakhi met in yoga camp and they are just friends. Ninad says what is a big deal in it. Aswini asks why didn’t Pakhi inform it before and hid the truth. Pakhi says sometimes they can’t reveal the truth even if they want to and its better to hide it. Ashiwni questions again. Ninad yells at her and shouts to leave. Ashwini walks away.

Aaba gets ready for duty. Usha reminds him to obey Sayi and perform Yoga first. He says he did it yesterday, but today he is in a hurry. Virat walks in and says one has to perform duty both at home and office. He offers BP medicine. Aaba realizes Sayi sent medicines via Virat. Virat chats with him and walks out. Sayi calls him and informs that Vithal kidnapped her friend Pari, so she is going to free her. Virat warns her not to move out of safe house, but she gets adamant that Pari got kidnapped because of her, so she will go and save her. Virat says its a trap like before, but Sayi says this time its not. He asks location. She informs location and disconnects call. Virat reaches safe house, but doesn’t find her. He informs Aaba that Sayi escaped from safe house.

Drama continues at Chavan mansion when army officers walk in with Samrat’s belongings. Family shatters seeing that. Officer says they are still searching Samrat, but this is the protocol. Mansi cries loudly, and Ashwini consoles her. Badimaa asks Karishma to call Pakhi down. Pakhi calls Virat and gets more angry when he doesn’t pick call. Karishma walks in and informs that family is calling her down. Pakhi yells why she is interfering in her life. Karishma says she just told truth and its better if she comes down. Pakhi walks down. Family informs her about the situation and asks her to sign documents as she is Samrat’s wife. Pakhi signs documents. Shanti consoles Pakhi.

Sayi gets into Vithal’s factory and frees Pari. Vithal’s goon drop net on her and trap her. Vithal laughs that he likes prey itself getting into his grip. He removes net and is shocked to see different girl instead of Sayi and slaps his goons. Virat walks in with team and says he fooled him. He arrests goons. Vithal catches Pari and threatens to kill her if Virat doesn’t let him go. Virat warns not to harm Pari.