Lost in Love Saturday Update 2nd July 2022


Lost in Love Saturday Update 2nd July 2022

Virat asks Sai if she was speakiang to somone. She says no one and asks what he wants to say. He nervously says he wanted to say. Sunny signals him to speak and thinks he has to do something now. He sends cook aside and mixes bhang in bhajia/fritter batter. Cook returns. He asks cook to prepare bhajia soon and give it to him. Cook gives him fritters and he takes it to Sai and Virat. Virat asks why he is spoiling his mood and disturbing him from expressing his feelings for Sai. He says its special and insists. Sai and Virat enjoy bhajia and feel weird. Virat says he wanted to say that. Sai says she is orrigant, stubborn, etc. He says she is, but he wants to say something. She feeds him bhajia. He says she is chilli. She asks if she is chilli. He says he bit chilli and asks water. Omkar also mixes bhang in thandai glasses and offers one to Ninad. Sai takes Omkar’s glass and gives it to Virat. Virat drinks it and says he is feeling much better. Pakhi gets jealous seeing them closer.

Virat asks why is ground shaking. Sai says he is shaking. He laughs saying she is shaking. Somone pushes his hand and thandai falls on Sai. They both laugh again, making Pakhi more jealous. Sai cleans Virat’s face and continues laughing with him. Sunny thinks babaji ki boti/bhang worked and asks Virat to dance. Sai says shaking hands and playing dhol is not a dance as dance is an art which he doesn’t know. Sunny says Sai insulted Virat and goes to get more bhajia. Virat smiles at Sai and thinks what is happening to him.

Omkar and Ninad drink bhhang thandai and cheers. Bhavani walks to them and asks why are they sitting in a corner, if they mixed something. Omkar says its plain thandai. Sunny brings bhajia for them, and Omkar feeds bhajia to Bhavani. Bhavani asks what did sunny mix in it, its very tasty. Sunny says he will ask cook and leaves. Pakhi passes by angrily. Bhavani calls her and asks her to sit. She sits and Bhavani says this bhajia is different and eats one. Ninad signals her to feed it to bahu. Bhavani feeds Pakhi. Pakhi feels weird. Bhavani cries and says she is missing Samrat and prays god to send back Samrat soon and color Pakhi’s life. Pakhi gets more jealous seeing Virat touching Sai and eats more bhajia.

Virat holds Sai’s hand and looking at her bangles says they look pretty on her. He then looks into her eyes and says he likes her a lot. She asks really. He says a lot. Ashwini noticing that asks Sunny what is Virat doing. Sunny says Virat is trying to express his feelings for Sai. She gets happy hearing that.

A lady enters in car and waves at them. Ashwini says why did Barkha rain came. Everyone get happy seeing her and thinks now she will dance and entertain them. Sonali gets jealous seeing Omkar going towards her. Bhavani asks why she gets jealous each year while Ashwini doesn’t seeing Ninad dancing with Barkha. Sonali says Ashwini doesn’t love Ninad, so she is not jealous. Barkha performs Marathi lavani with her team. Virat joins her and dances with her. Sai imagines herself in Barkha. After performance, everyone clap and Sai thinks if she also loves Virat.

Bhavani asks Pakhi to go and dance with Barkha and Virat. Pakhi says she is fine. Virat praises Barkha’s dance and gets out of stage. Omkar tells Ninad that Barkha dances really well and steals his heart. Ninad says he is right. Barkha walks to them. They praise her, Ninad offers her sweets, and Omkar offers her thandai. Bhavani with Sonali walks to them and asks Omkar why don’t he offer Sonali thandai with so much love. He gets nervous. She says she is joking and praises Barkha for making their festival special every year. Barkha seeing Pakhi says she can see new faces. Bhavani calls Pakhi and introduces Barkha as Maharastra’s famous lavani dances and introduces Pakhi as Samrat’s wife. Barkha says wishes her happy holi and says Pakhi is very beautiful, Samrat is very lucky to have such a beautiful wife, and asks where is Samrat.

Bhavani informs that Virat is missing in action and is still not found. Barkha says he will return soon. She then sees Sai and asks who is she. Ashwini says she is. Bhavani stops her and says she is jungli mulgi Virat’s wife Sai. Barkha says Bhavani got both Jiva and Shiva married in same year. Bhavani says yes. Sai walks to Barkha and excitedly says she is her big fan and is from her city Gadchiroli. Barkha gets happy hearing that and asks Bhavani why did she call her city’s mulgi/girl as jungli. Bhavani says she was joking and seeks Bhavani’s support. Virat looks at Sai and blushes while Sunny encourages him to propose Sai. Sai says she is feeling dizzy. Barkha says she must have eaten bhang or someone mixed it in her food. Bhavani nervously laughs and asks Sonali to serve Barkha some snacks. Sai thinks if someone really mixed bhang in her food, she needs to go and take Devi to Pulkit for their wedding.

Pulkit cries seeing Devi’s wedding sari and gifts. Madhuri says he should be happy instead as he has made all wedding arrangements and horse is waiting for wedding procession. Pulkit says he is sad that Devi’s family doesn’t want this wedding. Maduri says he need not worry as family’s anger will vanish slowly meeting Harini. Pulkit messages Sai that he made all wedding arrangments and she should reach the venue with Devi soon. Virat snatches her mobile and asks whom she is messaging. She says no one and insists to return her mobile. He denies, but then puts mobile in a plastic bag to protect it from holi colors and returns it to her. He then thinks of expressing his feelings for Sai and turns and sees her already gone. Sunny walks to Virat and takes away saying he will give him special drink to boost his determination.

Sai walks towards Devi’s room when Mohit falls on her feet. Karishma asks if he lost something. Mohit thanks Sai for encouraging him to do what his likes. Sai asks if something is mixed in food. He blabbers and finally reveals that Sunny mixed bhang in bhajia. Sunny gives thandai to Virat. Sai thinks good Virat is busy , she can take Devi from here easily. Ashwini seeing Virat getting high on bhang asks Shivani when will he propose Sai. Shivani says she has made arrangements already for that, walks to Sai and forcefeeds her thandai. Sai feels dizzy again, but clears her hangover with lemon juice and messages Pulkit that she is leaving with Devi from here and will reach there in 1 hour.

Virat holds Sai and says he is trying to tell her something, but someone disturbs repeatedly. He dances around her on Rang Barse Bheegi Chunariya Wali..song. Sai dances with him. He makes whole family dance with him. Pakhi gets jealous Virat dancing closely with Sai.