Lost in Love Monday Update 6th June 2022


Lost in Love Monday Update 6th June 2022

Sai cuts vegetables in kitchen to prepare breakfast. Ashwini walks in and asks what is she doing early morning. Sai says she is preparing breakfast and touching her feet thanks her for sending baking soda for her feet allergy and says she applied it even the morning and her fet are fine now. Ashwini asks if Virat didn’t inform her that he bought it for her and describes how she caught Virat searching baking soda in kitchen, etc. Sai asks is it. Pakhi walks in and hears their conversation. Sai says Virat insisted and applied baking soda on her feet. Ashwini asks if she blessed Virat for touching her feet. Sayi shies and says he even forced her. Pakhi gets alert hearing that. Sai says he forcefully fed her food. Ashwini says that is love and not force and asks if her Aaba also used to feed her like this. Sai says yes.

Ashwini says Virat as many qualities similar to her Aaba, now she can see their relationship is taking a new turn and she is sure whole family will notice it. Pakhi thinks why did Virat take her words to feed his wife so seriously. Ashwini sees tea boiling and switching off stove tells Sai that people make mistake listening to other’s conversation. Pakhi says everyone make mistake, even Sai does. Sai says let us not discuss about mistake or their work will be delayed; she will prepare breakfast and Pakhi can do whatever she likes. Pakhi picks tea pan and writhes with burning pain. Ashwini asks if its burning, that is why she told not to interfere in other’s conversation, else she will burn her hands. Ninad calls Pakhi to get him tea. Sayi tells Pakhi that she will take tea for family.

Virat cals brigadier Sood and asks about Samrat. Sood says he sent another team and couldn’t find any clue. Virat requests to allow him to search his brother. Sood says he cannot break protocol and permit it, he knows he is emotional, but they are trying their best. Sood says he knows and disconnects call.

Sayi serves tea to Bhavani and her team. Bhavani sips and yells it has salt in it. Sai tries to speak, but Ninad, Saloni, Omkar yell at her. Pakhi enters and reminisces picking salt bottle by mistake. Bhavani continues yelling at Sai she should learn from Sai. Ashwini says Pakhi prepared tea and not Sai. Everyone shut their mouth. Ashwini asks why can’t she hear them yelling now. Bhavani says everyone make mistakes, so what if Pakhi did just one mistake. Saloni backs her. Ashwini says if Karishma or Sai would have made same mistake, she would have yelled and insulted them, she always does partiality towards Pakhi. Bhavani yells that she protects her bahu and is blaming Pakhi, Pakhi is crying because of her and they don’t know if Virat will return or not; its not a big issue if Pakhi makes one mistake. Ashwini says that is what she is saying, she would insulted Karishma and Sai but is supporting Pakhi.

Virat sees a girl crying and roadside vendor consoling her. Virat stops jeep and asks why she is crying. Vendor says this girl insisted for a toy and her father let her sit here and went on the other side of road to get a toy, but didn’t return. Virat asks girl’s and her father’s name. Girl says her name is Riji and papa’s name is Samrat. Virat reminisces Samrat and asks full name. Girls says Samrat Yadav and asks if he will search her father. He says he is trying to search Samrat and seeing traffic signal CCTV camera asks subordinate to get its 1 hour’s footage.

Sai reaches college and meets Pulkit. Pulkit asks if she has any doubt. She says he teaches so well that she doesn’t need reexplanation, but all students took study books and she needs one. Pulkit says he has one personal copy and will give it to her from his locker. He gets a call and gives locker key to Sai. Sai opens locker and picks book, but a diary with pics falls down. She is about to pick pics when Pulkit returns and taking it from her asks if she got her book. She says yes and leaves. He looks at his and Devi’s pics.

Virat takes Riji to his police station cabin and asks about her mother. Riji says her papa told her mamma went to god, papa told mamma was good and if papa will also go to god. Virat consoles her. Inspector returns and informs that CCTV footage shows Samrat fell unconscious and a few people took him in car. Virat thanks him and assures Riji that they will find her papa soon.

Sai walks to practice venue where she sees Aniket practicing song. A friend asks if she can bring her friend to watch his performance. He says he can’t as police officer ordered not to let any outsider in. Another friend offers snacks. Sai sees Virat’s pic in newspaper wrapper and reminiscing their first meeting thinks life changed so soon, she hated Virat before but now she stays in his house. Aniket sees Virat’s photo and says he is the same officer. Sai asks if he is sure. He says yes. Sai thinks Virat lied looking into her eyes, he has answer her question. She calls Virat who is hospital and disconnects call when nurse asks him to bring medicine. She fumes and thanks he has to answer her question when he returns home tonight.

Virat looks at Riji’s father Samrat unconscious in ICU room. Doctor informs that someone found him unconscious on road and brought him here. Virat asks him to treat him without bothering about bills. Doctor says he will be awake soon and thanks Virat for his kind gesture. Riji asks Virat if her papa will be alright. He says yes. At home, Ninad informs Bhavani that their monthly expenses shot up today. Bhavani says they had pooja and many other functions, so expenses must have shot up. Omkar sees Mohit and asks why didn’t he go to his job today. Mohit says he quit his job as his bosses were very demanding and anyways he is unable to concentrate on his drama rehearsals due to overtime, so he resigned. Ninad scolds that its very hard to earn money and he resigned just for a drama. Omkar yells that they cannot fill their stomach with drama and they need to work hard and make their own place in job, but he resigned so easily. Saloni backs Mohit and says he will find a job which he will like. Omkar starts comparing him to Virat who is living a proud life.

Mohit says he was helping him in his business, but Bhavani stopped him. Bhavani yells that he was doing drama in lieu of business and then married a girl like Karishma, so she stopped him from ruining the business further. Karishma confronts that Mohit wants to do what he likes, she is not the reason for his job loss. Bhavani yells that she is arguing with elders shamelessly and should learn from Pakhi who respects elders and doesn’t misbehave with them. Karishma says she never insults Pakhi, so Pakhi never misbehaves with her. Karishma says if she knew Mohit switches is jobs often, she wouldn’t have married him. Saloni stops her and says she learnt to misbehave because of Sai. Bhavani says she is right and says Sai taught Karishma to misbehave. Omkar yells next. Bhavani orders Karishma to leave the house. Ashwini interferes and requests not to blame Karishma as its not her mistake. Karishma cries. Pakhi consoles her and suggests not to interfere between elders and apologize them. Karishma apologizes elders. Bhavani orders Mohit that he has to find a proper job within a week or else he will not get his pocket money. Ashwini consoles Mohit and says he will get a job for sure if he tries. Mohit says he will as its a question of his and his wife’s dignity now.

Sai complains Aaba’s photo that Virat went to college without informing her, he is a liar and Aaba knows she doesn’t like liars. She looks at her books and reminisces Virat touching it while trying to wake her up. She thinks she should concentrate on her studies instead. She then sees Virat’s given cream and remembers him again, thinks what is happening to her. she further reminisces Virat telling that there is one more person in this house whom she can love; thinks if she is missing Virat, then thinks why will she miss Gabbar, she will question him once he returns home, but where is he. She calls him, but Riji playing video game disconnects it repeatedly. Pakhi walks to her and says she was boasting in the morning that Virat force fed her, but what happened now that Virat is disconnecting her call and ignoring her. Sai says she is elder to her, but doesn’t know that Virat must be busy, even her Aaba used to disconnect call whenever he used to be busy. Pakhi asks if she is saying this to console herself and walks away. Sai thinks if he is really ignoring her and calls him again, but his phone switches off. She then calls DIG and reminds him that she is Virat’s wife Sai and called to know where he is as he didn’t return home yet and his phone is switched off. DIG says its happens in police job, he will find out where is he now. She thanks him. Pakhi sees its already 2:30 a.m. and thinks if Virat and Sai fought again.

Sai reaches hospital. Virat sees her and asks what is she doing here. She says she brought food for him and has her spies who give his information to her, she also knows this girl’s papa fell unconscious and is in ICU. Virat says this girl’s father’s name is Virat and he hopes her father gets well and hopes his brother Samrat returns soon. She says everything will be fine. He asks her again who informed her that he is here. She says she has spies all around and opens tiffin saying he must be hungry since morning and she will feed him, as he is holding a baby, like he did yesterday.