Lost in Love Monday Update 30th May 2022


Lost in Love Monday Update 30th May 2022

Pakhi sees Bhavani in living room at night and asks what is she still doing here at this time. Bhavani says how can she sleep when Virat hasn’t returned home yet, who will serve him food as his wife would have sound asleep by now. Pakhi says everyone can see what is happening her. Bhavani says everyone can see Sayi’s misbehavior except Virat, he is blindly supporting his wife. Pakhi says soon Virat will realize his mistake and will stand up with them. Bhavani says for a few minutes, she felt good when Virat scolded Sayi for family members, but again he is supporting his wife, now only Pakhi can teach Sayi a lesson and get Virat back on track. Pakhi says she will try her best, so Bhavani should rest peacefully without any worries. Bhavani says she is lucky to have a buhu like her, today there was a lot of drama. Karishma says yes, then says Sayi created a lot of drama.

Saloni takes Bhavani to her room and asks Karishma to serve milk to Omkar and Mohit. Karishma sees Pakhi still in standing and asks if she is waiting for someone. She says she is reading book and asks if she also wants to read book. Karishma says she didn’t read books in her school, why will she now, she will go and sleep. Pakhi continues waiting for Virat and sees its nearing 12 midnight. Virat enters and asks if she didn’t sleep yet. Pakhi says she was waiting for him and offers him water. Karishma passes to get water and stops to see them. Virat tells Pakhi that she should go and sleep. Pakhi says she felt bad that she didn’t understand Shivani’s feelings even being a woman and hopes Amay is punished for his sins. Virat says Amay is punished, she should go and sleep now. Karishma thinks now their chapter 2 has started.

Virat walks to his room and tells Sayi that Amay is charged with forgery and betrayal case and will be in jail for long. Sayi thinks morning he was shouting at her in the morning, now he will experience her silence. He respected his police uniform, else he would have taught a lesson of life to Amay. She doesn’t react and continues studying. He says she is not speaking now, she was eager to punish Amay in the morning and now is not reacting at all. She says she exposed Amay and as a police officer it his duty to catch and punish him, what is there to talk. He says she never speaks properly, why she thinks she is always right and opponent wrong. She asks when did she say she is right always. He says her behavior speaks. She gets angry. He says he thinks 10 times before speaking. She says she doesn’t have to, but why he thinks 10 times. He gets more angry and drops vase by mistake.

Bhavani hearing sound walks out and asks what broke. Ninad says something in Virat’s room. Virat asks if she loves arguing. She says she was just studying after returning from college as he told to learn to maintain balance between home and studies, so she finished work and was studying for exam, but he is stopping her. He asks why will he stop, can’t she realize what is her image in family’s eyes. She says he was supporting family and scolded aayi in the morning. He says aayi was supporting her as usual when family was right. Their argument continues and he says she creates drama always and troubles family. She says she didn’t create any drama and just exposed Amay’s truth. He says she could have explained it to family properly. She shouts he saw his family’s misbehavior towards her, his family was against her going to college, he supported her then and didn’t think he was arguing with family, then why he thinks so now. Their argument continues.

Bhavani with family starts her drama in living him and yells that there was drama during day and it started even now. Ninad yells at Ashwini that her bahu argues with people in the morning and now with her husband. Ashwini says he is talking as if they romance, he fights with her always. Saloni asks Bhavani to stop Virat and Sayi’s fight so that they all can sleep peacefully. Pakhi says he will go and check. Ashwini stops her and asks not to interfere between husband and wife. Pakhi says Virat came home late and haven’t even had dinner yet, so she will tkae dinner for him. Ashwini stops her and says let husband and wife reconcile first, she shouldn’t interfere till then. Bhavani yells at her next.

Sayi and Virat’s arguments continue. Sayi cries that he is scolding her since morning. He says she cannot speak peacefully with others, that is why his family is irritated towards; he is suffering because of her; he comes home tired and wants to speak to her peacefully, but she always argues and spoils his mood. She cries that she makes mistake always. He says she stretches issue like a rubber band and hurts him always, he is a human. Pakhi yells that she thought he is like Kamal when he supported her to punish Amay. He says he cannot be Kamal sir. She shouts that he cannot be equal to even Aaba’s nail. He says he doesn’t want to and there is a world apart from Kamal sir and she should think of others also. She continues shouting.

Virat confronts Sayi that she will not become big by reading books, she has to learn manners and to give respect to elders. Sayi yells to stop shouting at her, her Aaba never spoke like he is, he should stop or else. He says or else she will leave home, she will realize how difficult it is to live alone; she cannot run her life like this and elders’ blessings and everyone’s support. Sayi says she is thankful for that, but she doesn’t like the way he spoke her in front of everyone and family. He says she acts as if he is a criminal, he is her husband. She sees Pakhi entering with food and says his best friend came with food and he should have it. Pakhi yells at her that she is shouting loudly and her voice is heard downstairs. Sayi asks if she didn’t hear Virat’s voice. Pakhi yells that her voice is heard more than Virat. Virat apologizes and says he spoke loud in angry.

Pakhi says Sayi should apologize instead as he explained her in the morning, even then she didn’t change. Pakhi asks if she came to say this. Pakhi says she brought food for Virat and tells Virat that he looks sad, but his wife doesn’t bother at all and just wants to study. She asks if he didn’t think about himself when he decided to marry Sayi; Sayi got a high status family, good husband and financial sercurity, etc., but what did he get. He says he.. She says there is no need to answer as silence answers some questions; she feels pity for Virat, earlier there used to be arguments but now fights, she can understand how he feels seeing Sayi’s misbehavior with his family; he should forget all this as he is tired and should rest after having food. She walks towards door when Sayi stops her and says this family is weird that when they have to yell at her, they speak to Virat instead; so she will speak directly, Pakhi has to take responsibility of what she told since morning.

Pakhi says she can misbehave with Virat, but not her and should speak to her properly or else not. Sayi says even she expects same and says she had promised Virat and her that she will not question her, but she will forget that promise and ask if she shouldn’t thank her for letting her spend time with her best friend and serve him food, instead of being happy she is taunting her. Pakhi asks if she is genuinely speaking or taunting her Sayi says taunting is family’s habit, she should just answer who is happy serving Virat, she doesn’t serve Virat as she doesn’t feel so, so Pakhi can continue her interest on Virat, serve him food and chat with him; she doesn’t interfere in Pakhi’s issues, so she also shouldn’t interfere in her issues.

Ashwini tells family that Pakhi went long ago, so she will go and check. Saloni reminds her words that they shouldn’t interfere between husband and wife. Ashwini says if a third person interferes between husband and wife and give his/her verdict, husband and wife will be defeated always. Bhavani yells that she just likes insulting her husband and jetani/SIL and sharing her gyan. Ashwini says she is not sharing gyan and is just telling that she didn’t do right by sending Pakhi between husband and wife’s fight. Bhavani yells if husband and wife fight, someone has to interfere, Pakhi is Virat’s friend and bhabhi, so what is a problem in that. Ashwini says why would she mind as she loves interfere between husband and wife. Bhavani yells that Virat is learning to misbehave and argue from Ashwini. Ashwini what is her mistake if truth is bitter. Ninad drags Ashwini from there.

Pakhi asks if she did wrong by bringing him food, if she came from her maika/mother’s house to get insulted from Sayi. Sayi asks when did she misbehave with her. Virat asks her to keep quiet. Sayi says does partiality always and supports Pakhi; Pakhi is taunting her since many days and when she spoke, he is asking her to shut up. Pakhi says if she is wrong opposing Sayi’s misbehavior. Sayi says if Virat expects her to silently tolerate nonsense, he should not expect it. He asks when did he expect anything from her. She says he thought her to oppose injustice and when she did, he is scolding her, he provoked her today and didn’t let her study, so she is going out to study and he can enjoy food with his best friend. She walks to Usha’s room and seeing her sleeping thinks she shouldn’t switch on light and disturb her.

Virat sits sadly holding his head. Pakhi says he was so energetic and daring before, but after marrying Sayi, he is very silent and is just clearing his family and Sayi’s fight. He thanks her for understanding him and searches headache medicine, but doesn’t find it. She asks him to relax and have food first and then medicine. He says he doesn’t want to. She insists and extends a bite towards him. Sayi returns and seeing that walks away again. Virat goes and picks balm and says he really doesn’t want to eat, so Pakhi shouldn’t force him. She says he should have food whenever he likes. He says sorry for not speaking to her as a lot happened recently; he tried to enquire about Samrat from Bradier Sood, but didn’t get any answer, asks if she got any information. Pakhi says no, but she visited office to get Samrat’s money and transferred it into Mansi bua’s account. Virat says Mansi didn’t inform him and even she didn’t, he would have accompanied her if she had informed him. She says she didn’t want to disturb him as already Sayi has ruined his life and she feels pity for him.