Lost in Love Monday Update 27th June 2022


Lost in Love Monday Update 27th June 2022

Sai breaks down in her room reminiscing Bhavani promising to get Pulkit and Devi married if Pulkit proves his innocence, Pulit denying to meet Bhavani, and Bhavani warns not to meet Devi again. She thinks meeting Pulkit was a coincidence, she wanted to reunite Pulkit and Devi, but family is blaming her for all the mishap and she doesn’t know what to do. She calls Pulkit and finding his phone switched off angrily throws it on table, which falls on her gift given to Virat. She thinks if Virat was here, he would have helped her. She calls Virat and finds even his number not reachable. She then prays god to show her a way. She gets Madhuri’s call who asks to meet her as she needs to talk to her something important. Sai agrees and reaches Madhuri thinking what she wanted to say. She shows new message to Madhuri. Madhuri says she can’t believe Pulkit can send this message. Sai says she fought for Pulkit, but with his changed behavior, she cannot defend him now.

MAdhuri says she can defend her brother though and says she has seen him crying for Devi since many years and shows her Devi’s photo and videos. Sai says Devi and Pulkit really loved each other. Madhuri says they still love each other and shows Pulkit’s gifts for Devi, asks if Pulkit had to betray Devi and didn’t love him, then why would he buy gifts for her. She then gives Pulkit’s personal diar and asks her to read it. Sai reads that Pulkit is very happy meeting Devi after many years, she looks so beautiful even now and is eager to marry her. Madhuri says bhau blindly loves Devi and doesn’t know who Sangeeta Deshpande. Sai asks then who sent that letter. Madhuri goes to get water for her. Sai thinks Madhuri is right and something is wrong. Madhuri returns and asks why she sent a cheap message to her. Sai asks when did she send and reads that Madhuri is wrongly helping Pulkit. Sai says she didn’t send it and searches her mobile. Madhuri says she took her mobile and sent message via it to prove that someone must be messaging from Bhau’s phone.

Ashwini sees Ninad tensed and asks him if he is fine. He says how can he be fine when situation at home is so bad. Ashwini says now everything is fine. He asks if Devi’s condition is right, they handled her with so much difficulty, but because of Sai, Devi is in pain and he cannot see that. Ashwini says she can understand, but Sai didn’t do it purposefully. He says nobody does it purposefully, but its not right to give someone pain and apologize. He continues his emotional drama and says even Bhavani came in Sai’s trap and now Devi’s mental condition is very worse and maybe she should be given shock treatment. He holds her hand requests to do him a favor. Ashwini says she knows he is doing it for Devi’s betterment. He says Sai respects and trusts her, so she should explain her to stop this Pulkit’s drama and not take his name in this house again. Ashwini falls for his crocodile tears. Bhavani noticing that praises his acting.

Sai returns home and asks Ashwini if its not possible that someone is message from Pulkit’s mobile. Karishma says Ashwini taunted her that she makes good stories, now Sai is making stories. Sonali says Bhavani didn’t eat food in tension, Sai should agree that Pulkit is a fraud. Ashwini says why would anyone message from Pulkit’s phone. Sai says someone is misusing Pulkit’s phone and trying to prove him wrong. Bhavani gets tensed and scolds her that she is trying to defend Pulkit even after knowing truth. Sai says until she hears from Pulkit himself, she will not believe that Pulkit betrayed Devi. Bhavani asks what does she mean. Sai says someone must have kidnapped Pulkit and is doing all this. Ashwini orders Sai not to take Pulkit’s name in this house. Bhavani and her puppets smirk looking at each other’s face.

Ashwini scolds Sai that she is always supporting Pulkit even after family’s warning that Pulkit is not right. She and Virat got convinced for Devi and Pulkit’s wedding, but after Sangeeta’s letter, Virat investigated Pulkit’s background and found Sangeeta is Pulkit’s wife, Say couldn’t prove she is right, so Virat ordered her not to discuss about Pulkit in this house again. Sais says Bhavani asked her to call Pulkit him. Bhavani yells. Ninad says Sai not to inform Pulkit about letter, but she informed him and he counter planned on them, etc. Omkar and Sonali yell next. Sai says Bhavani herself told her to call Pulkit home and if he innocent, she will get him married to Devi; Pulkit agreed at first, then suddenly he messages her agreeing to all his mistakes and is not picking her call instead, so she feels something is wrong.

Ashwini says she supported her always as she was right, but now she is wrong and is hell bent to prove herself right. Karishma tells Sonali that Ashwini has become like her and is scolding her bahu. Sai says she is not trying to prove herself right. Ashiwni says she is not her enemy. Shivani asks her to calm down. Ashwini cries that Devi’s condition is really bad and they may have to admit her to hospital. Bhavani apologizes her and pleads her to stop speaking or meeting Devi. Sai says but. Ashwini shouts to stop and dare not speak a word, Bhavani used to take care of Devi before Sai came and only a mother feels her children’s pain; she warns to stop bothering Devi and not inform Virat about Devi if she speaks to him; she continues shouting to concentrate on her studies and leave the family issues to family. Bhavani thinks Sai wanted to let the family go against her, but she made Ashwini go against Sai; this is what happens when someone goes against Chavan family. She and her puppets smirk.

Sai returns to her room shattered. Usha says she can understand that she is feeling very bad seeing Devi’s condition. Sai cries hugging her. Usha consoles her and asks what happened. Sai says Ashwini scolded her for the first time and asked not to interfere in family issues and not bother about Devi. Usha says even Ashwini is worried about Devi and with Sai’s adamancy, Devi’s condition is worsening. Sai asks what should she do. Usha asks not to go against family for her adamancy. Sai hopes Virat supports her and she could meet Pulkit and confront him.

Pulkit sees his hands free and kidnappers away, so thinks of escaping from there. He slips and falls and sees his leg tied. Dadu with his men laughs and says he won as he knew he would try to run without noticing his leg tied. Pulkit pleads to take double money from him and let him go as someone is waiting for him. Dadu says even police is waiting for him, but he cannot go. Virat continues pleading. Dadu orders his men to tie him back and tape his mouth. They do so. Pulkit thinks he somehow needs to speak to Sai and Madhuri and find out who kidnapped him.

Ninad praises Bhavani’s acting. Bhavani praises him for fooling Ashwini. Ninad says he just followed her instructions or else he doesn’t even like to see Ashwini. Bhavani says if they feed a thirsty or hungry person, he will dance on their tunes whole life; Ashwini is hungry for love and she melted when he held her hand. Ninad asks till when they will keep Pulkit hostage. Bhavani says Virat will be returning soon, so they should free Pulkit before that. Omkar asks what if Pulkit informs Sai that he was kidnapped. Bhavani says where everyone’s thinking ends, her thinking starts and she will inform her plan when right time comes. She gets angry seeing Karishma standing with water and yells at her to get out.

Shivani sees Sai trying to enter Devi’s room and hopes nobody sees her. Sai pleads to let her meet Devi. Shivani signals her to go. Sai gets Aniket’s call who informs that he sees someone towing away Pulkit’s car. Sai asks him to find out who they are. Aniket does same. Man says they got complaints from resident that an unknown car is parked since 2 days, hence they are towing it to police station. Sai asks to find out and message which station is it and hopes to meet Pulkit soon.