Lost In Love Monday Update 24 October 2022


Lost In Love Monday Update 24 October 2022

Mohit notices Sai munching fruits crying and asks if she is fine. She says she is fine. He asks if she was fasting. She says she was, but broke it as the one whom she is fasting for is not bothered at all. She then asks about his audition. He says he got that role. She says she is eager to see him on screen. He asks why she looks tensed. She says Virat is not talking to her properly and gives weird answers. He remembers seeing Virat with Shruti and asks her to question him properly. She says he doesn’t discuss anything and even after mission is completed, he says its still on and don’t know who Shruti is and why he is helping her. He says Virat will answer only her. She senses he is hiding something and asks if he is hiding something. He says he already said what he knows. Sai gets more concerned.

After sometime, Devi and Mohit dancing chanting Sai’s results are coming. Bhavani scolds them why are they dancing when its Sai’s results. Devi says because everyone will be happy when she gets good marks. Mohit says some people are not happy. Sonali scolds him that she knows whom he is pointing at. Karishma taunts that he is always worried for Sai and if he pays half of that attention towards her, her life will be better. Sai walks to them sadly. Omkar asks where did Virat go early morning. She says they should question Virat instead of her, she is tired of being questioned repeatedly. Omkar yells she always misbehaves with them. Ashwini asks if she tensed regarding results. She says she doesn’t know as she is not bothered when her life is in turmoil. Pakhi comments she should be specific that she is tensed regarding Virat and not her

results. Ashwini then tries to calm Sai down. Bhavani suggests to visit a temple if she is nervous about her results. Sai says god doesn’t wait for her to visit temple to help her. Bhavani warns her to dare not joke on her devotion. Ashwini requests her to calm down and asks Sai to visit college for results. Sai says she will in the afternoon, but their questions are irritating her.

Virat with Pulkit returns home. Pakhi asks Virat where was he as there were all worried for him, especially Sai. Virat says he got Pulkit’s call, so went to college. Pulkit says he had to call Virat to inform her about results. Omkar taunts Sai’s results are so bad that college management called her guardian. Sai cries that she failed in both personal and college exam. Pulkit says her result was really good. Virat says she came first in her class and in fact scored the highest in college till now. Sai’s supporters rejoice while Omkar, Sonali, Karishma, and Pakhi get jealous and make their usual weird faces. Virat congratulates Sai shaking her hand and feels proud of her, making Pakhi jealous more. Bhavani scolds Sai that she topped in college and was acting as if she failed. Pakhi taunts that she was even suspecting Virat when he had gone to her college. Omkar backs her. Ashwini says Sai was nervous. Samrat says he is proud of Sai followed by Mansi, Devi and others. Virat says Sai’s dean asked him to personally congratulate her from his side. Sai asks Virat if he really woke up early and went to college. He says then what and laughs. Pakhi stands more jealous. Virat rushes out to get a surprise gift for Sai.

Virat brings candy floss and balloons for Sai and celebrates her success in exam. Devi happily jumps and says even she needs balloons. Karishma comments they will get candy floss instead of sweets. Sai says she will not share her candy floss with anyone. Pakhi comments what can they expect from a woman who hasn’t grown up at all. Mansi asks her to stop criticizing Sai. Samrat says one who are child from within are true at heart. Pakhi frowning asks really? Samrat says their Sai is a kind person and hopes everyone are same, pointing at Pakhi. Sonali reminds how Sai reacted when Virat brought candy floss for the first time. Everyone laugh. Bhavani scolds Sonali not to remind it and warns Sai not to repeat her act. Sai says she wil not as modak brought them for her. Virat says he forgot that she is fasting for him and says he will get her a nice dinner. She says she was feeling hungry and had food, its his mistake that he didn’t come on time, anyways she forgave him for bringing her such a nice gift. Bhavani comments they should learn to making a mistake themselves and forgive someone instead from Sai.

Sai thanks Virat and apologizes him for misunderstanding him. Virat says he hopes she studies well and becomes a big doctor. Samrat hopes same and asks Sai to concentrate on her life without bothering about other’s comments. Pulkit says he explained her same yesterday. Sai says she learnt her mistake and will not doubt anyone. Virat asks what are they talking about. Sai says nothing and says she will enjoy candy floss. Devi requests to share one with her. Sai

says she will not except Devi and feeds her candy floss. Devi rejoices. Virat tries to take one, and Sai stops him. Pulkit says he knew Sai and Devi will not share candy floss, so he brought sweets for all.

Ashwini then praises and prays for Sai. Sai tries to touch her feet and take her blessings. She stops her and asks to take Bhavani’s blessings first. Bhavani rudely stops Sai and says she is not happy with Sai’s results as she was just studying without any doing household chores, she will be only happy if Sai gives her a legal hair as promised. Mansi says Sai brought a fame to their family with her studies. Bhavani says there are other family members who brought fame to them already, she wants her bahus to carry forward Chavan family’s lineage. Virat confronts her and says she should value Sai like she values him. Bhavani gets adamant that she just wants a heir from Sai and continues yelling at Sai. Ashwini says she is happy though with her bahu’s studies. Drama continues. Sai touches elders’ feet, then Pakhi’s who fumes stands silently seeing Samrat next to her. Samrat blesses her to succeed in life. Devi asks her touch her feet also and with Pulkit blesses her. Sai then touches Virat’s feet who says he is proud of her and prays for her success.

Mohit asks Virat if they will not party. Virat says they will. Pakhi taunts he will if she stays at home. Virat says he will stay at home whole day and celebrate Sai’s success in a grand way. Sai says he needs to visit office. He says nothing is important to him than her success celebration and he dedicates this day to her. Sonali provokes Bhavani who orders Virat to end this drama as Sai will have celebration in her college tomorrow. Virat says party is a must. Bhavani yells he should write a scripture on Sai. Ashwini says someone will write a book on Sai at least. Bhavani walks away frowning more. Sai asks Virat to cancel the party. He says he will not. After sometime, Mohit, Ashwini, Devi, and Samrat decorate house for party. Ashwini informs Virat that Ninad is returning home and will be happy seeing Sai’s success. Virat gets Shruti’s message and rushes out. Ashwini hopes he doesn’t get busy.