Lost in Love Monday Update 23rd May 2022


Lost in Love Monday Update 23rd May 2022

Virat rides car with Sayi and asks her to stop sitting silently and check her phone. Sayi says its battery is full. He asks to check nearby photo studio. She realizes she forgot phone at home. He says he will write a book on her writing about her forgetfulness, they don’t see any studio open around. She says once in childhood, a teacher gave her less marks purposefully and more to another student, but when Aaba heard about it, he confronted teacher and got her marks back; he also supported her like Aaba going against his family, so she feels emotional, shedding tears. He jokes that her eyes are puffy with tears and offers kerchief.

At home, Bhavani tells Sonali that Sayi is misbehaving with Ashwini’s support, so she feels to kick Ashwini out of house first. Saloni says she is right. Bhavani says she will punish Ashwini today. Sonali asks how. Bhavani says she gave leave to maids and will force Ashwini to clean whole house. Saloni brings Ashwini. Bhavani says there is a lot of dirt in house and since servants have taken leave, Ashwini should clean the house. Ashwini asks how can she as she needs to cook. Bhavani says Pakhi and Karishma will cook today. Ashwini realizes what she is up to and says she knows she is punishing her for supporting Sayi, but she will not mind as she will continue supporting and protecting Sayi. She walks away looking at Saloni and saying Bhavani is rigth that there is a lot of dirt at home.

College principal checks Sayi’s marks cards and certificate and says she is happy to see Sayi’s excellent marks cards even being in Gadchiroli, she is proud to get a student like her in he college, etc. Virat thanks her. She says Sayi should be proud to have a supporting husband. Sayi smiles at Virat.

Back at home, Ashwini tells Pakhi that Bhavani ordered her to cook and Pakhi and Karishma to cook. Pakhi says she can help her in cleaning. Ashwini says she doesn’t need help. Shivani brings cleaners. Bhavani with Saloni walks in and asks what is happening. Saloni provokes her that Ashwini went against her and asked Shivani to bring cleaners. Bhavani yells at Ashwini that she went against her even now. Shivani says she wanted home to be cleaned and who does it doesn’t matter. She asks cleaner to clean the sofa well as dirt of age old thinking is stuck on it. Bhavani walks away fuming. Ashwini smirks and praises Shivani, says she can go to temple and pray for Sayi now.

Virat takes Sayi on road and asks he to wait while he gets his car. Sayi feels dizzy and sits on bench crying. Virat asks why is she crying now after her admission process is finished. Sayi says she is feeling dizzy. Virat says she didn’t have anything since morning and gets her tender coconut. After she finishes it, he says she can have something once they reach home. They stop at a busy signal. Sayi says its very crowded. He says this is Napur’s most busy street Kamptee road, she can hold his hand if she is afraid. She says she is not afraid and can walk herself. They walk with crowd and he walks murmuring. Sayi gets lost in crowd and afraid searches Virat. Virat realizes she went missing and searches her worried.

Sayi thinks how to reach home without knowing its address, then realizes she can return to college at least and asks cab driver to take he to Nagpur Medical College. He drives away yelling its nearby and not to spoil his time. Sayi worried tries to cross a road when biker clashes with her and asks if she can’t walk properly. She asks Sundar Nagar’s address. Biker asks if she is new to Napur. She says yes. He offers to drop her. She is about to sit on bike when Virat holds her hand and taking her aside scolds her that she cannot walk along, etc. Their nok jhok starts. People around seeing their fight walk to them and ask Sayi if this cheapster is troubling her. She says yes and then no. They start scolding Virat and warn to take him to police station. Virat warns them to behave. Sayi stops them and says he is her husband and they should stop troubling them. People walk away yelling. Virat laughs on Sayi and says she told a word which she didn’t want to. She starts arguing again. He says if he had not found her, he would have been feeling guilty. A biker stops bike nearby. Sayi holds Virat’s hand in fear. He says if she had held his hand before, this problem wouldn’t have occurred before.

Sayi holds Virat’s hand in fear seeing a bike passing closer to them. Virat says he told her earlier to hold his hand and if she had held his hand before, she wouldn’t have been lost. Ashwini calls Virat and asks about Sayi’s admission. She says Sayi got admission in Nagpur Medical College. Ashwini rejoices and disconnects call. Virat tells Sayi they will return home and have lunch as she didn’t have anything since morning. Sayi insists to have roadside stall food. Virat asks who has roadside food at this time. She insists, but he gets into car. She murmurs nobody listens to her. At home, Ashwini informs Bhavani that Sayi got admission in medical college. Bhavani asks Omkar to call Nagpur Dhol mandali as they should dance rolling on floor and celebrate Sayi admission. Saloni says she taunted really well. Ashwini says even in taunts, Bhavani at least thought of celebrating Sayi’s admission. Bhavani says Pakhi and Karishma have prepared food and will serve on time. They both bring food. Bhavani taunt these are real bahus and not like Sayi. Ashwini requests to wait till Virat and Sayi come. Bhavani says they will have lunch on time while Ashwini can wait for her bahu.

Sayi sees her 4,68000 rs college fees and thanks Virat. Virat says even he has to do a course to understand Sayi in 30 days as he cannot understand her anger sometimes and thanks something. She laughs and says she will return his money once she becomes a doctor. He says he knows she would say that. She says she needs to visit Gadchiroli with Usha to get Aaba’s money. He says he cannot let her go as he doesn’t know waht Vithal will do, so he will accompany her. She says she can manage with Usha. He says she is his responsibility and he cannot take risk sending her alone. She thinks she is only his responsibility and nothing else and says he is right.

He stops car and asks her to get down. She asks why did he stop near late. He jokes with a lengthy dialogue and shows ice cream shop. She happily runs to stall and orders 2 different flavors. He joins her and she insists him to try one. He orders mango flavor and sits with her. She says one should take 2 ice creams as they can enjoy one if other melts. He says she is so intelligent, but doesn’t look one. She asks if he thinks so. He says she finds happiness in everything. She says one should find happiness in even small things. He thinks she is so good and different from him. She sees pani puri stall and runs towards it excitedly, orders one and insists him to have it. He just looks at her excitement. She feeds him one puri. He says its very spicy. She gives him ice cream. He bites and then drops it by mistake. They both laugh. She laughs more mimicking him. He says she looks pretty laughing. She feels shy and says thank you.

At home, Bhavani gets angry waiting for Virat and Sayi for lunch and orders Pakhi to call Virat and find out where he is. Pakhi tries and says his Virat is not picking call. Karishma says he purposefully must not be picking call as he is spending quality time with his wife and Pakhi cannot understand it as her husband is missing. Bhavani yells to mind her tongue and think well before speaking. Each family member start their favorite task of badmouthing about Sayi, her decision of college admission and Virat supporting it. Drama continues. Shivani confronts Bhavani and supports Sayi as usual. Pakhi tells family that she wants to start her job again. Bhavani says when they let Sayi do whatever she wants, she cannot do injustice to Pakhi by stopping her, so she can go ahead. Pakhi says she doesn’t know if Samrat will return or not and cannot be waiting for his opinion. Bhavani consoles her. Ninad says she should take think again once before taking up job. Pakhi asks if Virat will change his wife’s decision of getting admission in a college. On the other side, Virat and Sayi continue to enjoy their outing. He buys her balloons. She walks around happily and slips. He holds her and their eyes meet. Serial’s title track plays in the background.