Lost in Love Monday Update 13th June 2022


Lost in Love Monday Update 13th June 2022

Virat stops Sai from going out of house. Sai asks him to move out of her way. He says he will not. She insists and tries to leave. He holds her hand. Karishma smirks and thinks she didn’t see this happening in Chavan nivas before. Sai asks Virat to leave her hand. He asks her to return to her room. Pakhi tells Virat that she can’t believe he would do this to Sai, he should leave her hand as neighbors will watch them and they all know that family doesn’t like Sai; he should find some other way, its not appropriate to hold any woman’s hand like this. Virat says its his and his wife’s personal issue. Pakhi says when their issue comes out in open, its not personal; everyone are shocked and ashamed seeing their fight, so they both should go to their room and fight. Sakshi enters greeting family and says such a beautiful Sunday morning and there is Mahabharat at home, what is happening.

Bhavani yells only she was missing here. Sakshi calls Ashwini and asks what is happening. Ashwini says Sai is going to her professor’s house on Sunday, its wrong. Sakshi asks how can she be so outdated and asks everyone to stop their outdated thinking and let Sai go. She asks Sai to return home soon. Virat says he will not let her go and continues holding her hand tightly. Saloni says let her go as he cannot handle Sai. Virat says he broke big goons’ arrogance, he will break Sai’s adamancy today and Sai will do whatever he orders. He asks Karishma to lock the main door. Pakhi asks what is he doing. Karishma locks door. Sai says till when he will lock door, he has to open it after some time. Virat says he will, but will lock her in a room first. She says he is making a big mistake, she saved him from Vithal Mane’s wrong allegation, but now thinks of filing a real complaint and snatch his job. Virat asks if she is threatening him. She says she can do it. Ashwini asks him to leave Sai’s hand as she is feeling pain. Virat leaves Sai’s hand. Ninad yells that let Virat show his power to his wife. Bhavani yells that she warned him to leave the house with his wife, but he didn’t listen to her and now whole family is watching the drama.

Virat yells at Sai that she is happy seeing him being insulted by family, he never saw such a thankless person in life who forgot her favors. She asks what favors, she didn’t ask him to marry her and take care of her. He says he married her as it was her Aaba’s last wish. She says she doesn’t remember anything of that sort and asks not to drag her Aaba in his lies. He asks why would he lie as if he was dying to marry her and she is a beauty queen. Sai says she doesn’t know what happened between him and Aaba, but he cannot force her like this. Ashwini asks her to calm down as Virat is worried for her, so she should tell where and why she is going. Virat says he asked 50 times. Sai says she answered him 50 times. Ashwini says Virat will drop her to professor’s house.

Sai says she doesn’t need his favor again. Virat says she will for her misbehavior. She says even he will pay for his misbehavior as she will never forget this day. Omkar and Ninad yell that he is expecting behavior from an arrogant girl. Ninad asks if he is explain her who was married forcefully. Bhavani says Virat’s marriage will break soon and Sai will realize her mistake. Ashwini asks how can she wish like that. Sai says she can expect only insult from family as they don’t like her and consider Pakhi as best bahu of Chavan Nivas. She asks Bhavani if she planned Virat and Pakhi’s trip. Bhavani asks what does she mean. Sai says Bhavani believes Samrat will not return and she doesn’t Pakhi to leave this house as Chavan family’s dignity is at stake, so she is stopping Pakhi at home by giving her a toy named Virat to play; she is misusing Virat as she knew about Virat and Pakhi’s past.

Pakhi shouts shut up, if she realized she spoke ill about her and her husband; she met Virat in a Nasik’s yoga resort and they are just good friends, what is wrong if Bhavani asked 2 friends to accompany together; she insulted pure friendship today. Bhavani shouts and warns Sai to take back her words. Sai says she didn’t mind Virat and Pakhi going for a trip and didn’t want to accompany them. She tells Virat that she had a deal with him that she will stay in his house till she becomes a doctor, but never made a deal that his family will stop her at every step and never agreed that her family will stop her if she wants to visit her professor and he will stop and use his power on her; when he can break the deal, even she can; if he knows to change the rules, even she knows to break them; hence, he should think 10 times before doing any heinous act. She walks towards door and angrily stares at Karishma. Karishma moves aside afraid. Sai opens door and walks away while family stands looking.

Pakhi rushes to her room crying. Virat knocks door. Pakhi yells there is a difference between insult and misbehavior which his wife cleared today; how dare she is to call him her toy. He says Sai thinks they both love each other; she says Pakhi doesn’t hide her love and Virat hides his love in his heart.

Virat tells Pakhi that Sai says Pakhi doesn’t hide her love from anyone and he hides his love for Pakhi. Pakhi asks if this is true. He says no, she must be knowing her truth, but his truth is she is his elder brother’s wife and his good friend and nothing else; he apologizes for Sai’s bitter words today. She says sorry after giving her pain for whole life, sorry after forgetting his promise, sorry after erasing her feelings from his heart, sorry for meeting her Nasik, forcing her to marry his brother, etc. His 1000 sorry will not change her life’s situation and truth is she alone and don’t know till when she will be alone. He walks towards her.

She stops him angrily and says his one wrong decision ruined 3 lives and hopes he wouldn’t have taken this decision at all. He stands silently while she continues crying. In living room, Bhavani yells that she doesn’t know what Virat saw in Sai. Ashwini pleads her to stop. Bhavani yells that she always supports her bahu’s wrongdoings. She tells Saloni that she told Virat will hate his wife soon, don’t know when will that day come. Saloni says she shouldn’t bother about Sai as she will continue her misbehavior. Ninad backs her. Bhavani says let us not spoil our day because of Sai. They all walk away. Bhavani thinks day is spoilt because of Sai and she will ruin Sai’s life for that, she will show Sai what drama means when she returns home.

Sai reaches Pulkit’s house. A lady named Madhuri greets her in and says her sir has gone out to bring Harini, so she can relax till then. Sai thinks if she is sir’s wife, there must be sir’s family pic somewhere where he is with his wife and daughter. She searches pics and finds only Pulkit and his daughter’s pics.

Mohit returns home and brings samosas for Karishma. Karishma excitedly asks if he got a job, she will inform Bhavani kaku. He stops her and says he went for his play rehearsal and brought samosas from there. She asks if she should FD samosas. He says he cannot do job as he likes only acting. She argues him and yells as usual. He says he will purse his passion and will follow Sai’s advice. She says Sai herself cannot do things right and is teaching him now. He asks what did she do. She says Sai fought with family and went for a lunch with her professor. He asks what is wrong in it.

Madhuri asks Sai to sit and says Pulkit praises her food always, but never praised her food as she cooks for him since many years. Sai thinks she must be definitely Pulkit’s wife. Madhuri asks her again to sit. Sai says she will go now. Madhuri asks her to wait till her sir comes. Pulkit returns and says he thought she will not come. Mahduri asks where is Harini. Harini enters. Madhuri hugs her calling her daughter. Sai thinks she is definitely Pulkit’s wife. Harini asks if she is Sai Joshi, papa says she comes first in exams always and asks if she wants to become a doctor like papa. Madhuri takes her in. Sai tells Pulkit that she will leave now. He asks if she is angry that he came late, it because Harini had her friend’s birthday and he went to pick her up.

She asks not to explain his personal issue with her. He asks what happened, if she is angry that he didn’t call Virat along; when can he come to her house for lunch, etc. Sai says he shouldn’t come as her family doesn’t like him coming and will insult her. He asks what exactly happened. She asks where he used to stay in Sundar nagar. He says Chavan Nivas. She stands shocked and thinks her doubt was right, Devi is waiting for her husband since years, but he has moved on with someone else. She asks why didn’t he inform her about it earlier. He says sometimes they have to hide complicated issues and asks again when can he come to her house. She says never and she will go now. He asks why. She says she had come here with a hope. He asks what hope. She walks away. Madhuri asks why did his student go without having lunch. He says even he doesn’t know.

Saloni serves lunch on table and asks Bhavani if she should serve her traditional Marathi food. Bhavani asks if she is feeling hungry. Saloni says yes, then says no, she wants to serve her food. Bhavani says she doesn’t feel like having food after seeing Sai’s drama. Saloni say she is right. Bhavani asks where is Patralekha. Saloni says she went to her room after cooking food, she was looking tensed. Bhavani says its obvious as even they are all tensed. Ashwini brings buttermilk for her. Karishma thinks its best time to provoke Bhavani against Sai and says Sai told Mohit… Saloni warns her not to start now and bring Ninad and Omkar for lunch. She goes to call them. Bhavani asks if Virat will come down for lunch or not. Ashwini says she doesn’t think he will come down today. Pakhi walks to Bhavani and asks why didn’t she have lunch yet as its time for her medicine. Bhavani praises her that she thinks so much about family and asks her to take food thali for Virat. Ashwini stops her, but Bhavani as usual yells at her and sends Pakhi up.

Pakhi takes food for Virat and apologizes for speaking rudely to him because of Sai. Virat says he doesn’t want to have food. She says she knows him well and knows he gets angry when is hungry. He asks her to take it away as doesn’t feel like having it. She asks if he doesn’t want to have food without Sai. He angrily turns, and she drops food plate. He says good she dropped it as he didn’t want to have it. She says he would have had food if Sai had brought it. He says he didn’t know about her new degree of taunting. She says she got it since he started wrongly supporting his wife. He says he was not supporting Sai, but was teaching her manners. She says he is supporting her since she came home, but only today he opposed her; his wife doesn’t even listen to him and went out by degrading him. He signals her to stop and walks away.