Lost in Love Monday Update 11th July 2022


Lost in Love Monday Update 11th July 2022

Virat tells family that whatever Omkar did is against law; he mislead a police office, bribed college staff, tampered someone’s official documents; all these 3 are crimes and hence he should be arrested. He will spare Omkar if they all promise that they will not trouble Devi and Pulkit again and Ninad, Omkar, Bhavani will consider Pulkit as their damad/SIL and not a poor man. Bhavani signals her puppet to agree and they all 3 agree. Virat says he will end this issue right here then. Ashwini says this issue ended, but what about the issue in which he insulted Sai and kicked her out of house; he should answer her. Mohit asks if he knows where Sai bhabhi is. He says he is not sure 100%, but thinks she has gone to Gadchiroli. Mohit asks if he will go there to bring Sai back. Ashwini asks same. He says he will go to Gadchiroli, apologize Sai, and bring her back home. Bhavani and her puppets fume hearing that.


In Gadchiroli, Usha tells Sai that she is concerned that Damadji/Virat didn’t even call her once to find out who and where she is. Sai says she doesn’t want to discuss about Virat from here, she has withdrawn Aaba’s money and will return to Nagpur to continue her studies, and she will never meet Virat again.

Pakhi asks Virat what did he say. Virat says he didn’t know that she cannot hear properly, he told he will go to Gadchiroli, apologize Sai, and bring her back home. All puppets frown. Pakhi asks when he had to apologize Sai, then why did he tell that he doens’t want to keep any relationship with Sai and she will not enter this house again. He says he remembers everything, but situation was different then, now he will bring Sai back home. Bhavani says though Omkar did wrong, Sai insulted them in front of all neighbors and hence how can he bring Sai back here. He says he called Sai a betrayer, liar, and what not and kicked her out of house, so its his responsibility to bring her back home. Sonali asks what will people say after so much happened. He says he doesn’t care. Pakhi says its waste to explain Virat and he will consider Sai as innocent even if she murders 100 people. Virat walks away ignoring her.

At night, Virat misses Sai lying on bed. Sai also misses him. Oh Hum Dum Bin Tere Kya Jina, Tere Bina Besuwadi Re Piya..song plays in the background. Sai lyinng on bed reminisces time spent with Virat and thinks why is she thinking about Virat. Virat also reminisces time spent with her, her smile, her each memory, picks her gift and thinks he is not only arrogant, egoistic, but also a sinner who broke Sai’s heart; he is coming to Sai to apologize her; he knows its easy to apologize someone after paining their heart, but forgiving is very difficult; he hopes Sai forgives her Virat sir.

Sonali confronts Omkar that she feels she is with a stranger, she cannot imagine her Omkar did this heinous act, she feels ashamed to be his wife. He says him tampering Pulkit’s document is half truth, nobody knows full truth. She insists to tell his wife what exactly happened. He says this truth is buried in him and will never come out. She says she has to bear Bhavani’s taunts that her husband tampered documents, he is a criminal, etc. He says Sai will not do that; she will not even discuss about it as whatever he did is for Devyani and this family’s betterment and Bhavani will respect his act. She sleeps on couch fuming.

Virat drives towards Gadchiroli reminiscing Sai words and Kamal/Aaba before dying taking his promise to take care of Sai, him marrying Sai and then kicking her out of house. Kale noticing Virat thinks Virat must have come to take back Sai for sure, he should inform this good news to villagers and reach there soon. Pari gets happy seeing Virat. Virat asks how is she. She says she was sad seeing Sai didi sad, but with his arrival, she is sure Sai will be happy for sure. She takes him towards her home. Kale reaches first and informs Usha and Kusum that Damadji has come to Gadchiroli. Usha informs same to Sai. Sai asks if she should dance. Kusum says she will question Virat once he comes. Sai says nobody will question him as only she will speak to him. Pari brings Virat saying he was searching Sai, so she brought him here. Sai looks at him and reminisces Virat kicking her out of house.

Pari takes Virat home and informs that he was searching for Sai, so she brought him home. Sai asks Virat why did he come here; if whatever he did was not enough that he came here to insult her again. He says he came to apologize her and inform that he was wrong and she was always right, she did good by getting Devi and Pulkit married and reuniting 2 loves; he trusted a piece of paper and not his wife, considered Pulkit wrong, and gave such a big punishment to Sai. He with folding hands says he is unfit to be forgiven, but she should forgive him and return home.

Usha and Rachna get happy hearing that. Virat says not trusting her was his life’s biggest mistake, fake documents against Pulkit blind folded his eyes; as they say, one cannot hide smell of flowers and truth; so she should forgive him and return home. Sai asks if he thinks she should forgive him, claps, and asks when he didn’t think once before kicking 2 helpless women out of house at midnight and didn’t even let her pick her stuff, does he think she should forgive him. Usha backs Sai. Virat says he cares for her. She says she will not return with him as its easy to injure one’s heart and then try to apply ointment of apology. He says he is her husband and their marriage. Usha says that doesn’t mean he can behave with his wife the way he likes, insult her repeatedly and then apologize.

Kale, Rachna, and Milind ask him to return back as he shouldn’t have made such a big mistake being a police officer. Usha says they should forgive Virat when he is repenting for his mistake and Sai should return home with him. Sai says she will not go with him. Virat with folded hands again requests her to forgive him and return home. Sai says which house he is talking about, all family members except Aayi were happy when he kicked her out of house, only Aayi was crying and wanted to stop her, went against family and brought food for her and Usha maasi and she scolded aayi even after that. Virat says even he misbehaved with Aayi and is unable to forgive himself for paining even Aayi, it is not his aayi’s teaching and whatever he did is by himself; he is a very good aayi’s very bad son; she can punish him however she likes, he is her husband and she has right to stay in his house. She asks why didn’t he think of her right when he kicked her out of house; she reminds him telling that she will love Chavan Nivas people so much that she will never leave them, but that day will never come and its better this issue ends right here; she will Aayi and Devi always as Aayi loves her like a real daughter and scolded her like real daughter and didn’t break relationship blindly listening to others.

He requests to return home for Aayi’s sake then. She asks if he is not ashamed to use Aayi’s name to take her back home, she will not return to his house; all bad relationships end some day and even their relationship ended similarly, so he should go from here. She walks inside home. He follows her and says he trusted her and will always trust her; he made a big mistake and accepts all the allegations made by her, Usha, and all villagers and is apologizing her with folded hands and bent head. She asks if he informed his family that he came to apologize her, she is sure he must have not as they wouldn’t not permit him. He says he doesn’t need to inform them. She asks if he took his best friend Pakhi’s advice. He says its their personal matter and Pakhi is not involved in it. She says Pakhi is more than a friend to him. He says its not true. She asks not to act great as it will not change her decision. He requests her to return at least for her studies and she shouldn’t miss her college. She asks why he thinks that she will drop her studies. He says his family will respect her decision and will not misbehave with her. She says his family’s favorite past time is insulting her. He says he takes responsibility that his family will not insult her.

She says when he cannot take up his own responsibility, how will he take his family’s responsibility; she is telling him one last time that she will not return to his house, she had already informed that she will leave him one day, that day came early all thanks to him, now he is free from her burden and promise made to her Aaba. He says she cannot be a burden on him; he knew she wouldn’t return with him, but hoped that she will forgive him and return home with him; and with teary eyes requests not to let his fear overtake his hope. She asks him not to shed cries as even she didn’t and took this decision practially and not with emotions, even she is requesting him respectfully that he should go from here. He says he will not go from here. He says she doesn’t care. A lady enters says when stubborness overpowers, relationship fails.