Lost in Love Friday Update 29th April 2022


Lost in Love Friday Update 29th April 2022

Badimaa asks Ashwini where is a question of Virat’s safety here and asks if Virat is a kid. Ashwini says she will not understand as she doesn’t have a son. Ninad warns her to behave with Badimaa and there are many people in this house who care for Virat. Badimaa says she doesn’t have her own son, but she always considered Virat and Samrat as her sons, there is nothing wrong if Pakhi calls Virat as it will build a good new relationship between them. Ashwini says she doesn’t know if new relationship is made or old one is made strong. Ninad gets brigadier Sood’s call and gets tensed.

At Aaba’s house, Usha serves food to Virat. Virat thanks her and says he is having home food after a long time. Usha says its her honor. Aaba says he will not have food as he is not hungry. Virat scolds him. Usha says looks like Sayi is scolding Aaba. Aaba gets hiccups remembering Sayi. Sayi also gets hiccups and looks at her and Aaba’s pic. Aaba says he cannot have food without Sayi. Virat says Sayi he spoke to Sayi sometime ago and she was having kanda poha; they can feed Sayi once she returns home. Usha laughs. Virat says he and Aaba cannot meet Sayi as Vithal and his goons will find out location and kidnap Sayi again.

Ninad informs family that Brigadier Sood informed that Samrat is missing from battlefield, but army is searching him. Mansi drops water glass in shock. Family tries to console her. Karishma comments that this happened because Pakhi did abshagun by stepping in with reverse foot during graha pravesh. Badimaa warns her to mind her tongue. Devi walks to Pakhi and pinching her says same pinch, her husband is lost and even Pakhi’s husband is lost. Badimaa scolds her.

Virat writes a letter to commissioner and asks constable to deliver it to commissioner soon. Sayi half asleep calls her and asks how is he, not to take any tension and to take care of himself. He asks if she is fine. She asks why he is sounding like gabbar. He says he is gabbar, he means Virat Chavan. She nervously checks number. He asks if she saw any unusual incident around and to inform him if she sees any.

Pakhi goes into flashback where she meets Virat in yoga camp and clicks his pic. She speaks to him and asks if he gives answers with only yes and no. He says yes. Their discussion starts. They get along well and have a long discussion. Out of flashback, Pakhi thinks she feels alone and needs Virat’s support.

Pakhi speaking to her parents on call. She says Samrat is missing in action, Brigadier Sood called and informed the family, he tried to find Samrat, but didn’t find her. Her mum asks her not to lose courage. Pakhi says I have nothing to lose now. Her mum says Devyaani said you were talking to Virat, were you really talking to him. Pakhi says Samrat got to know about Virat. Her dad asks what, if he really knew it, he would have spoken to you. She says I think Ashwini Kaki also got to know, she was also taunting me, I feel suffocated here, I got married on Virat’s saying, but everything changed now, I lost my love, friendship, Samrat, everything. She cries. Her dad asks her not to cry.

Vitthal asks his wife to just stop it, that girl is my son’s choice and love, I can do anything for my son, I can kill anyone, if that girl doesn’t come in this house, then I will become a joke, what will people say, they will say I just talk, I do nothing. Mansi cries and prays. Everyone asks her to have food.

Bhavani asks did you find out anything about Samrat. They learn nothing happened to Samrat. Everyone say Mansi isn’t moving from here. Pakhi comes and asks Mansi to have water. She says we will get new soon. Mansi prays for Samrat. Everyone worries. Pakhi goes to call. Ashwini asks whom are you calling. Pakhi drops the phone. They see Virat’s name on the screenl Ashwini says no need to inform Virat, else he will leave his mission, we all know his duty is most imp for him, he is already in tension, don’t give him more tension, I m his mum, don’t teach me when to tell him anything.

Bhavani asks Ashwini to learn speaking to people, Pakhi just got married and her husband is missing, you should treat her with love, you are getting rude. Sunny says Ashwini is right, we should not tell anything to Virat, he is on duty.

Goons see a milkman going. Goon says maybe he is going to deliver milk, ACP Virat Chauhan is there. Sai gets scared when someone knocks the door. She takes a knife and points at the man. She sees Virat in disguise. Virat recalls taking the disguise and fooling the goons. Virat made Bhola stand in his place. Sai laughs seeing Virat. He asks what happened.

She says I should ask what happened, this look suits you a lot, was there fancy dress competition in police station, you are so strange. He says its not funny, what do you think, its all a joke, Sai why don’t you understand, keep lights off and hide, you have kept lights here. She cries. He says you girls make mistake first and then sit crying, very good. She asks what did I do that I m trapped here, you made me away from my family, you locked me in this guesthouse, you came here as cartoon, I m bearing punishment, why did you come here, to make fun of me. He smiles and says no, to know about you, when you disconnected phone, I felt you have disconnected yourself from us. She says I had no connection with you, you always scold me and lecture me. He keeps the tiffin. He asks her to have homemade food. She smiles. She starts eating. He asks her to apply mosquito repellent. He says I scolded you because of your habits, ask anyone about my nature. She asks what’s Pakhi’s opinion about you.

Pakhi calls Neha and says I want to meet you right now. Neha says Raj has gone to Mumbai, I can’t come alone, what will your inlaws think, calm down, we will meet later. Pakhi says I have to meet now, come to my parents’ house, I will reach there. Neha asks can your inlaws let you leave. Pakhi says I feel suffocated here, everyone taunts me, I can’t act like an ideal bahu, I will not kill my wishes, we will meet. She ends the call. Everyone discusses about Samrat. Pakhi gets her bag. Everyone sees her. Pakhi says I m going to my home for few days. Mansi says we all are worried for Samrat, you think you should go to your Maayka in these times. Pakhi says I will come back soon, do I need anyone’s permission to go home, I shall go. Bhavani says you need it.