Lost In Love Friday Update 21 October 2023


Lost In Love Friday Update 21 October 2023

Sai asks Satya to try Mango Mastani. Satya eats it and says it’s good. Satya’s family members are surprised to see Satya eating mango mastani for the first time after Girija’s death. They feel Satya will move Sai. Amba says Bhavani cursed Satya and Sai’s relationship won’t last long but I will make them live happily together and move on in their life. Amba eats Mango Mastani and feels happy.

Vinu cries badly holding Pakhi’s photo. Karishma and other family members come there with Vinu’s favorite food and ask Vinu to eat but Vinu refuses and asks them to leave. Satya makes Savi sleep. Sai comes there and says it’s the first time Savi sleeps listening to the story of someone apart from mine. Amba comes there and gives a gift to Sai to her Pehli rasoi. She says she will take Savi to her room so they can start their family. Satya says we are just married so no need to take Savi and let her sleep here. Amba agrees. Satya says to Sai that they have to bear this teasing for some time.


Vinu calls Sai and tells her that his mom left him. He says you said you won’t let my family break but it happened. He asks her to meet him. Sai assures him that she is coming. Satya says he will drop her and takes Sai with him. Amba tries to stop them but they leave. She thinks about where they are going. Taji says let them live life.

Satya drops Sai. He says he will come with her inside. Sai refuses and says she will manage and asks him to return home. Virat and Mohit return home and reveal to everyone that they couldn’t find Pakhi anywhere. Ninad asks why Pakhi left the home suddenly. Ashwini asks Virat what he said to Pakhi. Virat says I told Pakhi to leave me alone in my inebriated state and I don’t know that she will leave the house. They hear a calling bell sound. Ashwini asks him to open the door and says it can be Pakhi. Virat opens the door. Everyone gets shocked to see Sai. Sai says she comes to meet Vinu as he calls her but Virat doesn’t let Sai enter the house and orders her to leave. Sai says Vinu needs her at this time. Ashwini asks him to allow Sai. Virat refuses and tries to close the door but Sai stops him and says she won’t leave until she meets Vinu. Vinu comes there and calls Doctor Aunty. Sai enters the house. Vinu hugs her.

Satya returns home. Gauri and Maddy tease him and ask where Sai is. Satya says Sai will stay at Chavan’s house as her son’s health is not good as his mom left him. Amba doesn’t like it and creates a scene over it. She asks Satya to make Sai understand that if she visits Chavan’s Nivas frequently then they have to leave Nagpur.

Vinu asks Sai how his mom can leave him. Sai asks him to eat food. Vinu says he can’t eat until his mom returns. Sai says your mom hid somewhere as she is angry and Pakhi will be back once her anger cools down as she can’t stay away from you. Vinu asks if she is sure. Sai says she is sure and convinces him to eat food. Vinu requests Sai to search for his mother and bring her to him. Sai agrees. Virat and his family members see Sai feeding food to Vinu.