Lost in Love Friday Update 20th May 2022


Lost in Love Friday Update 20th May 2022

Sayi prepares breakfast with Ashwini. She asks her how is naani/Ashwini’s mother. Ashwini says her mother is old and needs care, so she will have to visit her often. She sees Sayi engrasped in thought and signs Jahan Teri ye nazar hai..song.. to garner her attention and asks if she is thinking of yesterday’s even and is angry on Virat. Sayi says no. Ashwini says Shivani had called her last night and said if Virat had really hit Sayi, she would have run away. Sayi says Virat cannot hurt her or can see anyone in pain as he is like her Aaba. Ashwini says she cannot understand her at all. Sayi says Virat is her son and she brought him up, so he has her sanskars. Ashwini asks her to repeat it daily as she will feel good.

Virat returns home at night happily and asks Bhavani if Pakhi came back. Bhavani says she personally called Pakhi and requested to return home. Karishma brings medicine for Bhavani and asks Virat to meet Pakhi in her room. Ninad says Pakhi’s father came to drop Sayi, Omkar says he left insulted without even having tea because of Sayi, Bhavani also yells that Sayi has made their life a hell. Virat asks why would Sayi do that and they all don’t know that Pakhi returned home after Sayi visited her. Ashwini praises Sayi and asks what did she do. Sayi says she just apologized Pakhi and make her realized that this is her real house, she is happy that Pakhi accepted her apology and returned home. Bhavani and her team sit fuming. Devi enters and throws her doll away.

Bhavani yells at her. Sayi walks to Devi and asks why did she throw the doll away. Devi says that male doll is her husband and she is female doll; she requests Sayi to find her husband and bring him back to her. Sayi says she will if she knows who is he. Ninad yells at Sayi. Virat supports Sayi and says she didn’t say anything wrong, she is just trying to befriend Devi. Shivani praises Virat that he used to obey his father’s every order, but now is opposing his wrong orders. She informs Ashwini how Virat confronted Ninad when he yelled at Ashwini for visiting her mother; says just like fruit changes its color seeing another fruit, Virat also changed with Sayi’s company.

Virat walks to Pakhi’s room and knocks door. When she doesn’t reply, he enters in and feeling nervous seeing her coming out of bathroom drying her hair says he will come later. She says he can stay back and asks if he thanked Sayi for convincing her to return home. He asks why should he thank Sayi when she doesn’t want to take the credit. Pakhi says looks like he is very impressed with his beloved wife. Virat says he doesn’t know if he is impressed or not, but is happy as Sayi did what she promised; he doesn’t know if she came back herself or with Sayi’s insistence, but he is happy and hopes she will not return to her parent’s house again and should inform her if she has any problem. Pakhi says she has problem seeing Virat and Sayi together.

Sayi wanders nervously in her room thinking about her medical entrance exam reslts tomorrow and asks Aaba to pray for her. She mimics Aaba how he would react to this situation and prays all gods for her help. Virat walks in and silently watches her drama. She asks why is he smiling. He says she was looking cute during her performance. She asks why would she look cute. He says its his problem. She says she is not in a mood to fight. He acts surprised and asks how can Sayi Joshi stay away from fight. She asks him to stop speaking loudly, else his friend Pakhi will enter asking if something happened. He asks her to stop joking about Pakhi. Pakhi gets Shailesh’s call who asks if she is fine and if someone misbehaved with her.

Pakhi says no. He says he was worried for her seeing morning’s drama. She ask if he informed about it to maa. He says no. She says she doesn’t want maa to get tensed unnecessarily and asks even him to stop worrying. He says he is a father and prays for her peaceful life ahead. She thinks it won’t happen as her faith is bad. Back in Viraat’s room, Virat assures Sayi that she will pass her medical entrance test. Sayi says he speaks like her father and asks if he really wants her to get admission. He says yes and reminds her their first meeting when Kamal sir introduced her and informed that she came first in 12th in whole district and wanted to become doctor. He shows her one finger and asks her to choose one. She chooses one. He acts and then says she will pass the test for sure. She jumps in happiness. Their bonding continues.

Imlie continues her story. Virat says she should stop her stories and sleep now. She says she cannot sleep as she is eager to see the results. Virat says he knows what would happen. She excitedly asks what. He says she will pass entrance test. She says he reminds her of Aaba. He says he has one thing common between himself and Kamal sir, they both think good for her. She says she used to check results at school in Gadchiroli, how will she check results without laptop here as he will go to office tomorrow. He says he will take leave tomorrow and check her results. She excitedly asks is it. He says Nagpur’s criminals won’t be on roads if he takes a a day’s leave, asks her to sleep now and prays god for her better results.

Next morning, Ninad and Omkar eagerly wait for Pakhi’s tea. Pakhi brings tea. Bhavani says they were missing her tea more than her. Saloni joins them and says even she needs a cup of tea and says now Sayi won’t enter kitchen after Pakhi returned. Karishma walks towards door. Saloni says she is going out and will inform after returning. Bhavani says a spoilt fruit spoilt whole tree, pointing at Sayi; if she goes out, she shouldn’t return back. Saloni says she is not a leniant MIL like Ashwini to let her DIL do whatever she wants, orders her to go to kitchen and help Pakhi. Karishma angrily walks towards kitchen when Mohit sees her and asks if she didn’t go out. Karishma says Sayi can go anytime she wants without permission, she needs to take lessons from Sayi. Mohit comments and leaves.

Bhavani doesn’t find Virat at breakfast table and asks Pakhi to go and find out if he is fine. Pakhi asks how can she. Ashwini comments wife’s whereabouts should be sought from wife and not others. Bhavani yells at her and asks Pakhi again to go and check. Pakhi says if she goes there, Sayi will insult her again, so she will not go. Sayi walks down and stands nervously. Pakhi says she saw Virat’s room light on for a long time. Ashwini asks why was she spying on Virat’s room. Pakhi says she has a habit of reading book till late night. Bhavani yells that Sayi must have kept Virat awake with her blabbering. Ashwini shakes Sayi and says Vahini is telling something. Bhavani repeats, and Sayi says Virat is not a kid and know when to sleep and wake up. Ninad yells to behave with Vahini.

Ashwini says Sayi is telling right. Virat walks down. Bhavani asks if he is fine, why didn’t he got on duty. Virat says he is fine and is waiting for a news. Sunny enters and asks Virat why didn’t he attend football match, they lost by a goal. Virat repeats he is waiting for a result, not his but Sayi’s and it came. Sayi and Ashwini eagerly ask what happened. He says Sayi passsed in top 10 and topped whole Maharastra. Sayi and Ashiwni exictedly hug each other followed by Shivani, leaving Bhavani and her puppets. Sayi thanks Bappa. Pakhi also thanks Bappa and hopes Sayi leaves this house soon after becoming a doctor. She congratulates Sayi and asks Virat if he is feeling proud of Sayi. Virat says he is feeling as if h e passed IPS exam again. Karishma and Sunny also congratulate Sayi.

Ninad comments why did Virat take leave just for this. Ashwini says he did right and asks Sayi to take elders’ blessings. Sayi heads to Ninad first and insists him to bless her. He tries to shoo her away and yells, but Sayi forcefully takes his blessings. She then takes Bhavani, Saloni, and Omkar’s blessings followed by others. Drama continues. Virat says she forgot to take his blessings and shows his feet.