Lost in Love Friday Update 17th June 2022


Lost in Love Friday Update 17th June 2022

Sai tells Pulkit that if he really wants to visit her house, he has to answer a question. He asks her to go ahead. She asks what is his wife’s name. He says Devyani; he and Devyani married each other 7 years ago on Maha Shivratri and took an oath to be together for 7 lives. She says he couldn’t follow his promise even for a single life, that is why he was eager to visit Chavan Nivas. Pulkit asks if she knew about him and Devyani from before. She says she wasn’t 100% sure, but had a doubt that he is Devi tai’s husband. She reminisces all the previous incidents and says she came to his house to confirm about it. He asks if she thought he moved on with Madhuri; Madhuri is his like his sister, he still loves Devyani and shows her photo in his wallet. She says her Aaba brought Usha mausi home to help her and take care of me and later considered her as sister, later Usha started considering me as her daughter.

He says Madhuri and Harini have same relationship. She says she never called Usha mausi as aayi, then why Harini calls Madhuri as Maa. He says Madhuri calls Harini as Hari, so Harini calls Madhuri as Maa. She is mad to misbehave with him without thinking much. He says it was a misunderstanding, but a few people lied and separated him and Devi purposefully; they lied that Devi is married and left Nagpur, they must have told something similar to Devi. She says he is right, they must have told Devi that he married someone else, so Devi says her husband remarried; she still is waiting for him and talks about her daughter. He says Hari is their daughter. She says how did he find Harini and took her responsibility. He says he will tell that long story later, he had lost a hope of living and would have gone mentally unstable if he had not got Harini.

He asks about Devi. She reminds him of a psychotropic medication and says Devi is given that medication. He asks if Devi is mentally unstable. She says Devi is not like she was 10 years ago, will he accept her again. He says Devi’s condition is because of him and he is sure that she will be fine after meeting her, and even if she doesn’t get well, he will be happy that Devi also loves him like he loves her. He pleads to let her meet Devi. Sai promises to reunite them soon and asks what must have happened to Devi. Devi suffered a lot, he will explain it later. He thanks her for helping him and Devi and insists to meet Devi today on Maha Shivrati. Virat gets his car tyre fixed by mechanic and walks towards temple searching Sai. Sai thinks she can’t believe Bhavani cabn harm her own daughter.

Bhavani asks Pakhi and Karishma to bring sweets and fruits for Vaishali. Vaishali says its okay. Mohit disguised as sadhu maharaj enters home. Bhavani happily greets him in and touches his feet. He stops her. Saloni touches his feet next and he stops her and even Ashwini. Bhavani asks what would he like to have. He says he came to give love to youngsters and advice to elders. Bhavani says she needs his blessings on this house and asks to pray for her missing nephew Samrat. He says for sure Kaku.. They all look at him curiously. He says he means kali mirch and nimbu/black pepper and lemon. Karishma asks if he will have only that. He scolds her and asks to tie them in terrace for blessings. He then says she has to pay attention also towards other sons of this house. He then acts as hearing sounds and says they don’t respect talent in this house and insult their younger son.

Karishma asks how does he know. He says he meditated in Himalayas and can predict people’s past, present, and future. Ninad and Omkar return home discussing that jobless Mohit is not picking their call at all. Ninad calls Mohit. Mohit replies yes Kaka and calls Bhavani as kaku. Family identifies him. Bhavani says he does very good acting. He asks if she liked his acting, its his new drama costume. He asks Vaishali about his acting and invites her for his new drama. Bhavani says he can entertain with his acting but not fill his and his wife’s stomach. Vaishali takes permission and leaves.

After sometime, Bhavani sees Devi playing with dolls in her room and locks it from outside. Ninad noticing her tensed asks her not to worry as the incident happened 10 years ago. Bhavani says she is sensing an unforeseen event and fears of exposing the 10-year-old secret. Ninad assures that nothing will happen and they shouldn’t talk about it there.

Back in temple, Madhuri asks Pulkit to handle Harini as she is demanding toys. Pulkit leaves. Sai apologizes Madhuri for her misbehavior last time. Maduri invites her for lunch again and leaves. Virat noticing her asks who was she. She says she was PD sir’s sister Madhuri tai. He says he heard about PD sir so much that he wants to meet him. She thinks he may meet him today and asks if he finds out that Devi can be cured, will be agree for the treatment. He says of course, but she thought about it. She says Mahadev infused the thought in her mind.

Bhavani discusses with Omkar and Ninad that she feels something inauspicious will happen, so she wants to finish pooja peacefully and spend the night without any inauspiciousness. Omkar says Pulkit will never come again. Ninad consoles Bhavani.

Bhavani informs family that they will chant Om Namah Shivay 108 times as it has a lot of significance. She then thinks she shouldn’t let Devi come out of her room today and asks Pakhi to make sure Devi stays in her room tody as she doesn’t want any drama today. Virat and Sai return from temple. Saloni tells Bhavani that nobody can compete with Pakhi as she didn’t have anything since last night and is fasting for Samrat. Pakhi says she is fasting for Bhavani as she cannot disobey her order. Bhavani praises her. Virat gives prasad to Bhavani and asks her to give it to everyone while breaking fast. Bhavani asks why did he give it to her. Virat says she is elder of the house and who else he should give. Bhavani says she is elder to Pakhi and others, but for him, his wife is elder than anyone, so he insulted them and left home. Virat says today is Pooja and Maha Shivratri, so she shouldn’t fight today. Saloni asks if she informed his wife not to fight with anyone today. Sai says she will not do anything but Mahadev will, so she should be tension-free today.

Pakhi says how can anyone be tension-free in her presence. Sai says they can by chanting Om Namah Shivay mantra. Bhavani asks why don’t she chant mantra to keep her mind calm and even in this house calm. Sai says if elder of the house chants mantra, whole family will be benefited with it. Bhavani complains Virat that his wife is arguing. Ashwini asks Virat to get 1008 bilvapatra and sends him away. She takes Sai away saying she needs to talk to her something important and says if a couple prays together during Mahashivratri, their bonding will be strong like Shiv and Parvati; unmarried woman pray to get a best life partner and married women pray to keep troubles away from their married life, so Sai with Virat should pray by heart tonight and consider Virat her husband by heart. Pakhi hears them hiding and gets jealous. Sai thinks she is worried how will family react when Pulkit comes home and prays Mahadev to let everything happen peacefully.

Family sits for meditation. Karishma lights temple lamps and asks Bhavani if she is tensed. Bhavani yells that her actor husband wasn’t enough that she is acting as concerned for her, she should go and chant mantras instead. Karishma returns to Mohit and tells him that she is Daku and not Kaku. Bhavani starts meditation with family. Sai enters and thinks where is Devi, she should ask her, but then stops seeing Ashwini busy in meditation. She walks to Devi’s room and finding it locked from outside thinks how can Bhavani be so ruthless to her own daughter. She walks into room and sees Devi crying. Devi hugs her and says she is afraid and doesn’t want to live alone. Sai asks to come with her. Devi says if someone sees her out, they will create problem. Sai says nobody will see her as everyone are busy meditating and takes her to her room. Devi says Sai is so good that she brought her here to play. Sai says she brought her here to get her ready.

Devi says she likes getting ready and asks reason, says Saloni gave her food and ordered to sleep after that and locked room from outside. She sings Sai is good and aayi is bad. Sai asks her to not to shout as everyone will listen. Devi stops. Sai shows saris and asks her to select a sari for her. Devi says she has very beautiful saris. Sai selects white sari as its festival today with a matching jewelry. Devi asks why she is getting her ready as if its her marriage. Sai says its her wedding day and reminds her that she got married to Pulkit Deshpande on Mahashivrati day 10 years ago. Devi panics saying not to take Pulkit’s name as her mother and uncles will harm him, asks if she will also harm Pulkit and her as she knows Pulkit’s name. Sai hugs and calms her down saying she will never harm her and says her husband Dr. Pulkit is coming to meet her today Devi says her husband married someone else. Sai says Pulkit loves only her and didn’t marry anyone else, so she should get ready before he comes. Devi cries again. Sai thinks if Pulkit will accept Devi in this condition or not.

Pakhi notices Sai missing from pooja and thinks if she went to Devi’s room. She walks to Devi’s room and sees her missing. She returns and informs that Devi and Sai are missing. Bhavani yells at Ashwini and asks if she opened Devi’s room door. Ashwini asks why would she. Bhavani asks Mohit to go and check where did Devi go. Door bell rings. Ninad opens door. Pulkit walks in. Ninad asks who is he. Pulkit says he is Dr. Pulkit Desphande. Bhavani says what she feared is happening.