Lost In Love Friday Update 11 November 2022


Lost In Love Friday Update 11 November 2022

Sai tells Pulkit that she will not forgive herself if Virat loses his job because of her. She says Chavan family will not be affected, but Virat’s new family will and any child wouldn’t like to be called his father as a criminal. Pulkit asks if even now she is worried for Virat. Sai says she needs to move on and its not necessary that Virat spends life with her, she was his responsibility which ended, but Shruti is his love in which he saw something which he didn’t any other girl; they have a kid and parents are most important in a kid’s life; she was bought up without her mother and saw how difficult it was for her Aaba without her mother, so she doesn’t want Virat’s baby to suffer. Pulkit says supporting wrong is also wrong. She says its Virat’s personal decision and world cannot point he is wrong, so she has decided to visit Chavan nivas, calls Virat there, and divorce him to end this issue. Pulkit says he knows she is trying to act strong, but is very weak from within; he is just worried for her health and knows her mental and physical health is getting affected. Sai says she knows whether anyone helps her or not, he will help her and she need to support Virat in his tough times.

Virat with Shruti and Sahas shifts to a house. Shruti greets him good morning. He says he prepares a soup for her. She says she would have prepared herself. He says he will work until he finds a maid and asks if she didn’t sleep last night. She says Sahas kept him awake, she didn’t want to disturb him. He says even he couldn’t sleep in a new room. She apologizes that he had to leave his house because of her. She says its his decision, so she need not feel guilty; he is feeling bad that his family wrongly alleged her. She says she is wrong though. He says Sai left her when he needed her most, its of no use if she finds out truth later. She says its not Sai’s fault. He says lets not talk about it. She asks if he is not getting late for office. He says he is not going to work. She says she is not too weak that she can’t take care of herself and Sahas. He says he is not going to office because.

She asks if its a govt holiday or Sunday, checks newspapers and is shocked to see his suspension news. She asks if he had gone to meet DIG after getting her discharged from hospital. He says he will handle it. She asks how will he prove himself innocent in 72 hours, he will lose his job, she will not let that happen and its better if she goes and stays at her parent’s house who have ransacked her but may accept her seeing her condition. He says she will be in trouble if she does that. She says she is ready to go to jail than seeing him in trouble. He says they have come too far and cannot go back, he is just worried for her health now. She says truth should come out and everyone should know how selfless person he is. She continues trying to convince him, but he denies and says people who trusted him now think he is wrong. She says its not his family and Sai’s mistake. He plays victim card again and says Sai didn’t trust him at all; if she had hidden something and asked him not to question her till she herself answers him, he wouldn’t have questioned her at all.

Sai calls Virat. Virat doesn’t pick it. Shruti asks why is he not picking Sai’s call. He says Sai must have read the news and must be calling him to taunt him. Sai thinks speak to her once at least. Virat picks call on Shruti’s insistence. Sai apologizes for disturbing him and asks him to reach Chavan nivas in sometime as she has some work and his presence is important. He says if she needs documents, she can take them from cupboard. She says she has some other work from him. He says family doesn’t like to see his face, so he will meet her somewhere else. She insists. He says if its important, he will come there, but his family thinks he is a criminal now. She says it shouldn’t bother him as he already chose his path.

Sai tells Virat he got what he wanted, she didn’t call him to give him knowledge or taunt him, he has moved on with Shruti, but he has to end the old chapters of his life first. He asks what does she mean. She asks how are Sahas and Shruti, Sahas looks exactly like him. He laughs and says how can she judge by seeing a 1-day-old baby. She thinks he looks happy and proved there was nothing between them, disconnects call. Shruti asks if Sai is calling him back to Chavan Nivas. He says she has some work from him there and goes to his room to rest. She thinks if he loves Sai so much, why don’t he express it.

Chavans read newspaper and feel ashamed of Virat. Omkar says Virat disgraced him, earlier he used to feel proud of hi and now he feels ashamed of him. Omkar says earlier they used to read Virat’s bravery news in newspaper, now they read news about his sins. Karishma says neighbors questioned her if Virat really had an illegitimate affair and child. Bhavani warns her to shut her mouth or else she will kick her out of house. Sonali asks why should Karishma go for speaking truth. Bhavani says she always felt that Virat is Nagesh’s shadow and is following his path, but Virat disgraced her. Mohit asks Samrat what should he reply to his friends who are questioning about Virat’s news. Samrat says Virat is no more their family member, so they shouldn’t bother Pakhi says his parents are in a shock reading the news and asks Samrat if he accepts Virat as his brother now. Devi says Virat is not their brother anymore and hence Ashwini slapped him. Pakhi is shocked to hear that. Mohit says he is ashamed of Virat. Pakhi warns to badmouth about his brothers. Ninad says why shouldn’t he when outsiders are badmouthing about Virat, he feels helpless for not supporting family. Samrat thinks family must have read the news by now.

Sai visits Chavans. Devi and Shivani rejoice while Pakhi frowns. Devi happily hugs Sai. Sai notices Bhavani’s injury and gets concerned. Bhavani scolds her not to show her fake concern when she left house not bothering about her family’s dignity. Samrat asks her not to blame Sai for Virat’s mistakes as anyone would have done same. Sai touches Ninad’s feet and asks about Ashwini. Devi goes to call Ashwini. Ninad says its good she returned home. Sai says she came here for sometime as she still feels they are her family. Omkar taunts that she must have come here for monetary help. Samrat says Sai offers help and doesn’t take it. Pakhi taunts and thinks if Sai knows about Shruti and Sahas and says Sai is here for sometime as she said she still consider them as her family, but they cannot ask her to stay back after what Virat did with her.

Sonali and Karishma continues their taunt on Sai and ask if she read Virat’s news. Sai says she knows about Shruti and Sahas. Ninad says even they met Shruti in hospital. Mohit apologizes Sai for hiding the truth. Sai says he shouldn’t as Virat used to leave home whenever Shruti used to call him and she sensed it long ago, anyways she came here to talk something important. Pakhi says she knew she is here for a reason. Ashwini with Mansi rushes to Sai and hugs her emotionally. Sai asks why she is crying. Ashwini shows her concern for Sai and asks what she would like to have. Ninad also insists. Sai says she doesn’t need anything. Samrat says they all were worried for her. Pakhi says Virat doesn’t stay here anymore. Sai says she knows. Pakhi asks if she came here to check if Virat came here by mistake. Samrat warns her to stop this topic as Sai didn’t come to hear this and questions he is shocked how Virat changed suddenly. Pakhi says he is same and as usual he chose a lover between bestfriend and lover.